Our extraordinary physical body is able to perform innumerably movements and enable us to do all kinds of activities (jobs, manual work, arts, sports…). But what also happens is, that sometimes we get injured. Injuries can be caused by accidents, falls, hits, cuts, overwork… It happens that we can break our bones, sprain joint, strain or torn a muscles, tendons or fascia. Or we can simply experience pain because of micro-injuries as in the

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  This blog is about a natural squatting position and not about some Qigong exercise, strictly defined. Squatting position is something very natural for children and also for people who have preserved this habit through their lives and it is useful for health in general. If you have lost the capability to get into this posture you would maybe decide to regain it, at least to some degree, but you should be patient. You can

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  …or why is important to cultivate your awareness and use your knowledge about energy, Qi, even when you don’t practice Qigong.   Everything is energy Taoists presume that each substance or phenomena in the universe is energy. On a micro level everything is made up of vibrations which have different vibrational frequencies. If everything in the universe is energy, Qi, we could say that actually you are working with energy all the time. If

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  September is time when a lot of Qigong classes start or continue their practice and I would like to share a simple tip how to get more benefits from your Qigong class. By a short mental exercise that you do on the way to a Qigong class and back home you can become more receptive for the verbal and non-verbal knowledge that a Qigong class offers you. I will talk in short about the

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  In this blog I would like to share with you some thoughts about health. State of Health as a precious compass Health for me is a subtle dynamic balance of my body, mind and spirit. It is my compass which shows me how I’m doing in my life. It shows me what is the state of my mind, how the energy is moving, how am I able I to release tensions and to process

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  If you want to find some general information about the Embryonic breathing read the previous post. Embryonic breathing as a way to regeneration In this post I will describe Embryonic Breathing and its energy aspect in regards with Bagua or Eight primary energies of the nature. After a birth When we are born we enter into a stage of Post-heaven Bagua wheel or a Post-heaven Bagua nature. We will start to grow and develop,

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  In the last few blogs about Qigong breathing Smiljana was talking about normal and reverse abdominal breathing. In the next two posts I’m going to concentrate on why would you ever want to learn and practice this type of breathing? Why is this practice essential for a deeper Taoist Nei Gong practice. Reverse breathing as Taoist practice Reverse breathing is an important step in a Taoist spiritual alchemy. It is a practice that is

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  What is a regulation? All Qigong practitioners are familiar with the five areas that should be regulated through their Qigong practice: physical body, breathing, mind, Qi and Shen (spirit). The word “regulate” in Qigong means that you constantly align, adjust, tune and harmonize something until your aim is achieved. These five regulations are not practiced one after another, linearly, but rather simultaneously with different emphasis.   For example in the training of the beginners the

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To conclude my previous post about Mental practice in Qigong I would like to give you some tips how to practice mentally.   The way to practice mentally Position The mental practice in Qigong can be done while sitting on the floor or in the chair, in standing posture or in a laying position. No matter what position you choose, try to use all the principles of correct Qigong posture, so that Qi can flow

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  Mind leads the Qi In all Qigong trainings, also in those which are at the first sight purely physical, your mind should be involved. Therefore you have to constantly cultivate your mind through physical practice and meditation. After all, one of the main goals that you want to achieve in Qigong is to learn how to consciously lead Qi with your mind.   Repetition is crucial If you are a Qigong practitioner you already

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