Special Timing and Infinity

A Hint from above

I’ve recently heard a very interesting thought or maybe it was just a hint, I don’t know how should I name it, but definitely it was an interesting thing to try and to keep in mind: »Around the noon time we humans align with the center of galaxy because our mother Earth aligns with it.« In my previous blog you could have read about our connection with the Earth and how we are one with the Earth’s energy field. Everything that happens to Earth happens to us, how cool is that!? If the Earth aligns with the Milky Way Galactic center, its rays and all the information that is relevant for us in this time space is available for us for about half an hour. But then again how about those who are in the other time zones, what about them? I simply don’t have the answer for that. Do you?

More clarity

Anyway, I started this article with the moment that brings to me more and more clarity every day. I receive new hints and ideas from the source and I am eager for more, because these moments and ideas really inspire me to go further and deeper or broader. Beyond my limits. Walking on this path is like walking among the giants in the Sky while knowing where are my roots. On planet Earth. My spirit is like an empty vessel ready to receive the wisdom and my heart feels happy and joyful. I do not shout it out loudly though and even my closest friends haven’t heard me speaking about this. You are the first ones to read about this.

By the giants I mean the Stars and the Archetypes that were imprinted in the hologram by the consciousness of our ancestors. I believe we are much older than the science is trying to present us through »human history«.

So, what happens during this midday time is an alignment. Old Chinese knew that during the midnight and the midday YinYang realign and one of them starts to dominate in the energy cycle. For example from the midnight to the midday Yang dominates and in the afternoon and evening Yin dominates. I knew this for long time now, but about this alignment with galactic center I did not. Even though it has some logic in it if I compare it to this midday or midnight shift of YinYang energy.

Inspiration and ideas

But what is interesting, when this time of alignment comes during the midday and I am not doing anything mentally or physically demanding I get these »ideas«. These hints that  are so powerful and refreshing to my mind. I could for example get solutions for problems that I really stopped bothering about, because I couldn’t find any solutions for them. Or I could just simply get an inspiration to write a new blog or record a new Qigong video course for example.

There are also business solutions, ideas how to make something new from something that no one could ever even imagine like a new solution for environmental issues etc. All these ideas are very much in accordance with the thought process that you have already had and working process that you are involved in at the moment.

It is both pleasure and work

But please keep in mind, that I am a long term meditator and Qigong practitioner, therefore you can assume that my awareness about my inner happening is not of ordinary man, and I am saying this with humbleness. I do not think I have achieved anything or am in anyway »more« than the ordinary man mentioned before.

Me and Smiljana usually have a tea at that time and we discuss different topics that feel interesting and inspiring. Have I mentioned that long time ago we decided to talk only nice things when we are having our daily tea rite? This should be the moment of inspiration, clarity and channeling of the cosmic inspiration. 🙂 If you are unable to retain your judgmental and negative thoughts that block the creative energy to flow through you, you should think about it later and meditate on it to dissolve it and resolve it. That was something we agreed upon and we are still perfecting it and sometimes it is just so simple and sometimes it gets so deep and philosophical. But we tend to keep it inspiring and if it is not we both know that something needs to be cleared through Qigong and Meditation.

Because that is where the real work is done.

Now I’ll tell you

Well, now I think I am finally ready to tell you what came to my mind in that moment of the right time on the right place. It was so simple, just noon time and tea with Smiljana. I finally realized why is our perception so torn into two – material and vibrational.

I thought that this separation was a fact that people created, because it once seemed like an easier way for humans to survive, but I guess that is just one of the millions or trillions… of possibilities of explanation.

Material and Vibrational perception

What I saw was the material space and macrocosmos and vibrational space and microcosmos. On the grand scale from the human perspective all in the universe can be measured and explained through the physics. This in simple words means that the space on cosmological scale represents the material and obvious reality. There are rules and laws that apply to this space. Of course we do not know them all but we are still developing and growing. Sometimes I imagine us as children, not even nearly there where mainstream media or schooling system would like you to think we are. Developed and super-developed 😀

Left part of the brain is systematic and sees the environment as material, systemized, lawful and determined, even rigid and known. While right part of the brain sees the universe completely different as vibrational, energetic, anarchic (liberal) and with potential for something new and unconventional.

While the space can be approached with this left brain perception, the subatomic space can’t. It has so many variables that even if we would try as hard as we can we would not come even to the minor consensus about it. There are so many layers and variations that those who are working on it are afraid to admit. There are infinite possibilities. And while the universe is composed of these small vibrations and variations fluctuating in space time we tend to think of space and everything around us as material and determined. Why? Because our brains are split into two, left and right. That is why.

There is no agenda or conspiracy

We are simply imprisoned by ourselves and our underdevelopment. Unless! If you start meditating and start connecting these two spheres of consciousness in your head. They are both important! Otherwise they would not be there. We are both. Material and spiritual. Both of them are vibrational. Everything concludes in oneness. But before you can get any real progress you have to start raising your consciousness towards this oneness. Before that you need to realize that we live in split reality within our heads. That is why we perceive the world as mad, when we start to grow spiritually. It is not for long when you start to feel OK with it, so don’t worry. 🙂

Oneness, spirits residence and third eye

Chinese have a term for the place where spirit resides in our heads, it is called Spiritual Valley. It is in the center of your head, it is the area of your third eye. I experience third eye as an inner balance between the left and right, YinYang, fire and water… It is the energy field that will develop spontaneously and will give you the ability to see, hear and understand the things in oneness. This is not an illumination, this is just one of the steps on the Way or Tao. The world split into two won’t cease to exist and you won’t lose your ability to perceive it from both sides, left and right. But you will be able to stay neutral and not interfere with it. You will be able to save the energy for something more productive and creative like writing, painting, making some cookies or just simply sitting and enjoying the scenery.

Before meditation there was laziness

Creative laziness is something we should all start doing, our ancestors did it and their nerves were much more relaxed than ours will ever be. If you achieve that relaxed view on the world you might allow yourself to do much of the things you have dreamed of but never could do. And when you relax you might see that you have flaws, or you have gifts and that all of them make that wholeness that you call Me. And if you relax even more you will be able to hear that voice within you that will talk you through what you need to know and what is the solution for that particular problem or this particular inspiration for writing that particular piece of work etc.


Following realization is the key. If you think that sitting passively somewhere in the shadow, letting the life pass by you and being afraid of the outside mad mad world is the solution, you are wrong. Remember that you are here to live and to create. Create with full potential and through self realization. Don’t deny things about yourself or repel characteristics away from you, just acknowledge them as they are, who you are. Eventually all of them will be immersed in oneness and get enlightened. That is the natural way of the energy Qi that transforms into spirit.

May the Qi be with You!


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