7 Tips how to Lose Weight with Qigong


Hello, enthusiastic explorers of life and Qigong! I don’t want to mislead you with unreal promises. The change happens when you realize, that the key of lasting maintenance of weight IS NOT THE FOOD, BUT THE STATE OF YOUR MIND. However I would like to introduce these seven tips that can help you in this process.

First tip. Do your Qigong every day. At the same time and of same duration.

When you start to practice Qigong, it’s good if you choose time when you will practice it. My time is morning time. Your time can also be afternoon, noon, evening and for special purposes even midnight. It does not matter when, more important is that it’s every day at same hour, of same duration. Let us say it’s at 7am, for example one hour. When you’ll be doing this for some time, your metabolism, your hormonal system, your nerves, your inner rhythm…  will start to get accostumed to some new state. This new state is actually not a state, it’s really a constant change. Everything you do is that you help your system and your being to tune with nature, which is always changing. Just look at year’s seasons, months, days, hours… »stable« change. We are a part of this bigger change. We are not permanent, we do not stand still on one place. We move and we change, the same way as nature does. We have to adapt ourselves. It is interesting, that even if it seems in the beginning that you are initiating a routine, permanency and unchangeability. Meaning exercising at same time every day. This brings, in time, adaptability, fluidity, readiness for change, renewed enthusiasm for something new and not yet experienced, and teachability growth. But in the beginning introducing of order and continuity of exercise helps in development of conditions for regulation of other parts of life, such as when you eat and how much, what do you eat and how much, how much do you sleep… ?

Second tip. Start bringing order from Qigong to other parts of your life.

Order that you start introducing to your life with Qigong practice on daily basis, at same time, you can then apply in other areas of your life. After a while these moments of overeating, because of inner emotional distress, become really rare. Harmony and peace, that you build during training you start project or live in rest of your life. First you try to elongate a moment that you experience during your exercise, later on you start building your own harmonious moments, without any reason, again and again. Principles of Qigong can be broadened and applied to all of your life.

Third tip. Do not excess in exercise and your goals.

We »westerners« like to praise ourselves for how we are goal oriented, how we endeavour and compete. How we prove ourselves, if we go over our limits. We are taught that is the only way to do, if we are to change something and move forward. We think, that something needs to be moved or removed, so that other can be done. But »easterners« or better yet Chinese offer us solution through their philosophy, which is just the opposite and goes like this: let the things change on their own, be moderate in everything – and just do your Qigong. Let the nature change by itself. When you excess and you over exercise you are tired. You don’t have energy. First thing that comes to your mind is food. Too much food.

Fourth tip. Drink water during and after your training. Let it become your habit.

Drinking water enables cleansing of toxins out of your body. Water is actually a bearer of life. This might at this time and space be absurd statement, but I assure you that in no time that will be, and maybe that is already, in school books. Water is carrier of all beneficiary substances, water in the body is different from that one which we drink. It’s very pure and is found in the tissues of fascia (which is actually everywhere in the body) and other places as for example cerobrospinal fluid. It carries nourishing substances to tissues to where blood can’t come. It is connected with lymph, which is actually the main cleanser and depositor of fat tissue. Water in the body forms so called water crystal matrix, which represents media or intermediate stage between physical and spiritual. Water might be answer to superconductivity.

Water micro structure can be influenced by our thoughts and our emotions, which was proved, remember photographs of frozen crystals of water. Water is most adaptable element in its fluid state. Water can carry stones, wood and other objects heavier than itself, when cooled around 4 deg. C (V. Schauberger). Chinese cultivated »water mind«.

Identify yourself with water. After all, you are more built of it then not. Even if your training was easy. Drink. After all, you did exercise. You’ve opened your body. Circulation got better and now give your body a chance to start cleansing. That’s why we need water. Me and Smiljana, we always carry our bottle of water. People, who tend to overeat can use this simple trick and change habit and actually act correctly. As people are usually convinced especially those who tend to overeat, that they are hungry, when they are actually thirsty. They are dehydrated on the inside and not that they retain water inside as it was thought in the past.  When a person understands that there can be a moment of eureka : »Actually I need water, not food… »

7-tips-400Fifth tip. Do not rush.

This tip is not connected to Qigong as much as is with mind. But later on, when you start doing Qigong more seriously it becomes very important. Qigong is a »Long Way«. Qigong is lot of time and effort invested in working with energy. If you understand that, or trying to grasp it… I haven’t come to an end yet, and I am still deepening my understanding of this, going deeper day to day, year to year. I am going toward that goal. If you understand, that it is not necessary to rush, to hurry, then you might say: »All right, today I do not have a perfect body weight, today I am not a super++, I weigh ten, fifteen, twenty kilograms too much… But in a while, if I do not hurry and go on patiently step by step I will get there to finish.

Chinese’s sacred animal was turtle. Remember a story about turtle and a rabbit. This is inner value. And that offers Qigong. This graduallity. And as I have written before you can apply this in any part of your life.

Sixth tip. Try doing inner Qigong or Nei Dan Qigong.

Try to do inner Qigong. Inner Qigong focuses more on energy than on physical exercise. Don’t get me wrong, even the exercises in Nei Dan Qigong are soft and fluid, the energy that is build with that training is much more lasting and effective in preserving health and attaining longevity. In Nei Dan Qigong you generate more energy which than burns up fat. Nei Dan is inner cultivation. In West there is a tendency to act on principle »no pain, no gain«, or if you don’t use muscles you can’t burn no fats. When you start with Qigong, of course energy will be weak, but in time it will get stronger. Flow of energy can actually become much stronger than physical manifestation. I invite you to look at some video on YouTube under title »physical manifestation of Jin in Qigong«. Jin is internal power or force, that comes from the inside. But everyone has his own metabolism, and everyone is unique, that’s way we can’t say how long it will take to reach our goal.

Seventh tip. Massage auriculopunctural point on ear, that reduces hunger.

Before your meals massage that point on your ear to reduce apetite and cravings for example for sweets, junk food … I recommend massaging this point five times a day for half minute. Have you noticed that some people have pierced ear on this spot. In Qigong there is also valid rule, less is more. Less you try to apply these western principles more you can achieve.


These pictures represent this spot. You can apply massage by rubbing, pressing on, or pressing and circulating clockwise and then change it to counter clockwise. As you choose. Qigong will function, you just have to use it.


Do not rush. Qigong is a long way. Things happen. On the inside as on the outside.

May the Qi be with you!



Photo: Pixele, PetarSmiljana Qigong

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