Earth element – Part 2

(Five elements – 3)


As I have mentioned in previous post, Earth Element in our bodies represents organs Spleen and Stomach and related meridians. Now, since my major concern in our posts is energy Qi, I will mention few acupuncture points that I think every serious Qigong practitioner should know and remember to use it when it’s necessary. For example in cases of first aid, healing or helping someone not just yourself.

Spleen meridian


Spleen is a Yin meridian. It is nourished mainly by Conception vessel. So when you are treating Spleen make sure that you didn’t forget Conception extraordinary vessel. For opening points  of Conception vessel  or Ren Mai see my older videos.

Spleen meridian is important for our mental and physical stability. It starts on the inner/medial side of leg, starting on the big toe, going up our legs, over groin, abdomen. When reaching thorax it goes out to lateral side under the armpit. See picture.

Important points on Spleen meridian are all but in my opinion some should be well remembered in case of need. We are unique, we have unique problems that might arise in different environmental situations, during the season changes and changes of human periods going from youth to adulthood or getting older. If you know how to relieve some problem just by holding, massaging, warming… one or two points instead of being overwhelmed by the helpless situation can be of major benefit.


Spleen 3 (Sp-3 or Taibai)

It can be found on the inner/medial edge of foot in one hole behind the metatarsofalangeal joint of big toe.

Indications are: digestive problems, dyspepsia, constipation, aerogastria (distention of stomach by gas), aerocoly (gas build in the colon), epigastric pain, hyperchlorhydria (for lack of stomach acid), pain in the foot, feelings of heaviness.


Spleen 4 (Sp-4 or Gongsun)

It is located on the medial side of foot, in one valley in front of first metatarsal bone on the line between “red and white” part of skin.

Indications are: intestinal problems, constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia, gastralgia (neuralgia of stomach, pain due to an irritated or damaged nerve), vomiting, local edemas, precordial pain (sudden pain in left part of chest), stenocardia or angina pectoris, syncopal states or fainting.

This point (Sp-4) is also opening point for Thrusting extraordinary meridian or Chong Mai vessel. If you are interested in this extraordinary vessel, its function and purpose please check my previous videos.

Spleen 6 (Sp-6 or Sanyinjiao)

Once, not so long ago, an old men was asked how can he be walking or, even running to the peak of a mountain nearby. He was pretty old, over 80 or so. Well, he smiled and said: “ I massage Sanyinjiao every day, beside walking every day.” It was in Asia :).


This point is located three cuns or three of your thumbs width (or see picture) above the medial malleolus of ankle, behind the rear edge of tibia in one small valley.

Indications: It is one of very frequently used points in acupuncture. It is a Luo point of the group of Yin organs (Spleen, Liver, Kidneys) of lower limbs. It is used in all global disturbances of energy. Gastrointestinal disturbances: weakness of digestion and passage through colon, pain in lower abdomen, chronic diarrhea, dyspepsia. And in general circulatory and local dysfunctions, arterial hypertension. This is a major point for circulation of blood. Pain in shank and knee, paresis or paralysis of lower limbs, chronic edemas in shank, genitourinary functional disturbances, functional sterility, menometrorrhagia, dismenorrea, amenorrea, hypolactasia, stronger bleeding during child labor, cystproblems, non bacterial prostatitis, enuresis, psychosomatic problems.

Contraindication: don’t use this point when pregnant!

This is really a major point and shouldn’t be avoided, but rather frequently used even when you are O.K. Me and Smiljana teach our students to massage it before starting a Qigong or while warming up.

To support Spleen

There are many ways you can stimulate your Spleen energy and those of other organs, not only by stimulating the points on belonging meridian. You can also visualize the course of meridian on your body and meditate on that image, relaxing and breathing, just simply letting the things happen.

