Where to put a tip of the tongue while practicing Qigong


In Qigong practice it is essential to put a tip of your tongue on the roof in your mouth. I have mentioned this many times in my posts, but never took a chance to talk it through. Many Qigong practitioners and inner martial artists know this and use it to gain better energy flow and better manipulate energy for their cause.

What is this cause in my practice?

Leading the energy (Qi) efficiently and directly where I want it to go.

Before I go to my main subject which is a position of the tongue, I just need to say that even though this is simple to grasp it will change your perception of working with energy, your Qigong practice, healing practice or martial arts practice.

How to find the right spot

Be relaxed and circle with a tip of your tongue over the roof of your mouth. With your tongue relaxed, go and search for the most sensitive spot on the roof. When you find it, you’ll know where it is, since it will be forever there and it will stay sensitive for the rest of your life. Usually it’s somewhere in the middle of the way between your teeth and your uvula, or the thing that is hanging in the beginning of your throat and starts to move when you say AAAHHH. When you put a tip of the tongue on a hard palate or roof in your mouth keep muscles of your tongue relaxed.

How to keep your muscles relaxed during the whole training


Curve your tongue and turn a tip backwards. (Hope you like my Picasso drawing. ;))

Now when you have found your spot, how will you keep muscles of your tongue relaxed for the whole time of your practice? First thing that you will do is turn a tip of your tongue backwards. You will simply turn your tip of a tongue towards your throat. Another thing that will keep you relaxed is relaxing your jaw, by simply loosening and unclenching your bite a bit.

Now, you might have a bit prolongated facial expression or your face might look a bit longer, but this doesn’t matter since you’ll be relaxed and you will help your energy circulation to be undisturbed and abundant. And now I finally arrive to this, what is the real purpose of having a tip of the tongue on the roof in your mouth.

What is the reason for having a tip of the tongue on a roof in your mouth

The main reason for it is not really connecting the Ren Mai and Du Mai extraordinary meridians, as you might think and what most of teachers will tell you, but for you to be silent and not to ask any questions, or bother your fellow class students with your problems from your every day life, but to be silent and practice. 🙂 This is what we usually say to our new students, when we meet them for the first time. Just to break down a barrier of cultural modesty. Most of them laugh.

And even though it is true what I said in the upper passage, because these two extraordinary meridians (Du Mai and Ren Mai) are connected all the time, whether you have a tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth or not. And the energy flows in them whether you know it or not. If it wouldn’t you’ll be dead.

Now what happens when you put a tip on a roof is that you help this Qi (energy) that is generated by  Qigong exercises, intention, breathing (through nose) and time that you have invested in practice to flow more easily through microcosmic orbit. Microcosmic orbit is simply said: Ren Mai and Du Mai connected together in one big oval, egg or something similar.

Why should you help it when there is no need?

Simply, like I said when you generate more of energy this might get stucked in your head, and it should be grounded or lead to your abdomen or Lower Dan Tian area and stored there. When you put a tip of the tongue on the roof of your mouth, you just give an extra tissue or passage for the energy to flow down.

When you do healing, do Qigong, or practice inner martial arts you generate extra energy and in order for this energy to flow without obstructions you need to stay in this flowing condition. You need to stay opened, and more you are opened, wider and more opened are your energy meridians through which the energy is flowing.

A tip of the tongue on the roof in your mouth in everyday life

We, me and Smiljana, suggest to our students, that they use this method to help their Energy flow be smoother in everyday life situations. You can also have benefit from it, even though at this instance you are not doing Qigong, meditating or doing Taijiquan. You can have a tip of the tongue up on the roof of your mouth, while you are in a car and just relaxingly driving. You can have it while you clean the dishes or your house, you can have it while you are gardening or doing some other labour, you can have it while you are writing something on computer (it will help you with your concentration and thought flow). You can have it on when you are listening to some boring conversation, and why you shouldn’t take the advantage over the situation and time. When you are listening only you don’t use your tongue; now you have opportunity to use it.

Hope these suggestions will inspire you to do one step beyond normality.


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May the Qi be with you! Petar


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  1. Thank you! Perhaps I was imagining it, but it seemed like I began to feel a little more relaxed with the tongue as you taught in this lesson.

  2. Thank you Petar, very valuable information!
    I want to mention that I found your website today and I am impressed.
    A lot of very useful details, clear and to the point – and also for free!
    I read a lot of Qigong books, and never such details were put as clear as on your website.

    Thanks a lot to you and Smiljana!

    Very compassionate service, obviously a lot of Qi is with you…

  3. Hello and thank you for the informative reading. This may sound odd or like a joke but I assure you it isn’t. I have been attempting to learn qigong and at the moment have been reading “The Way of Qigong” by Kenneth Cohen. He also mentions the tongue/roof of the mouth technique (as well as the lower for exhale). A thought came to mind as far as how important this might be which caused me to look around for an answer. I have not found anything that addresses my thought/question. Qigong these days is practiced by many older adults . What about dentures? With a full plate upper denture there will be no tongue/roof of the mouth connection. Does this lessen the effectiveness of practice? Surely removing the teeth for every practice isn’t always an option. And as far as this practice being something done anywhere or anytime ….hmmm….not so much for denture wearers. Just curious how important this is since denture wearers may be at a loss. Thank you and again….serious question. Then again maybe I’m a bit to detailed of a person. Ask questions then question the answers I always say. : )

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