Yiquan #8:  8 static postures

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The Yiquan set that I present in the posts about Yiquan is composed of 8 static postures. In this last post I will present the seventh and eighth position.

Seventh position

This position strongly develops the energy which we emanate through our eyes. This exercise helps to raise Qi and flow of energy to all parts of brain. It also helps to raise Qi over the crown to the border of subtler energetic body or etheric body, with respect.

In this position we can have palms turned towards the body or away. In variation, where palms are facing the body, we are opening the third eye. In both variations we are improving blood circulation and Qi flow in the head. According to the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine Qi follows the blood and they go hand in hand.

With this exercise we increase our mental capabilities and concentration. When the palms are turned away from body, we open up towards the heaven, we open our crown, vertex or Baihui, Du-20 area, which opens the path towards sky. It connects you with heavenly Qi.

This position helps practitioner to build strong inner power in arms for carrying heavy burden, or in martial arts for punching high kicks above the heart. This can be very useful for smaller persons in self defense situations, when being attacked.

If the palms are turned away from the body, we are developing strong ability for attack. But, when palms are facing the body, we are developing strong capability for defence.

Both of these positions can be used for attaining better concentration and for heightening of the energy level of your brain. For example after an exhausting day in front of computer, but your  work is still not finished. However I do not encourage you to do so. You should avoid it, if possible. Rest and do your work in a normal pace. We tend to overwork and drain ourselves, becoming slaves to the tempo of modern life.

Eighth position

In this position we have our palms facing downwards. Our palms are somewhere between the diaphragm and lightly above our shoulders. It depends on your constitution, reason for practice and your condition, relaxation, etc. In the context of martial arts this exercise develops energy of strong pressure downwards. In Taijiquan this is called push downward. This position develops inner strength of the arms, from frontal position to side positions. This position is very beneficial for  kidneys, liver and spleen. It also strengthens shoulder blades.

This position will generate strong flow of energy downwards, towards the ground. In previous positions you were building the energy level and leading the energy Qi upward towards the head. Now, you are grounding this energy and leading it down. This will produce strong current from above your head or Heavenly Qi downward. This downward current will also activate the Earth Qi which will start ascending upwards through your legs and start mixing in the level of Huangting cavity or just below your diaphragm.

It is said that Man’s Qi is comprised of Heaven’s and Earth’s Qi. His Qi is a balance of both. We are however the vessel in which those two should be mixed, fused together or balanced. Our meridians and doors/acupoints should be opened so the Qi can enter and exit freely. We should be aware of these processes and help them happen frequently and naturally. The best way for that is to do Qigong and meditate.

General benefits of this set of exercises

All benefits of Yiquan are directly linked to strengthening and developing the lower Dantien and capability of storing and generating of Qi, which can be lead anywhere in the body, when it’s necessary. This is very important for health, longevity and development of special performances. It gives to practitioner the energetic power to overcome stress, injury or illness. »And all of this leads to longevity and longevity is prerequisite for enlightenment«, as old Daoist scholars said.

May the Qi be with You! Petar

Photo: Pixabay, PetarSmiljana Qigong

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