For Spleen you can do an exercise which I will explain in the last part of this post and use the sound breathing, which you can incorporate into your Qigong exercise for Spleen. Remember from last blog –  a sound for Spleen is Hu or Phu. I do it silently like I would want to blow a candle, gently not shouting out that sound like some like to do. 🙂

To support your Spleen don’t worry, overthink and sentimentalize. Wear something yellow or orange like persimmon. Try to be more empathic, listen or play music, harmonize aspects of your life.

Stomach meridian

Stomach meridian is Yang meridian, but it’s almost fully nourished by the Ren Mai extraordinary meridian or Conception vessel, which is reservoir of Yin energy. We should therefore consider its energy as a little bit subtler, gentler than that of other Yang meridians in our energetic system.

stomach-meridian copy

Stomach meridian starts in the lower edge of eye orbit, runs down over our face, turning in the level of mandible, going posterior to the end of mandible and up across the temporomandibular joint up to frontotemporal region. The other branch goes down the neck in the middle of mandible, to clavicle, over thorax crossing the nipples, moving closer to linea alba and over abdomen, going down the crotch, moving on latero-frontal side of buttocks, passing knees, moving near and on the lateral edge of tibia, across the central line of ankle and ending on second toe.

Stomach 36 (St-36 or Zusanli)

This point just below your knee is one of the most used acupuncture points, and definitely the most used point on Stomach meridian. It is a “three mile point”. It is said that soldiers used to tap this point and walk extra three miles, when they were exhausted from marching. It is very good for stimulating the energy, almost as strong as a cup of tea or coffee, without the shakiness and nervousness. It is a major point for all psychosomatic diseases and a big regulator of general energy.

stomach-36 copyYou can locate it if you look at your knee and watch how your Tibia starts to shrink when it goes down. When you look at the area where a point is located it looks like a nose of elephant, three cuns from the lateral valley of knee and one cun from embossment of tibia.

It is stimulated in the cases of lower energy, depression, rheumatic pain, nausea, all sorts of weaknesses in connection with lack of energy…


You can stimulate this point by tapping, holding it and leading the Qi there, warming it up with moxibustion, massaging it…

If you feel drained after you have had a meal, you should know that the first thing you should do is start eating/preparing lighter foods as your stomach meridian is pretty empty. You should also go and start combining the right food combinations, eating fresh prepared foods… If you have problems by being awake after a meal you have to start working on your element Earth. Not just mentally, but also physically and energetically.

Qigong is a good start as it is very simple and natural. Actually you can start by just stretching and consciously breathing.

Qigong for Earth Element – two simple exercises

I will now explain how to simply release the tensions and obstructions in Spleen meridian and Stomach meridian.

Exercise 1

Step into shoulder width apart, knees are slightly bent, go into a moderate Horse stance if you can, no need to though. Now make a diamond or triangular shape in front of your chest with both of your palms fingers, thumbs will be in the lower line/s and index fingers will be pointing up. Hold your shoulders down all the time. Look through your triangle or diamond and start rotating your body, turning to the left and then to the right. While you are in the middle, inhale and when you turn on one side exhale. Go slowly and gently.


Now when you have done ten repetitions of this exercise, lift your hands up above your head and look through a triangle. Now move only around imaginary vertical axis in the middle of triangle. Move from one side to another. Breathe normally, inhale and exhale through your nose. When you are in the middle inhale, on the sides you exhale. Have a tip of a tongue on a palate in your mouth. When you finish ten repetitions and you are back in the middle inhale and slowly lower your hands and make a sound Phu or Hu for Spleen/Earth.



Exercise 2

Now, when you have finished, go to your Spleen and Stomach area, left side of abdomen under the ribs, and put your palms over that area. Breathe and imagine pouring shiny yellow/light orange colour into organs of this area.

You inhale through your nose and you have a tip of a tongue on your palate and exhale through your mouth using the sound for Earth/Spleen. The sound should be soft and whispering sound of blowing the candle Phu or Hu sound of warming your hands.





After few minutes, place your palms over your lower Dantien and circle around, massaging it 8 times clockwise and then counterclockwise.

It is really a nice and warm feeling when you can do something for yourself, and it is so simple.




May the Qi be with you!



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