Is there a negative force in the universe?


Is there an energy of death? Is there something out there that destroys life? Is that Yin? And is a Yang actually a life, a life force and life energy? Yin is negative and Yang is positive. When life gets too Yin it ends.

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Are women death-bringers?!

In short. Women are more Yin than men. Does that mean, that they bring death to this earth life? Women are those who carry life nine months, who breastfeed baby, take care of food… How could they be then the bringers of death? Are we, men, with our Yang life energy those who are creating death with our wars, quarrels, battles, demonstrations, competitions, predomination, systems…?


Too much of one pole causes a disbalance

Both bring life and destruction. In Yin there is a white dot which is a seed and is just a part of whole that we need to accept as our imperfect part of ourselves. And as we are trying to do so, we accept that bigger dark part, as Taoists say. It’s paradoxical, that more you try to accept that little part, that little part accepts you as a bigger whole and takes care of you. For big is the one, that is unwise and small is the one that knows and leads us through path. When we try to fight with our mistakes, we reject experience that allows us to accept ourselves and grow.

Never perfect Yang

The same is with Yang energy , which is perfectly light and alive, and potent, and shining but can’t never be at peace, in silence, in breath and that experience is brought to it by that little dot or part, that makes it imperfect.

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The dots

These two dots in Yin and Yang symbol are counsciousness about polarity of this world, and those two are the key for reasoning and harmony. They speak to us, that there is no up if there is no down, and no warm without cold, and no wet without dry. And it’s the same with man and woman, with Yin and Yang.


Different manifestations of oneness

These two are both in us and are actually just the polarities of the same energy. Plus and minus. Electricity and magnetism. With electricity I can enlighten a room, fill energy meridians, or kill and burn. I can use magnetism as attraction force, as atmospheric attraction, or I can use it as pressure for taking another’s life. At the same time they both exist, the difference between them is from my point of view – which one I observe and when. Maybe one is more prominent in given moment and I observe it as it was independent, but there are actually two present. And this we call Qi.

Abundance behind the poles

Qi is composed of Yin and Yang. Qi is neither good or bad. It doesn’t destroy. It just is. We are the ones that use Qi for something good or bad. Something useful or not. Creative or not.

Game of life

It’s important to realize that working with energy is never-ending search of even bigger harmony within. Harmony of Yin and Yang. And out of that harmony comes human middle path or the Path.  Path, which is Dao and is before Yin and Yang and that’s where consciousness comes from. And here I can stop.


May the Qi be with you.



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