How long do you practice your Gong?

»How long do you practice your Gong?« That was a question that was echoing in my mind for quite some time.

In my first years of teaching Qigong I have been  really surprised by some of my students and their capability of absorbing the information and knowledge for which in their shoes I needed much more time than they did. Their reactions about and understanding of the knowledge surprised me. I literally felt very good about myself since the work that I was doing was so successful. The way in which I was presenting this knowledge was clear and understandable and yes, they were a living proof. We could go on in curriculum very quickly, doing new things and going into deeper things, having deeper insights. Nice and cosy environment, to be and to work in. At that time I was a beginner, I just started teaching QiGong, I was green 🙂 and naive.

What struck me as a lightning bolt from the clear sky was the moment after a couple of years, when I realized that my students understood it and grasp it, but haven’t spent enough time practicing it. So they couldn’t  really get the insight needed to really understand what I was giving to them. It was clear to me that all things that they understood were more or less rational, which in the best case scenario is only 10 % of our consciousness. But if you were to grasp something in Qigong for real it would need to be organic, it would need to be felt, it would need to be understood and then immersed into unconsciousness. Then it would become a part of yourself and your being and that would  be a moment when you have grasped it or understood it. But you would need to go through some processes, you would need to go through some changes and insights. You would need to leave some of your »self« behind and forget about it. You would change and become more of You. You would accept your imperfection and become perfect. Again.  But for all of that to happen you would need time. You would need to spend time practicing your Gong. In my case QiGong.

My students were practicing, yes. Some just sometimes, some every day and some just once a week. Let’s say that you have spent your time doing QiGong and coming to my classes every week, once a week. In five years you would be doing QiGong for approximately 200 days, so less than a year. So you would still be a beginner, even though you would »think«, and believe me there are people who think so, that you’ve been practicing QiGong for five years. I know it sounds ridiculous but in my opinion, a person that comes to a class of QiGong or any other skill once a week and does that as a matter of routine  for five years, is doing it only for the recreation. He/she would be better with some philosophically lighter exercise, such as pilates or aerobics.

After you have spent five years with me and doing QiGong and studying it by yourself daily,  you would be well prepared to have your own group of people, teaching them, helping them open their fields, being aware of the energy and working with it. Yes this is my Truth!

Now what happened that moved me towards writing this blog is the insight that, I can only feel presence of the wisdom that people have inside of them, but my radar for stupidity, automatism and fake games that we are used to play in our societies lost its function, since I do not seek for these things anymore. I don’t seek any lies, any fake addresses, I stopped my studies once and I didn’t graduate and I never will, because I do not believe in diplomas and titles. I believe in inner wisdom that comes from within. Inner wisdom comes from experience and time spent doing the things that feel right to you.

I could have taken my students in much deeper realms of their and our experience, but not without their time spent practicing.

What is your Gong? If it is QiGong, how much time did you spent practicing it in the last five years? If it is “Coffee time chat” your Gong than be my guest… Go to what ever coffee shop and spend your time chatting with friends about all the thrills and happenings that you just couldn’t get off your mind. It is fine with me, but stop wasting my time. I need it for practicing QiGong. When I am teaching it, I am doing so.

Even when I am writing a post, like now, I am practicing QiGong. I am aware of the energy and I am aware of vibration. Am I in harmony or not? Am I going astray or am I clear and real? Not intellectually or rationally but emotionally and with awareness. Qi should be felt, not understood. It is. Real.

May the Qi be with you!


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