How to tune your body instrument


Hello, enthusiastic explorers of life and Qigong. Today I would like to share with you how important is to tune your instrument, your body.

Need or necessity

violin-400Every musician knows that his instrument needs to be tuned. For example, pianists know that their instrument needs tuning, that’s not done only once, that it is a process that takes time and once a piano is tuned it needs to be played on. If you leave piano silent, in time it’s going to get out of tune by itself. Violinists have to tune strings on their instruments and strain their bows every time before they play. Guitarists tune their instruments before they practice and correct the tension of strings and tones on their guitars even during the concerts, if it’s necessary.  That is just for that fine tuning, fine corrections or vibrational fine mechanics. Even wind instruments need tuning, that right temperature and moist, maybe some particle, some cork or silencer.

For example oboists whose instruments have fixed tones tune their oboes that way that they blow a little bit before practice or concert. That way their tonguelet and upholsters get a little moist from air blowing and wood gets warmed up to just a right temperature.

Body and posture

What about their bodies? What about their physical ability?  Do they also train their bodies? Do they workout? I think they do. We can also invite them to comment.

Professional or topmost musicians indubitably take care of their bodies. Not only for their posture during concerts. Posture is very important for enduring forty five minutes long, or even longer concert. Violinist has his own posture. Clarinettist has opened chest. Pianist is upright and at the same time relaxed.

piano_300At the end spirit expresses through body and the instrument is just a tool

If you see a pianist who is contracted in posture or who’s humpbacked, he can’t be a good pianist. That pianist can’t express music with those feelings and that passion that is needed. Can’t channel that energy through him and transmit it on us. Audience. But if musician knows how to stand right in correct posture, you can see health shining from him. You can see energy flowing through him. Topmost musicians take care of it. They take care for their physical condition. They do breathing exercises even they are not windblowers or brass musicians, because they know that diaphragm breathing or abdominal breathing is essential for right embodiment. Relaxed body is preliminary condition for undisturbed flow of energy. All of that is not necessarily conscious, it may as well be intuitive. They follow instinct, and do it.

Do you take care of your tunefulness?

What about us? Do we take care of it? I take care of my body. But, do majority of us take care of it? Do we tune ourselves on our bodies? Do we tune every day on that inner essence, that inner tone? Do we tune on our spirit?  Do we tune it every day inside our body, which is actually our instrument for this life. For this stay. For this physical manifestation that we live in. Some do and some don’t.

How I tune myself every single day

For me this is important. I am blissfully happy, that I have this tool. And this tool is Qigong. Qigong offers me life in present moment, daily attunements with body and earthening. I feel my body more and deeper. In every pore, in every veinlet, in every cell I record consciousness and I do it with that tone. With that unique frequency. With that spirit that I carry inside. This is one of the more important things that Qigong is offering to me.


May the Qi be with you!



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