Why daily Qigong routine?


In our last video we were talking about how to start with daily Qigong routine. Somebody might ask: “But why should I do Qigong every day?”

The best long term investment of our time

Doing Qigong daily is the best long term investment of our time, with so high interests, that you can’t even imagine. You need to experience it. The words are empty and can’t describe it. It is the experience and feeling that count. But anyway let’s see two of the main reasons why qigong daily routine is so beneficial.


At the beginning I will remind you about the basic purposes of qigong practice. In Qigong we cultivate our physical body, breathing, energy, mind and spirit. In Qigong we learn principles of softness and connectedness which lead us to the relaxed body and mind. We learn about proper breathing which is the bridge between the physical and energy bodies. With Qigong we start to feel qi. We learn how to improve qi circulation in our body, how to find the balance between Yin and Yang energy, how to relax our mind…


  1. The easiest way to physical and energetic balance of body is working on its maintenance daily

The first of the reasons for qigong daily routine is that the easiest way to physical and energetic balance of the body is working on its maintenance daily. When the balance is greatly disturbed, it is very hard to restore it, sometimes impossible. You know, it is easier to arrange or clean things or solve problems  when they are still manageable. Much easier than trying to stop the big ball of snow which is already rolling down the hill. (Except if you like drama! In this case this is not an advice for you. :))

People, for example, regularly take care of their cars. Even in cases when their cars are not shining and clean, they know that they have to take care about the proper fuel, oil, air filters… However a lot of people easily neglect their body which is outstanding and the only vehicle available to them in this lifetime.


Let’s try to imagine a human as opened dynamic system which works mutually on all three levels, physical, energetic and conscious. As a system which is constantly in interaction with the surrounding. Things are coming in and going out. These things are substances (for example food), information, thoughts, environmental influences, vibrations… The system accepts all these, process them and in the end expel waste products and all that is not usable or toxic. It releases also a great amount of the eventual tensions. These processes happen all the time, every day. Not only once a week or just during the holidays.


If our life style supports these processes, the system easily and regularly maintains harmony of body and mind. To function properly our system needs enough air, water, fresh living food – full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. It needs relaxed and fluid body. It needs enough sleep to sustain processes of regeneration. Our system is also supported by emotional stability, low susceptibility to stress and – very important – capability to calm and relax our mind.

paddle-board-450If we live in this way, than our system has enough energy to do its work and also to provide us with energy for other activities. Qigong support above mentioned life style and with daily qigong routine we integrate these habits in our body and in our vibration field. Short meditation calms our mind. Soft exercises stretch and warm up our body and allow body fluids and qi to circulate throughout the body. Deep and slow breathing brings to the body plenty of oxygen… Old things can leave and we are ready to receive new. Eternal dance.


If our breath is shallow, if we eat inappropriate food, if we are susceptible to emotional outbreaks, if we can’t find inner peace… we give to our system too much work. And it is not capable to do it efficiently. I have to add that our system is very sophisticated and complex, and it is able to make a lot of adaptations. So it can manage to maintain a balance at least in areas of vital importance for a long period of time, even without our support and even without necessary substances and vibrations. Of course, it does not function optimally, in fact functions worse and worse. And the big snow ball is rolling down the hill. One day comes to an end and causes a catastrophe. And people say, “SHE BECAME ILL ALL OF A SUDDEN”! It didn’t happen all of a sudden. It is always a long process, but people aren’t aware of it, because they are not in touch with themselves.


Therefore taking care daily for our physical, spiritual and mental balance is the most important task in our life. All other obligations, projects… must follow this behind . It sounds selfish or maybe unrealistic…? Answer first to my questions by yourselves. Can you create, think clearly, help to others, take care of others, earn money… when you have a disease, you are in pain, helpless and weak or when you are a nervous wreck…? What can you give to your children, partner, friends and society when you are depressive, in bad mood, nervous, angry or powerless?


A time dedicated every day to our personal harmonization is the most important work, or  better yet – our right. If in this moment you don’t have , don’t worry. Stop loosing your energy by repeating to yourself that you really, really don’t have time. Rather ask yourself, how to get first ten minutes for yourself and for your qigong. Slowly “your” minutes will increase. You will become more selective regarding your time as you will know what is your priority.


  1. Effects of Qigong practice add up, gather and increase

The second reason why doing qigong daily is that effects of qigong add up, gather and increase. People who don’t do qigong daily would never experience all its benefits and will never reach its deeper effects and comprehension.


Each practitioner can notice qigong effects through time differently. It depends from the place where he has started. We both started doing qigong when we were by medical standards healthy. By these standards you are healthy even if you are ill once or twice per year, if you catch a cold every few months, if you catch virus infections from others, if your digestion is not optimal, if you have from time to time pains in your lumbar area…, if your mood is swinging, if you are often discontented, depressed… For majority of people all this is “normal”. But – I can tell you –  that it is not. You are healthy when you do not experience none of the above. When you as qigong practitioner have reached this level of health you know and you feel that your system needs smaller amount of energy for regular maintenance of harmony.


This means that body can use this available energy elsewhere. Things are changing when you are doing Qigong. Also other “normal things” are not normal for you anymore. For example that with years your health, mental capabilities, energy level and enthusiasm starts to decline. But no, you are in a very good physical state and you have even more energy than before when you were younger. And it’s still not the end.


At deeper levels of Qigong (Nei Gong) where you work more on a cultivation of energy, mind and consciousness, you can raise your energy potential even higher and use it in different specific purposes.

Hour of Qigong per day can lead us in this direction. An hour of movement and meditation, an hour in which we release tensions. And we are ready for a day, full of joy and expectations.


In brief. Daily Qigong routine through time enables our physical and energy body to be more stable. Of course dynamics in our bodies always exists and therefore oscillations are normal. But healthy system can easily manage them. It means that we need smaller amount of energy to maintain our physical and energy balance. We resemble to the experienced tightrope walker who can keep his balance by very small movements while he/she is walking gracefully forward. All the rest of energy is available to us for creation of things that we like. In general we can use this energy for realization of our projects, interests, wishes… and for changing our life if now we are not satisfied with it.

May the Qi be with You!



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