Sixth element?! – Part 2


This text is continuation of the blog Sixth element ?!Part 1.

Lack of consciousness

When a human eats a living food, he intakes a consciousness that follows this way of life.  Simply, fears start to vanish. If you live in fear, which causes a lack of consciousness – you don’t love and you are not connected with Divine, One, Source, Tao… How do I know that, because I have experienced it. Chinese say, that a person with weak Earth element loses his mind, can’t find a center. In order for the Earth to have a purpose, meaning a center, from her it needs to grow something.

Which is? A Seed! That hidden. But it can’t grow if you cook it, boil it, fry it and feed it with death nutrients. If you feed yourself with lack you are creating lack. If a seed germinates, it is edible and soon after a germ appears its energetic value grows at least to the 10 multiples. However if it is cooked it is only a shadow of original. Think about that dear reader. If what you eat is not a living food, you are actually eating the lack of it. For those who have enough consciousness the lack doesn’t exist. It is an illusion.

Sixth element in the period of Warring states

In the period of Warring states in China (between 470 b.c. – 223 b.c.) the elements were known as »seats of rule«, »palaces«, »ruling chambers«, »substances«. And elements were, according to the documents from that time, six. These were supposedly: Water, Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth and Grain (Seed). (G. Maciocia: The foundation of Chinese Medicine)


Water and Fire provide food, Metal and Wood provide wealth and Earth provides conditions. Conditions for what? For development or growth. Of what? Seed.

Grain or Seed

When I heard for the first time  about sixth element or Grain, which I would rather call Seed, since grain is a seed, 🙂 I thought of the rice seed. Rice is a basic food of Asian people and one of the first associations when thinking about Chinese people.

Everything is Ether

That’s how I was thinking in the past, when I was convinced that basic human food is some particular »basic food«, which might be grain, meat, milk… When I was still cooking and baking. 🙂 Then I passed over to predominantly raw food diet and freed myself of another error and prison. Grain isn’t rice, wheat, barley, rye, millet… Grain is like all of the elements  something etheric (ethereal), some element, which is only a degree in the ascension or descension of the energy from the state of Wuji, when Taiji begins to move and YinYang are born and from them Five elements are born or better yet – six states.

Seed of Life

Seed of life was once a part of publicly known truth. In one period, in some places before and in some later, all over the Earth this knowledge also known as »sacred geometry« starts to hide and only a part of this truth or none is allowed. Through this sacred geometry the seed or grain is expressed and illustrated.

Now I can already see how someone will ask what has this got to do with the humans captivity, with the element of Earth in Chinese tradition and some Da Vinci’s drawings of flower of life. Which by the way are not at all his, but he draw them on many occasions, especially when he studied golden rule/ratio. Certainly it was for good reason!

If you drew flower of life or had it drawn somewhere in your house, you could lose your head in a »Christian« medieval, but also for other things which don’t belong in this article.

Why does a seed fall on the ground?

According to the theory about the evolution of energy every Yin has its Yang, right? Then even Earth must have its something, even though it represents the middle, right? And this something can be a Grain/Seed. Grain is Yang. Because the Earth accepts the seed and because one of the qualities of the Yin is acceptance. Earth in its basis is more of Yin quality, right? So in the middle there has to be some counterbalance to this Yin. And that is Seed.

Movement as basic cause

If both pairs Fire – Metal, Wood – Water have their own movement which are in each pair opposite, so does Earth – it has its opposite movement. Let me remind you, Earth element grinds or divides, that means the opposite of this would be merging or uniting. And truly if you observe plants in the nature you notice how they grow, they combine and merge new molecules always and in every moment. There would not be any carbohydrates, no proteins and no vitamins, enzymes, fats… and others if these wouldn’t happening. 🙂 And all of those molecules were made from something that earth, dirt, contains and all the other elements carry within; Wood (growth), Fire (heat and light), Water (fluids and all soluble microelements, oxygen…), Earth (grinded microelements and stability).

Buddhists not Taoists

Buddhists say that in the Universe one energy or a form of energy holds us together and this is compassion. Compassion for them is the state or emotion that we call Love. Love have a power to connect, to attract (maybe even gravitational), who would know. 🙂

Decomposition or Life

The element Earth with its characteristics today is missing its counterweight and so in our science nowadays prevails the thought that entropy and decay is THE ONE MOVEMENT or direction in which everything in the universe is evolving and moving. This means towards decomposition and chaos, which is named scientifically the »entropy«. But if you look from another perspective everything somehow strives for balance and harmony, connection…

Are we only in the state of our consciousness that doesn’t allow us to see the whole picture or there is something missing in our perceptive system? Some mini detail, which was taken out and from than on everything ran differently. We haven’t seen the whole picture. Like someone would cut off half of our brains. Maybe it was the right half :)? Creative? Full of life?

Persecuted knowledge

This knowledge was officially persecuted in Europe and it was elsewhere taken out from the literature.  This diagram, symbol or pattern erased appears practically all over the world in different historic periods. But there is still present somewhere in simple seed form, or in other places in the net or even 3 dimensional form like this is the case with the Chinese Fu Dog that stands in front of the Red Palace in Forbidden City in Bejing (see photo below). It holds the ball with the pattern of seed of life under its paw. Is this a coincidence? Or was this knowledge saved for the elites?

