Do high energy spots exist on Earth?


Are there some certain spots on Earth, which are better for doing Qigong?

Majority of people have heard about spots on Earth, even in near surrounding where the earth’s energy field is especially good for us humans. These spots or places we usually call energy spots. They are frequently found on energy lines, which draw and form earth’s energy grid. These lines are named »ley lines« in English. Chinese call them Dragon lines, and they distinguish from those »European’s«.


There are similarities and differences between those. Similarities are in beneficial effects and amplification of certain present information placed on that line. For example monument, image, obelisk, triumphal arch…, which becomes a sort of transmitter, lighthouse or antenna which transmits that certain information in the field. This field is a field of consciousness and at the same time collective unconscious field.  It is unconscious because of the bearers of consciousness, meaning us, not because it would want to be unconscious. It’s paradoxical isn’t it? But it’s true.

Perpetuum momentum

This was mostly exploited by ruling elites or structures in the past (as propaganda perpetuum momentum – you raise an antenna, an information and then it resonates and transmits information in collective field). They are still making a good use of it. Before there was television, radio… this was the way how to manipulate with masses.  Examples of such antennas are Virgin Marries on certain spots, as are settings of churches on certain spots.  Crossways, signs… triumphal arches, columns (in remembrance of war Trajan-Rome), Communist memorials, Egyptian rulers (statues), graves of deceased rulers (in China only noblemen were allowed to be buried on Dragon lines).

Ethics or consciousness

Before there were any form of »government« and »rulers«, these lines and spots (crossings of lines are particularly strong) were used for healing. Energy healing of landscape, animals, humans, spirit (collective)… On these spots it was easier to balance smaller and weaker human field with bigger and stronger earth’s field or with heaven’s Qi.


Earth balances

Let me remind you that Chinese classify Qi as heavenly and earthly. In-between there’s a man, who’s composed from both. So if a man found himself in disbalance, he went to this place or energy spot and stayed there until he was better, he was healed, has found peace of mind, was harmonized.

Wasn’t  this tradition still alive not so long ago and still is somewhere: you go to monastery and meditate for one month, half a year, one year? Or you go to thermal springs for fourteen days.  You go to vacation, to camp, lying and sitting on the ground under the pine trees. You go sunbathing. By the sea. On the beach. To walk barefooted. Unknowingly we are drawn to connect with earth and its field. Intuitively we know it’s good for us. It balances our Qi, fills us and adjusts our Qi with earth’s qi and heaven’s Qi. We feel blissful.

Why don’t we do that more frequently? Actually why don’t we connect with earth daily, if that’s making us happy?

All of the above is just nice and fine, but are we, while on holidays by the sea in the camp, on these energy spots? Are we while in the spa on these energy spots? Are we while we are in monastery? Maybe, but most probably we are not. In old times monasteries used to be built on these spots, but a lot of them were closed or left to be ruined by time, because »the leaders« were afraid of their power, which could be used against them. Namely spiritual power, which doesn’t stand no duality, no lies… Truth is only one and some search for it, while others create illusions and project lies. Under the pretence of uselessness many spiritual centers and communities were destroyed and are still being destroyed – look through the history, no matter which continent, what time, political system… you look. Walking through these abandoned places might be really inspiring experience sometimes. A person can be changed, filled and opened. A person is opened to stream of energy, which is powerful and embracing at the same time.

Nothing dramatic

Nothing movie-like happens, at least not in the moment while you are on these spots. You feel tingling, prickling and some long-held tension is released. If you are barefoot, or you sit down on the ground this feeling is even stronger. The best way is not to resist any of upcoming feelings and just let them be, and let yourself flow with energy stream. Maybe you can close your eyes. Listen to the sound of environment, sound of nature.


You can become aware of the changes in the evening, while going to bed. During the night, while dreaming. In the morning, when you wake up. After your breakfast and during the conversation with your partner, friend. You become aware, that you are thinking more clearly, feeling more personally, you are more YOU.  And there is more of you in your body and you feel really comfortable. And this comfort tells you, that you are in greater harmony with yourself and your surrounding, meaning with Earth and Heaven.

Really, these spots do exist and always will. Would it be good to do Qigong on these spots? You bet!


May the Qi be with you!



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