Mill is in you, as is creator…

Last Friday while I was happily getting finished with editing my first YouTube video, which can be seen on our channel, my computer collapsed. Oh, ahhh. I was lucky as I was able to us another computer, Smiljana’s. This way I spent whole day searching for solution »Do It Your Self« on the internet for my operational system, or what ever. Well Friday was ending and I realized that I won’t be able to fix problem by myself, that I will need someone else, someone more capable.

I was a little frustrated, a little angry and a little worried. None of these emotions I usually enjoy and this time was no exception. I didn’t want to stay in their company more than was necessary, so I reconciled with present situation. Weekend is, I won’t have my computer at least few days, maybe I’ve lost all my data, video, which I have just finished editing… Everything can be replaced, recorded again, edited, written… I calmed myself, said goodbye to emotions, found a peace within. I started reading book, which I was reading for the past fourteen days and read it in two days. One day I spent outside finishing some work in green garden. I’ve seeded and planted everything what I was planning to. I’ve talked with Smiljana more than usually about all common things, especially about us.

Today we live so strongly caught by technology, which gives a signet to moment and time that we forget about this pure contact with nature, life, with our companions, with universe, cycles… This inner connection with my self and consciousness that comes when I make some space for it. When you leave that unimportant, that which you think you are or that you think is your foundation, but actually it’s only a burden, only heavy stones which are suppose to become sand. In metaphoric saying, we are those who are building these stones. We build them and collect them as precious treasures around ourselves as Saturn in its belts. We identify ourselves with our own creations and figments, creations of our imagination and we hope someone/something from somewhere will come and free us from everything. We hope, at least secretly, that somewhere  there is some mill, that can grind these stones of destiny into sand. Mill is in you, as is creator that created these stones.

murn_intext_500I released my little collection of memories as so many times until now and let myself lose a part of myself. I remembered people, who lived, when there was none of the things that are so obvious nowadays. There was no electrical light. No telephone, which slowly disappearing. No radio, which for some doesn’t make a sense anymore. There was no television, which some named devil’s box, when it was introduced (maybe they were right?). There was no technology »press button« and there was no mobile or smart phones, or internet and people gathered in the evening and talked. And children and young listened with interest and their imagination was working, today we would say with the 200 mph or even faster. And every story, made up or true was impressed into their within and was lived again and again sometime after, when this person was alone and in need of some wisdom, because every single story sustained wisdom. Those were not sermons, nor the teachings from school, that was wisdom. I remembered my childhood, when I was spending parts of my summer holidays by lake Bohinj and holidays with my grand parents who weren’t living near by. People who I remember and are not among us anymore had more relaxed rhythm of life, did not get upset when during summer storm electric current went down. They simply lighted a candle. Real one, made from beeswax, the one that gives soft light and smells nice in the room and started talking. And sometimes they just went to bed, so they could dream and get some more of that sweet wisdom.

Conversation can unburden and relax a person’s mind. Especially when conversation isn’t about something particular or some daily work. Sometimes this conversation can go astray and pass over to a story and at that point I am always awake. I have sharpened my hearing and my ears are excited. And my imagination  can’t wait any longer so it can be taken somewhere deep or somewhere high. When I release a part of my self, when this moment comes, so it can happen naturally not by force and I really do it, I have an opportunity to get connected with wisdom that is within all of us.

May the Qi be with You!



Photo: Pixabay, PetarSmiljana Qigong

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