How and for who this blog has been created?

Everything has begun a long time ago with a simple desire to live a life different from the life that I was living. I had a desire to feel alive and joyful and do things that I would enjoy doing. It’s been a long time since then. Everything on my way has contributed to my personal transformation. But for me was essential the encounter with Qigong. I’ve begun to see the world through the eyes of integration and unification. Life has become meaningful and joy has returned. Today I allow to the life to surprise me again and again with his infinite variety. For me the important thing is the way and not the “final” goal. My life is now for years dedicated to practice, study and teaching of Qigong, ancient Chinese cultivation of internal energy (Qi).

Since not so long ago I and Petar were living quite secluded life with “minimalist” sociality. But the dance of Yin and Yang brings continual changes and a new day has come with new desires. That day we were as usually sitting and drinking green tea. Through the years this has become a time dedicated to the conversations about the topics of our common interest. For some time we were enthusiastic about the idea to share our passion about Qigong and all our knowledge, experiences and also reflections with wider circle of people with similar interest. So we’ve got an idea to realize our wish by creating our website and writing blogs.


This blogs are dedicated to all open minded people, to those who are already practicing Qigong and also to the beginners. The blog is for all those who are interested in health and wish to have more energy, focus, physical strength and psychological stability for the purpose to be creative and enjoy life. It is also for those interested in self-cultivation, meditation, internal martial arts and Taoist philosophy. And for all those who appreciate life in its fullness, for those who are joyful and creative and like to have fun.

We are eternal students and we are aware that our knowledge and experiences would never be ultimate. Very often comes in my mind the allegory of climbing up the unknown mountain whose peak is not visible. From the point in which you stay, you can see only the world behind you. As soon as you climb a little higher, you see the valley from the new perspective and things look different. And so on without the end.

If we can, from the place where now we stand, inspire anyone of you to enjoy in the exploration of his own life, our purpose with this blog is completed.


May the Qi be with You!



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