How to get more benefits from your Qigong class


September is time when a lot of Qigong classes start or continue their practice and I would like to share a simple tip how to get more benefits from your Qigong class.

By a short mental exercise that you do on the way to a Qigong class and back home you can become more receptive for the verbal and non-verbal knowledge that a Qigong class offers you. I will talk in short about the influence that your thoughts have on the state of your mind and body.

This blog is dedicated to all beginners and also other practitioners who would like to improve their practice. This simple practice is applicable also to all activities which are important to you. It is about guiding yourself toward more awareness in your life.


To start you have first to understand the following concepts.

Vibrational frequency

Everything in our universe, material and non material, is energy, or more precisely, an interchange of Yin and Yang energies. On a micro level everything is made up of vibration and has different vibrational frequency. This includes also our physical body, mind and spirit.

So, thoughts have also their own vibrational frequencies. Thoughts that you think most of the time influence and co-create the state of your mind and therefore the state of all three bodies (physical, energetic, conscious).


Interdependence between your thoughts and your physiological state

The physiological state (condition of body and bodily functions) and the state of mind are mutually interconnected and interdependent. When your mind is excited also your body is in an excited state. Your sympathetic nervous system is highly activated, muscles are tense, heartbeat is faster and breathing as well…

On the other side when your mind is calm and still, when you are emotionally balanced, the body is more relaxed as well. In this case your parasympathetic nervous system is predominant, your breathing can be longer and deeper, your heartbeat slower…


So, if your mind is excited and scattered, your body can’t be relaxed (and vice versa).


Change of vibrational frequency

On a micro-level different states of body and mind are energies with different vibrational frequencies.  If a vibrational frequency of your thought changes consequently also the vibrational frequency of the body will start to change.


The vibrations of material objects are denser

The vibrations of material objects are denser than for example the vibrations of thoughts. It is much easier and faster to consciously replace the thought and change mind’s vibration as to consciously transform the vibrational frequency of your body (tissue, organs…).

But even if a difference between vibrational frequencies of two thoughts is too big, the transition can’t be made fast or instantly because also physiological functions of the body have to change and adapt to a new situation. You can’t directly jump from depressive to joyful state of mind. You can’t jump from the state of high excitement  into a deep meditation, the gap is too big. The bigger is a difference, more time it takes to change your vibrational frequency.


Being more receptive

In a Qigong class you have an excellent opportunity to learn how to transform and raise your habitual vibration. But you will be more receptive for knowledge and experiences if you come to the Qigong training focused and with clear intention. With a smaller gap…


How to achieve that?


Consciously decide what do you want to think about

Start to use your time on the way to the Qigong class and then back home consciously. Start to guide your thoughts consciously to the things that make you feel better… and consciously start to change your habitual vibrational frequency, energy, awareness.

When you will arrive to a Qigong training your mind (and body) will be already in the process toward more relaxed and stable state and you will be able to go deeper into a relaxation state.

I purposely suggest to first practice this conscious awareness only in this short period of time. Later you will probably be inspired to practice awareness more and more also on other occasions.

You will start to become aware of your actions, talking, feelings, thoughts… In this way you will notice how your thoughts are connected to your feelings and to the state of your body… You will notice which thoughts make you feel better and which make you feel bad, which thoughts raise and which lower your energy.  You will start to be very picky about the information that you are exposed to or you collect.



Here are two different scenarios of how you can use your time on the way to a Qigong class and back home. While you are reading try to feel the different feelings that each of scenario awaken in you.


Scenario 1

You’re going to your evening Qigong class. You are immerged in thinking about problems, overwhelming thoughts about the things you have to do, things that you can’t change… You answer to a phone call and you listen your friend complaining (again) about her partner, lack of money… and you add in return some of your current troubles.

Oh gosh, I’m late again! I hate this traffic. S*! No free parking place! You leave your car on a side-walk.

You come into the class which has already started. You prepare yourself in a hurry and finally you stand on your place. You’ve missed the teacher’s instructions and this causes in you additional tension. You try to calm down your breathing and your scattered mind. But your monkey mind is not ready to quiet at once and is still jumping from one thought to another. Suddenly you become worried to pay a parking fine and you feel excited again…

It takes you half of the Qigong class or even more to calm your mind (change your vibrational frequency) to the point that you can focus more on a training. You slowly manage to relax a little bit and occupy your mind with Qigong exercises. Toward the end of the training you feel calmer and you feel sorry that a class is already finished. A small shift in your vibration has happened.

But as soon as your class is finished your untrained mind starts looking for a new toy… Oh, there is my friend. I have to ask her about the last news… about the friend who has divorced, and about that tragic accident…

And here we go… in a few minutes you are again at the old habitual vibrational frequency.

When you clean a carpet you are probably paying attention to keep it clean at least few days. You don’t immediately strew some new garbage on a clean carpet. So, don’t do it with your mind! Enjoy at least some time with a clean carpet…with a more calm and clear mind.



Scenario 2

You’re going to your evening Qigong class. Some time ago you’ve decided that the time of your Qigong class and also the time on the way there and back home is reserved only to you and to the thoughts which make you feel good. Sometimes you listen to a relaxing music. Sometimes you simply guide your mind to some pleasant things or you think about some Qigong stuff… Anything that makes you feel good. It doesn’t matter what problems you had during the day, your intention is to softly guide your mind to the calmer state. Practicing this awareness you’ve become able to release some tensions caused during the day already on the way to the class.

You like to come to the class earlier and have five to ten minutes to sit quietly, breathe a little bit and calm your mind before the lesson starts. Or sometimes you have opportunity to ask a teacher some question about Qigong practice. Or somebody else does. And listening or watching you always learn something new.

When the class starts your mind and breathing are pretty relaxed and you can easily proceed to a deeper relaxation of body and mind.

In the end of the training you often feel lighter. You love this feeling and you’ve learned how to keep it longer. You stay quiet and after the training you no longer entangle yourself in trivial talks. You enjoy in this feeling all the way home. You feel how after each time when you experience this vibrational shift the new vibration is becoming more and more a part of you. You can find this state more easily also in your own practice and gradually also during other daily activities. It is more and more familiar to you.

In this second scenario a student have already managed to diminish a vibrational gap before the class by selecting thoughts intentionally or by doing things that relaxes her (music, walk…). She also decided to maintain a higher vibrational state after the class. And so she was able to get more benefits from a Qigong class.


The power of group intent

I like to encourage groups of our Qigong students to make a common agreement that before, during and after Qigong class they talk only about Qigong or topics which can benefit the lives of everybody. And not let themselves to emerge in criticism, gossips… This can be a good start in a conscious cultivation of mind.

In some groups it works, in some not. The habit to look for bad things is very strong in our civilization. But as individual you can always break with bad habits and replace them with the ones which can serve you better.

May the Qi be with You!



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  1. Thank you, Smiljana! This is wonderful. I have been working on this but now that I see your encouraging writing I will be able to do it better. Your excellent and sensible writing builds me up.

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