Yiquan #5:  8 static postures

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The Yiquan set that I will present in next posts is composed of 8 static postures.

Stand in a normal stance which is modified and light version of horse stance, which is lower and wider.

You are standing in the normal stance. Which means you are in a shoulder width stance approximately. Your knees are lightly bent and your leg muscles are as relaxed as possible. This is important for the energy Qi flow. If you are tensed you are blocking the Qi circulation. In the beginning have your attention on the inner side of your legs as this will automatically relax the muscles. Yin meridians run on the inner sides. Sink down into your kua and straighten your spine, by relaxing your curvature downwards. Bring your chin lightly towards your breast bone to straighten the neck. Have a tip of a tongue on a palate in your mouth.

First position

This position is intended to connect the flow of energy Qi that runs from the upper part of body through the lower Dantien into the lower part of body, and in opposite direction, connecting the flow of Qi from lower part of body through lower Dantien into upper part of body. Second purpose of this exercise is starting to fill reservoir of Qi in lower Dantien. This energetic filling up of lower Dantien will only increase in the positions that follow.

In general, the lower Dantien in physical terms includes your guts and pelvis with sacrum. Its center is located inside the lower abdomen in the point between your Mingmen point (Du-4), Qihai (Ren-6) and your Huiyin (Ren-1) points. This center is important to find. However, it takes time for practitioner to cultivate it to the level where he can feel it, start moving it and start doing all the things including movements from this center. It might be felt as increased libido at some times. And sometimes might be felt as increased state of understanding and tolerance, embracing the polarities. It has the quality of water, nourishing and healing quality. It gives us the center and stability, not just in physical sense. Alcohol and other substances tend to disperse this energy and oftentimes a week or two is needed after a night of fooling around to bring this center into previous state of harmony. Here in this center, it is all about feelings. Especially the physical feeling of connection and wholeness of the body.

There are not many people who feel all parts of the body the same way or equally connected to them. Most of the people feel disconnected from some parts of their body. The reason is either physical or emotional trauma, which means that part of the body represents your shadow. But the reason can be also that our way of life which emphasizes the mental work on computer or some other head driven job just consumes so much of our attention and energy that we simply stop living in our bodies. And even though some people tend to exercise, they tend to do it without the deeper feeling and connection with themselves, which is a benefit of Qigong training, since this is one of the main reasons to practice it. To develop better sensitivity and connection with your own nature. And then the fun begins!

When you have established your foundation in Qigong, which means that you have grasped the correct posture, you breathe without any major obstructions and by using your abdominal diaphragm… and you have started using your lower Dantien for storing your Jing and connecting this center with all other parts of the body by opening the energy meridians.

These new connections through the energy system help feed up the nerves, which can then loosen up. And they can discharge the energy held in them that blocks communication between brain and tissues involved. When nerves relax, tissues relax. When tissues relax, Qi can flow. When abundant Qi flow from lower Dantien starts circulating through the body, it reconnects the parts into oneness. It has water like quality, it cleans and opens the obstructions like water stream.

Second position

This position is meant to completely connect the energy of lower Dantien with lower part of the body. This connection will increase the energy circulation in body. Benefits of this position are described in many ancient Chinese texts as: »One unit of Qi created and stabilized in lower part of body is worth ten units in the upper part.« This is the same within medical Qigong as well as within martial arts. Most of the people can start spontaneously leading the energy Qi with sitting or static Qigong to lower Dantien, but to fill up the whole lower part of the body with Qi is much harder. And that is the purpose of this position.

We have already discussed the topic about the leading the Qi downward and how important that is. We have also discussed the connecting parts of the body in one unison feeling of unity. This will happen gradually by connecting more and deeper with the parts of the body that were lacking presence and your awareness.

Third position

Goal of this position is to strongly connect your spine with lower Dantien. For this purpose we strongly bend our spine and elbows. Fingers are pointing to each other and palms are pressing down. This position is precious for generating and balancing the energy of Kindneys. It also develops strong resistance against punches in lower part of body and arms, as it strengthens the tendons and fill fascia layers with abundant Qi. This Qi then holds the dynamic tension which can be translated as physical resistance, which is always firstly generated with energy.






With this dynamic tension I leave you for now.

To be continued…

May the Qi be with You! Petar

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