Qigong and increased Sensitivity – 2: Body sensitivity

In the previous post Qigong and increased Sensitivity – 1 I was writing about the increased sensitivity related to a serious practice of Qigong and  Neigong. This increased sensitivity is an integral part of the process of changes toward greater health and consciousness. I have mentioned some most common areas of our life where increased sensitivity might appear.

In this post I will discuss some aspects of sensitivity that our body and mind might manifest while exposed to harmful substances in food, objects and surrounding and to electrosmog. I will mention in short also increased sensitivity of sense organs.

Reaction to unhealthy food and other substances

A very common experience, especially if you went through a detoxification,  is that your body starts to react to unhealthy food that until now you could eat »without problems«. Now, after eating this kind of food you might experience headache, different digestion problems, skin rushes, noticeable decrease of your energy, change in mood etc.

First, I will explain in short which food is by my opinion unhealthy: all kinds of fast food, all fried, microwaved, conserved, pre-prepared, frozen food; all refined and processed food, food containing refined sugar and salt, refined oils, preservatives, glutamates… food containing herbicides and pesticides, radiated food…

For people is difficult to understand that their body reacts exactly in the way it is supposed to when it is encountering hardly (in)digestable or even toxic substances.

As I said in the previous blog, your body already had problems in the past but you were not able to feel and recognize them. And your body didn’t have enough energy to deal with them. Your mind can behave as a fool and desire all kind of junk, but you cannot blind the wisdom of your newly awaken body.

Food and scattered mind

All processed and refined foods strongly increase Fire Qi  and make your mind scattered and dispersed. If you want to progress in your Qigong and Nei Gong practice you should sooner or later regulate your eating habits.

Energy and vibration

We receive the greatest part of our energy from the food that we eat. Food can be fresh, alive, nourishing and full of light; or it can be empty, dead, without nutrients, even toxic. The first one gives energy to your body, the other drains energy out of your body.

People are often concerned with the minerals, vitamins, amino acids or proteins, carbohydrates and fats that certain foods contain. But there is also energetic aspect of the food, its vibrational frequency, which is equally important. Fresh local and organic food produced and prepared with love and care has high vibration. All kinds of  foods that were processed, produced by exploited people, kept in stores for years, … besides being nutritionally poor or even toxic, have also low vibration.

And guess what, what you get in, you get out.

Change of diet

You need a food which fuels and nourishes you. Healthy, vibrant, alive, organic, maybe vegan food instead of junk food, processed and refined food… Pure water and fresh juices instead of artificial drinks, coffee and alcohol. Walks in the nature instead of smoking… It will require to change many of your life habits, your schedule and it will have influence on your social life as well.

I have no intention to discuss  about an appropriate diet here. But in general I recommend you to take your time and don’t rush crazily. First accept that this is not only about changing your diet but above all your mindset. Be teachable  and try to understand the situation by learning more about healthy food and find a solution that will suit you and help you to move forward. Start gradually with small steps and on the way you will learn more to proceed. Everything will be fine, just don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember the Taoist moderation and don’t force anything. Be patient and above all explore, enjoy and be playful.

Reactions to other drugs

The reactions to unhealthy food described above might appear also when consuming alcohol, artificial drinks, smoking cigarettes or taking other drugs… Especially if you practice Neigong you will notice that after getting drunk you will need some time to gather the energy of your Lower Dantian.


More sensitive to electrosmog

Your awaken body will probably become more sensitive also to electrosmog, a harmful electromagnetic radiation pollution. You might start to feel how certain devices, for example cell phone, distort your energy field. It doesn’t have to be scientifically proven! It is a fact that now you can’t ignore anymore. The intensitiy of experienced sensations depends from a person to person. And it can be especially disruptive or irritating when you try to meditate, sleep or keep focus when working.

Today it is quite impossible to avoid electrosmog completely, but do the best you can. Make your devices (laptop, cell phone…) work for you but don’t become their slave. When using your cell phone use speaker or headphones and don’t hold it near the head. Get rid of your microwave, if you already didn’t. There are many information regarding this topic that you can find on the internet and there are different devices which can decrease the harmful effects of electrosmog.

Over time you will find out what are your priorities and you might decide to move out of the city to some place where the level of this pollution is lower.


Increased sensitivity of sense organs

All of your five senses might become more sensitive. Some of these sensations and phenomena are transitional in their nature and disappear after some time. Others are not and they become a part of you.


Artificial smells might start to be very disturbing for you. You might start to eliminate your washing powders, soaps, cosmetics, detergents, clothes, artificial materials in your house, furniture… and replace them with natural products. This process can be sometimes really annoying. But you will be surprised when you will later discover that in most cases all these smells are not innocuous but very toxic and harmful for us humans.

Slowly you will realize that your increased sensitivity always lead you to more natural and simple solutions that are better for you. Many smaller issues that you had in the past  (for example dry skin, itching after a shower and bath, scurf on head…) disappear when you start to use natural substances.

Gradually you will probably start to discover and appreciate natural smells of flowers, herbs, spices… and finally also your natural smell – which is really pleasant when your body is healthy.

It exceeds the extent of this blog to discuss about the connection between serious issues and illnesses (asthma, chronic fatigue… yes, even cancer) and noxious substances in our food, clothes, cosmetics, detergents, furniture…  I would only like that you start to be aware what kind of energy (people, industry, economy…) you are supporting while buying single products and services.


It is also possible that you will become more  sensitive for noise. You might start to prefer places where is more quiet and avoid loud and noisy ones. Maybe you will decide to move somewhere where during the night is quiet and in the morning birds are waking you up. And you will forget the constant noise of traffic.


If you start to introduce into your diet more natural foods there will be a transitional period  in which everything might seem tasteless to you. It is  because of the absence of artificial amplifiers of taste. After some time, when you overcome this addiction, you will start to discover subtle natural tastes and  you will probably find them very pleasing.


I’ve already mentioned that your body might become more sensitive to the materials from which your clothes are made and it might start to react to some artificial and/or toxic materials or dyes. But it might become also more sensitive and demanding in regard to clothing comfort. You can read more about this topic in a blog Step toward relaxation and awareness or why comfortable clothes matter.


Re-gained natural sensitivity

We could find many other examples of increased sensitivity. But if you look at the whole picture you will see that increased sensitivity is in fact your re-gained natural sensitivity that is always leading you toward things that are supporting your life and self-cultivation.  And it leads you toward choices that are more in harmony with balanced and fulfilling life.

Continue reading:  Mental and vibrational sensitivity.

May the Qi be with You!


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