How to balance the Water element

(Five elements – 9)

In the previous few blogs Petar was discussing the Water element, its related organs, Kidneys and Bladder and about the importance of balanced Water element for healthy functioning of your physical body and mind.

How to maintain the balance of Water element

As you already know the energies of Five elements change all the time but you can do something to help maintain their balance and consecutively the health of your body and mind.

In this post you will find some suggestions how you can maintain the balance of the Water element by practicing Qigong and by adapting your life style. Later, at more advanced stages of Qigong and Nei Gong, you can learn and use other methods to balance your Water element which are more demanding but also more efficient. Let’s start at the beginning.

Qigong exercises

One of the first things to balance the Water element is that you start practice Qigong daily. There are many Qigong sets which were designed with a purpose to balance the energies of Five elements and many of them are simple enough that are suitable for beginners as well. For example different forms of Five elements Qigong, Four seasons Qigong, Five animal sports

During a winter time, the season connected with Water element, you can do more repetitions of exercises related to the Water element to support its energy.

 If Water element is out of balance

The same method can be used if you already have issues with your Water element but in this case I recommend you to put more emphasis on exercises for Water element through all the year. However if there is no significant improvement after some time, this might mean that your Water element is already too weak. Try to work more with the Metal element which is the element which supports Water.

If your Water element is considerably out of balance it may take some time to restore the balance. Maybe you will need additional help of Qigong healer, acupuncturist etc. And as you will see later on you should probably also change your life style, but that requires patience and time.

Tapping and massaging

To keep the balance of Water element, especially in the winter, Qigong massaging and tapping techniques are very effective. Massaging Kidneys area and ears can be used also by beginners which are not yet familiar yet with human energy system.

Very effective to stimulate the Water energy is tapping along the pathways of Kidneys and Bladder meridians. Those of you who are more familiar with meridian paths and acupuncture points on them can of course use these points; massaging them, use moxibustion where it’s opportune or opening them by using the mind in meditation if you are familiar with this approach.

Some of these exercises you will find soon in a video form on our YouTube Channel. (Subscribe (free) if you don’t want to miss new videos.)

Cold and Water element

Even if your Water element is in balance, I would recommend you to take special care of it when it is cold. To have a smooth transition to winter time start with Water element exercises (for example Four season Qigong) or increase the number of Water exercises (Five elements Qigong…) starting in the last two weeks of autumn and then along all the winter season.

Organs related to the Water element, Kidneys and Bladder, are sensitive to cold, so keep them warm. Make sure that the areas of the body where they are located are covered and warm.

Make sure that also your soles of the feet (where energy gates Yongquan points, KI-1, are located) are warm so that cold from surrounding can’t enter the kidneys meridian and cause imbalances.

As you remember Kidneys open in ears, so keep your ears and head covered as well.

Taking care of the Essence

As discussed in the blog Water element – part 1 your Essence is connected with Kidneys. I will only reassume in short what are the things that you shouldn’t do if you want to preserve your Essence.

Don’t deplete the Essence with excessive sexual activity (this concerns especially males). Avoid excessive physical work or extreme exercising over longer periods of time because they weaken the Essence. Also physical and mental overwork without rest have detrimental effects on Essence. Especially if accompanied with irregular eating, stress and emotion of fear.

In order to maintain your Water element in balance you should adapt your life style so that you have enough rest, quiet and sleep.


Kidneys love silence. Make sure that after a day full of noise or constant talking with people you spend some time in silence to balance the Kidneys energy. It is ideal if you practice meditation daily; even a short one will help you.


If you want your body to function well it needs in the first place to be hydrated. It needs enough of pure water of the best quality possible. And it needs also water contained in a fresh fruit and vegetable (“structured water”).

In general avoid all refined and processed food which is dead and rich with additives harmful for your body. Water element is related with the salty taste and too much salty food can affect kidneys. So use salt in moderation. Use only unrefined natural salt and not commercial table salt.

Avoid refined sugar in any form. Rather use in moderation natural sweeteners (for example moderate amount of soaked dry fruit…).

You will support your Water energy also if you arrange your life in the way that you can eat regularly, without hurry and in a calm atmosphere without thinking or worrying about overwhelming things. Eat slowly, try to be present while eating and learn to appreciate your delicious and healthy food which gives you the energy to live and create wonderful things.

Fear – emotion which drains your Water element

Fear is according to TCM and Taoist practice the emotion related with Water element. Experiencing fear (paranoia, phobia…) often and for prolonged periods of time can seriously damage the energy of your Water element and Kidneys and in time also health of your physical organs and mental health. If your Water element is already weak it is common that you are more easily scared and you are afraid of many things in your life.

The emotion that can replace fear is according to Taoists clarity. Fear is an emotion produced by a distorted view when you can’t see things in their real nature because your mind is foggy and scattered.

This is very interesting topic if you are aware that our modern civilization is based on fear, fear in many different forms. I will discuss this more in depth in some other blog.

Today I will suggest you only two things which can help you on the path of balancing the excessive emotion of fear and slowly regain the clarity of your mind. The first is to practice meditation every day, even for a short period of time such as 15-20 minutes. The second one is that you start to avoid highly negative mass media.

By using these two approaches you will be able to slowly regain the clarity of your mind and to start breaking the viscious circle of fear. You will find the harmony within you and with the Heaven and Earth.


Keep your Water in balance and may the Qi be with You! 🙂


Photo: Pixabay, PetarSmiljana Qigong

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