You are working with energy constantly


…or why is important to cultivate your awareness and use your knowledge about energy, Qi, even when you don’t practice Qigong.


Everything is energy

Taoists presume that each substance or phenomena in the universe is energy. On a micro level everything is made up of vibrations which have different vibrational frequencies. If everything in the universe is energy, Qi, we could say that actually you are working with energy all the time.

If you look at the things from this perspective you can understand how everything in our lives and in the universe is mutually interconnected and interdependent.


Are you aware of it or not

Everyone is working with energy. The only difference is that you can be aware of it ,or not. Qigong practitioners should gradually be aware of that  most of the timethat’s possible. But for achieving  that, it takes time and practice.


Living automatically

When you practice Qigong you are first learning to work with the energy of your body. And then you learn how to harmonize it with the energies of Heaven and Earth , orsurrounding. In order to achieve this you regulate your body, breathe, mind, Qi and Shen.

To attain this kind of harmony it is not enough that you do some Qigong exercises (which is awesome!) only to tick off another completed task for that day. But after you forget about Qi, vibration, YinYang balance… You switch to your everyday life and you do things that you are used to do automatically although they don’t support your health and/or lead you toward a greater consciousness. You are still working with energy but unconsciously, without being aware where your decisions about “small” things are leading you.

In a language of vibrations we could say that by doing your Qigong practice you improve, raise, change your vibration and then you immediately start to ruin your Work. As I said, most times you do this unconsciously. And then someone may complain that Qigong doesn’t work, at least not to extent that others claim.


Qigong and the rest of your life

Qigong is a way of life. Your Qigong practice and the rest of your life influence each other mutually. If you want that your Qigong practice improves and consequently benefits different aspects of your life, also your life style has to support your Qigong practice.


Yang Sheng or Life nourishing principles

If you want to achieve a greater harmony in your life you have to become more aware of what are you doing in your everyday life. You have to become aware what brings in your life more harmony and what demolish it. And you should be able to consciously choose and be aware about the results of your choices.

Beside the Qigong practice (mind and body cultivation, breathing, spirituality…)  your awareness should concern also the aspects of nutrition, health, the people with whom you interact, your sleeping habits, posture habits, sexuality

All these aspects were a part of ancient Taoist system of healthcare and longevity practices, called Yang Sheng, the Life nourishing principles. Qigong was the most important component in the longevity secrets but always correlated with other above mentioned aspects.


Conscious choices in modern age

Today we should also think about other aspects of life typical for our modern society and try to minimize their harmful effects by our choices as much as possible. For example to consider poisons in conventional and processed food, clothes, water, light pollution (which disrupts day-night cycle), the artificial environment of cities, high buildings, misuse of stimulants, antibiotics and other drugs, additives, great exposure to electro-magnetic fields and smog (cell phones, computers…)… In a long term we should try to create a technology that supports life and use energy in constructive way and not destructive.


Pick and choose carefully

Everything is energy. By eating, doing, thinking, listening, selecting, reacting… you bring into your physical, energetic and mental system certain types of vibrational frequencies. All these influence and make a part of your energy and vibration. And vice versa, also you are affecting everything around you.

For example the food that you choose has a specific vibration. It can nourish your body and mind or it can let you un-nourished or it can even poison you. Creative work is great but if you work too much and you exhaust your body or mind you are working against yourself. …


How do I feel?

What does it mean to be more aware? It means that you start being aware what is going on with you. You try to be consciously aware of how do you feel after you’ve eaten a certain kind of food, done certain activities, socialized with certain people, watched the evening TV news, after doing Qigong…


New awareness

For example you are not aware that the food you eat doesn’t fuel your body properly. You often feel without energy and lethargic… But you are used to these states and feelings and they seem normal to you.

By practicing Qigong your awareness and mind clarity will grow and so will your inner harmony. Maybe one day you will be inspired to try some other type of food. You will realize that you feel much better and with more energy also after the meal.

So, you will start to notice how something influences on you, in a good way or in a bad.


Taking responsibility for yourself

Now you are aware of that and you have to make a choice. You can change your food, habit, people that you interact with and start transforming your life to be more in accordance with your true self. Or you can decide to continue your old path because you feel too much resistance if you only think that you have to change anything. No problem. But please do not complain, when things are getting worse.


You can’t do the same thing and expect different results

Do not expect your body to thrive and at the same time fuel it with junk food. You can’t desire to be happy and fill yourself constantly with news about darkness and death. …

If you continue to practice Qigong  (seriously) without changing bad habits you will probably experience greater troubles when you will do something detrimental to yourself (drinking too much alcohol, eating junk food, socialize with very negative people…) than you had before.  It doesn’t mean that you have become more sensitive. It means that you have become sensitive again. And this is really a good thing.

But don’t be afraid to change things that don’t serve you anymore.


A lot of harmony

I wish you a lot of harmony by practicing Qigong and that you can use it in everyday life to lead you toward more healthy food, better relationships… In short, toward the habits and life style that supports you.


May the Qi be with You!



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  1. I thank you, Smiljana! Some of the things that you mentioned in this blog have been coming to my attention as things that I can change or improve upon. This is supportive and strengthening to me.

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