Fu dog

Simple man of lower class didn’t have access to that city. That is why it is named Forbidden. And you know how you can hide things most easily? Is to not hide them at all. But the first and only condition is that crowd doesn’t know its true value. Best way is that it is ignorant like during the time of big religions.

What is this seed in the body?

Next thing about which I was thinking, and I do not claim that it is correct, is that there has to be a substance or that something which would represent Seed: Essence, which is something that is connected with ova in woman and sperm in man and is something that we inherit from our parents during conception. Essence gives us the meaning, why we are as we are or better said, what makes you different from others. According to the theory of five elements this Essence resides in the element of Water.

Then there is that other essence which we get from air or food and it’s not of such personal nature. I doubt that everything that we link and attribute to certain element in the theory of five elements belongs to that single element, in this case to Water. I believe even though I do not have any proof to support my belief, that the characteristics of the sixth element are attributed to other elements, to each something, what was nearer to one or the other. As you know all evolved pretty long, a few thousand years. Therefore reader, don’t make final judgements too hastily. Maybe you need as I do about 1000 more to figure that out . 🙂


Fascia, which encapsulates and wraps human on the inside as a infinite net in uniformed body and connects it into unified body might be a tissue or an »organ« that represents that »seat of power« or element. Let me remind you that through the tubes, which are formed by fascia, a liquid is flowing, which is connected to the lymph, which is a part of spleen lymphatic system. Spleen in the body represents an organ connected with the element Earth.

Fascia, detail

Fascia connects and gives meaning to everything

Why am I thinking in that direction? Look. Fascia connects and gives meaning to everything in the body. Spleen can bring through the fascia tissues its own liquids or lymph and nutrients (spleen feeds other elements with its »grinding of food«, according to TCM) to all the tissues where blood must not go.

This is what I came across by chance, while I was reading literature about the essence or Jing.

Bigger picture

Just like Essence/Jing is something precious which we should protect and nourish, the same way a Seed (as element) is something that we need to rediscover and that knowledge protect. Today in the science there are new and new discoveries and proofs popping up which speak in the favor of this theory. In the universe we are connected with everything. We are not alone. We are just a part of a bigger holographic picture. We are just a reflection of the universe, made by the bigger plan or pattern which repeats itself. Always and continually. We cannot deny it or hide it. Humans will get free and become nomads again. We are just eternal travellers in this spaciousness, that we call conscious space. When a man will start connecting polarities and stop repeating only thoughts of somebody else as the only truth that exists, it will free him from dogmatic and religious. Naturally he’ll start thinking, observing and connecting all around him.

All stars, all galaxies, all swarms of stars, nebulae, planets, all on cosmological or on the quantum level is based on that same pattern. We are connected with space which is created by the net, which we didn’t named yet. Maybe this is an Ether or dark matter, maybe it’s something else?


Endless web

Fascia, human net

As I have mentioned before, this web in the body represents fascia. If you would take all cells out of the body and leave only fascia you would get endless web that forms space and matrix. You would get basic form in which an essence or basis may express itself. And that’s life. And what carries life? Seed. In seed is hidden an essence of human, life, universe… A human is only a reflection of bigger truth, but even though he’s only a reflection he also carries this truth within.


In short

To summarize. Hidden element. Sixth element. Seed. Element which characteristics were taken and attributed to others. Life was attributed to Wood for example. If we don’t know it, we are trapped in the ignorance and we can’t see the whole picture. We are somehow lost and frightened. Number five is one of the most unstable numbers in the nature. Why would that represent the middle, like it is in the theory of five elements? Seed is named in the western esoteric tradition an Ether. In India it is called Akasha. In some parts of the world Spirit.

How did it disappear from the western thought

At the end of 19th and in the beginning of 20th century Ether completely disappeared from the dictionary of scientific circles. They introduced a new term, Vacuum. Vacuum is supposed to be a space or space in-between, that would fill up a tube for example, which is closed on the both sides and from which we sucked out all air or gases. Or as another example a space between the Earth and Moon and actually the whole universe, which is full of empty space called vacuum or nothingness. But this vacuum isn’t nothingness and is actually filled with subatomic particles, and number of those is infinitely many. And they are arranged under a certain pattern. And speak of the devil, this pattern is the one we know from the above, the pattern of Flower of Life. In the center of which lies the seed of life. Or Seed. The density of this vacuum is much bigger than any substance that we know in its most heavy or dense form. How can then something dense travel through the vacuum? Because it is a vacuum and everything came out of it. It is a seed and a root of everything. It is less than material and this means it is subatomic or sub-quantum field. It is the energy in its purest form or it is better to say undulation that has still all the potential.

Vibrational universe

Sixth element or Ether is a medium for vibrational nature of cosmos. It connects particle on one side of the universe to another on the other side of the universe. One might go even further, connecting one particle in this universe to another in some other universe. 🙂 Everything that is found in Vacuum is most easily described as fluctuation in space. It is most easily understood when we name it a sound. Sound represented to some ancient cultures a connection with the root, or origin, or source…if I remind you: In the beginning there was a voice, sound, OM, word…That is it, we are again on the simple primordial beginning.  Universe, nature or Tao are simple, you just have to see them that way.

May the Qi be with you! 🙂






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