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One of the things that people expect from a Qigong and Neigong practice, is to sense their Qi. But at the starting point they are often not aware that this capability might bring also a lot of other changes in their lives. These changes can be also the ones they didn’t expect and are sometimes somewhat unpleasant. However you should understand that these changes are necessary steps on the path toward greater awareness and health. This is what I’ll be discussing in this blog.

Your practice can’t be separated from your life

As we know the practices of Qigong, Neigong  and meditation embrace and influence various levels of human existence; they cultivate your body, mind, energy and consciousness. If you really understand this simple statement, you comprehend that your practice can’t be separated from the rest of your life. And you accept the mutual interconnection of the whole universe.

Practice produces changes

Your practice produces changes in you and create circumstances which allow new changes to happen. Changes never affect only one level of your being. For example, changes in your physical body will exert influence upon your energy body and changes in your energy body will reflect on your body.

Changes are not limited only to yourself, but will produce changes also in your surrounding or, if you want to see things in a wider perspective, probably in the whole universe. 🙂

Sensing subtle currents of Qi

By practicing different exercises, meditation and other techniques initially you will start to be more aware of your physical body. Afterwards you will gradually start to feel the subtle currents of Qi flow within your body and beyond it. After a while you will start feeling your energy body; channels and vessels, Dantians, the fields around your physical body… This is a process through which you will consciously connect with your own energy system and it is necessary to go through, if you want to work with your Qi in advanced stages of practice.

»Unexpected« aspects of sensitivity

It often happens that during this process a practitioner becomes increasingly sensitive also in some unexpected ways.  Practitioner’s habits, that until now were not questionable, become inappropriate or even harmful. It might seem to him/her as if everything has turned upside down. But as you will see, the contrary is going on.

The most common areas where increased sensitivity appears

Increased sensitivity might appear during this process in many  different ways but I will mention here only few most frequent ones. It is very common to experience increased body sensitivity regarding food, electrosmog, different toxic substances (in the air, water, cosmetics, clothes, furniture and artificial surroundings… ) etc. Also some of your sense organs might become more sensitive.

You might start to notice how your thoughts are influencing your body and the energy system in a positive or negative way. All kinds of information that you perceive with your sense organs and your mind are doing the same.

Once you start sensing your Qi, you are more sensitive also for the Qi and vibration of other beings, animals, plants, objects, substances etc.


All these phenomena usually concern only practitioners who are practicing Qigong and especially Neigong every day, regularly and correctly for some time. They are familiar with the basic theories and they apply them in their practice. Those who are practicing Qigong only occasionally or as some sort of recreation will probably not encounter any of these situations!

You can’t go against yourself anymore

Maybe in the past you could do all sort of things against yourself, but you were not aware of them. And your body didn’t have the energy to protest.

But now you are practicing Qigong and your body is becoming more healthy, your Qi is flowing more smoothly, your mind is becoming more clear and you are more connected with your true self, your consciousness.  You are becoming enough sensitive to feel and notice what is in harmony with you and what is not. Changes are required because you’ve changed through your practice.

However, letting go old habits is for some people very demanding because one change can require or provoke the whole series of other changes, as you will see later on.

A wonderful tool

Greater sensitivity is your tool for perceiving  imbalances and correct them before they can grow bigger. Increased sensitivity is therefore something beautiful and useful for those who are prepared to make changes in their life and move forward. But if you want to persist in your old life rails, it might become an unpleasant burden.

Continue reading... Increased sensitivity of the Body and then Mental and vibrational sensitivity.

May the Qi be with You, Smiljana

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  1. I found this to be quite interesting. Even though I haven’t been practicing qi gong daily as I want to I am still much more aware of my qi in general. Recently I thought I would indulge in an old habit that used to bring comfort when greatly stressed. Nope – no longer an option. I immediately thought to myself how awful it was and why would I even want to do this. That was it, no longer a viable way to deal. Meditation and qi gong, much better choices. Thank you for the explanation.

    1. Thank you, Faith, for sharing your personal experience. Well said. There is no way back, but in a good sense. You replace old habits with new ones which work better for you. 🙂 Over time, meditation and Qigong become your great resources that help you to maintain some stability also when the times are not the best. I wish you great practice and less stress. 🙂 Kind regards, Smiljana

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