When it suddenly starts aching


Sudden morning pain

It’s really not a nice feeling when you wake up in the morning with a terrible ache in your back, or hip, or knee, or neck… It’s a sudden feeling of discomfort that you thought will never happen since you are a devoted Qigong practitioner. You were completely well and stopped even thinking about health, except when you were thinking about helping and solving other’s issues.

Where’s my focus

What is happening to me, am I getting old? That would be my first question, and the answer that would follow would be something like: Of course I am. We all are, but… this is not the reason why it happened.


Next thing that I would think of would be: Was I doing something too forcefully or did I overwork myself? Probably not. I know when to stop and I tend not to do extra hours of labour while I am working in my garden or in the woods. The winter is coming Petar! You need to make some fire wood for you and Smiljana, I can hear my mind babble. You have to warm up your house during those months when it’s chilly outside and you are inside writing, reading about, and studying 🙂 Qigong.

Warmth always help

Yes, I could buy firewood, I could also become more modern in heating up my house with electricity, sunheat…, but then again I could also move to tropics; maybe that would be the act of least resistance. There I wouldn’t need any firewood, and that’s what I’ll probably do in near future, but that is completely different story. Now I’m here and no, I am not stuck. I am just here, enjoying the moment, even when it hurts. Warmth always helps when it hurts like this, even imaginary one.

Pain can remind us of how complex we are as beings, when it comes suddenly, like I said in the beginning of this article. How perfect we are and how our body/mind/spirits with our unified fields always reminds us that something we are doing isn’t right. Maybe it’s sitting habit, or clothing habit, eating… or some other habit which is completely automatic. Which means that we are not doing it consciously.

It might be just some move which is unnatural, or maybe not suitable for me anymore. Maybe it was never suitable, but now my body just simply protested. I had enough! 🙂

I swear to my body

Today I solemnly declare that I will never sit like I used to, just stop aching me!

I could take a painkiller yes, but let’s say that I have decided long time ago that I won’t take any conventional medicine again. What I will do, as I always do, I will turn to Qigong, I will lead the energy Qi out of the painful area, I won’t focus on that region, since the focus will only condense and concentrate the energy Qi and things might only get worse.


Light Qigong can do miracles

I will do a Qigong set. Probably some really simple and soft one. Every move and every exercise will be done like I would be doing it for the first time. It will hurt me, but since I know how to open meridians, broaden the energy/conscious field it will soon start to silence. Hopefully it will get into stillnes when I finish with today’s Qigong.

Today it won’t be a routine, it will be something new. It will be like learning a new set of exercises or teaching someone who’s new to Qigong. But then again what is the purpose of Qigong if not learning, changing and being more consciously aware of yourself and consequently the reason for your pain.

Change towards greater consciousness

If you can look at your pain and embrace it as a part of yourself, which is here because you produced it. Your body is you and feelings even of discomfort are its language. Your emotions are you and your thoughts are also you. If you stop blaming others and external influences for what is happening to you, you will grow immensely. Whole universe will, just because you did. That is why this simple pain in the morning is sometimes so important, just to let you know how alive you really are and how simple things are when you want to look at life that way.

What you are dealing with here is just a momentum from which you can grow. You can realize that something new awaits for you just behind the corner, if you can just understand the wholeness and the path towards it. When you walk the path things hurt only to remind you, not to kill you, not to wound you, not to hurt you… we are just a layers of different densities of Qi, when you look at the physical body through magnifier or microscope you can see there are just a layers and layers of tissues. And when a pain comes from these tissues it is a signal that the energy is to condensed/stuck in that area and it needs to be released.

When I release the pain

When I do it energetically, I release the reason and psyche as well as body get a healing treatment. So when I do it on the Qi level I am addressing a wholeness not just a part and a consequence. When I do it that way I can also meditate/think about the reason why I’m in pain in this moment, why it hurts me so much and how I got here where I am. When I deny my responsibility for the pain, I also deny my opportunity to grow, change and realign.


Pain as opportunity to realign

If you look on a pain as opportunity to realign yourself you are growing. You become a seeker. What will happen as soon as you realize this on all three levels (body has also wisdom), you will automatically realign yourself and shift energetically, consciously and physically. There is no reason not to think that everything is possible. That’s why I love these processes within myself or when I treat someone as therapist.

Not that I worship pain, no. Don’t get me wrong. I also would rather avoid pain, but just to remind myself and maybe you Dear Reader of how natural and important pain is for our growth and humanity.


May the Qi be with you!



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