Change is unpredictable


Just when you think you are ready to move to the next level, this new level shows, but not in a way you have anticipated, but in a completely different fashion. Does that mean you are not ready? You are not wise enough to continue on your Path, your life journey towards Tao? I don’t think so. Universe is full of paradoxes. Only because we expect it to be like something it doesn’t have to be. It turns out that life is completely different, not even the opposite from what we have expected according to the knowledge, experience of ancestors or just our plans. Universe changes, moves and grows and so should you.

This change is supposed to be something that we wouldn’t need to talk about, but we do. Taoist based their fundamental work on Change. It is named the Book of Change, and  for me almost everything interesting about the Chinese is based upon it. Change is the path. It is the way. In no means  it is only spiritual, but also creational, physical and others. We change in order to experience. But so does the Universe, nature, our microcosmic surroundings.

It is in our nature to relate to other beings and things in order to say that we live and experience. When you go beyond a daily perception of action and reaction and start to plan ahead, you build a strategy and you get self-confident about your approach towards life and you think only because you have succeeded to plan ahead a few times this is the right thing to do. However you might be wrong, even though it might seem that you have everything under control. You might be missing the point. Life might prove that you are wrong by showing you how shallow was your understanding about life. When everything seems »just fine« and your autopilot in mind works for you and you have lulled yourself, something happens. Shock! Wave from nowhere. It is the work of Tao. It is the Yin changing into Yang.

So now I can ask you again, or you better ask yourself, you think you have grasped everything? Every time you become very Yin and you stop moving, something in nature will move. One will balance the other. You are one part of the bigger whole. If you become Yang, something will happen to balance that. You might eat some dandelion in a salad, which you have picked from the meadow. The natural substances, that are inside the green vegetables, will nourish your brain, nerves, blood, your soul. With vitamines, minerals, enzymes and photons of light.

Everything in the living food which is raw, fresh and as wild as possible, if it is possible, is about life. It supports life inside us and brings the best out of us.

When you think you have grasped everything and that you know everything, your partner might present you with different opinion that you have expected. Kind of like doing the move that wasn’t expected, punch or kick that wasn’t on the menu during the sparring and everything was done in relaxed and predetermined fashion. He or She might shock you. You might become a wave again. Because of this experience you become emotional and less rational, less all knowing again. Less is more some say. Less you know, the more you accept, the more you accept the more is your cup empty. You are ready to learn. To learn is to experience and move.

Spirit might get awaken again. Phoenix and Dragon might rise.

Does these moments happen purposely, by the living conscious Universe playing with us? I don’t know. However, I know that nature is responding to nature. As Yin to Yang. Do you think that only we humans have consciousness and awareness? Or that your mind stops on the level  of animals at the higher hierarchy? You see, all in the Universe has consciousness and everything is aware. The difference is that we can express it better, and maybe we have some other capabilities that the same consciousness, that fills us, in other forms doesn’t have, but have others, though.

Yin and Yang are in constant movement in the change that is happening while we experience, live and dance. We are the dancers. While we do Qigong or some form like Taijiquan.

If you could remember the joy of playing with your partner the game of your liking. Or if you would remember the feelings and moments of your dance with your lover. You might see yourself as a  lover when you connect to other forms in this space time. You relate. You embrace. You play and dance with them. You relate in order to feel, experience and get surprised by the Universe’s response.

We humans tend to overthink, over analyze and rationalize. We dissect and divide, but every time we do so we get one step from connection, hug, harmonious relationship with the Universe and our surroundings. I believe that the environments where we live will always hold the balancing and harmonizing  elements for us. You only need to start looking at your environment from the connective perspective not from divisive. Being more acceptive and less resistant. More like water and less like metal. More listening and less talking.

When you think you are ready to move on, be ready, don’t be smart. Be high, but don’t look on others too low. Be empty, but don’t forget about virtues. Those qualities that you have developed with your daily practice such as meditation and daily qigong will sure shift you forward where you want to go. But will this shift be like you have planned? I doubt it. Will it be like you have imagined? Maybe. Probably even better.

I know that some of you might hear in planning and imagining words one and the same thing, however one is of our rational behaviour and the other is of creative nature. The other is not only welcome but appreciated, since it represents the feeling part of our nature, and it might fall into a category of expression. The first one only determines and there it’s reality stops. Therefore since we know the Universe is conscious, vibrational and undetermined, shouldn’t we be more like Universe. After all we are made by Universe and from Universe.

Feel the vibration of your surroundings and acknowledge it. Don’t rationalize, don’t try to determine it. Feel it. You will get to know yourself much more and consequently accept others. You will become more vibrant as you will let others reach towards you. When you open yourself this way you will know what connects us all!

May the Qi be with you!


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  1. Dear Petar,
    Beautiful and insightful words, it took me more than fifty years to grab this idea of eternal change and self evolution. Since I have been more conscious of this perpetual movement of change i was finally able to experience the feeling of a real freedom.
    Thank you.
    My new motto “Grandir c’est aller vers l’inconnu.”
    “Growing is going to the Unknown”.
    Kindest regards,

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