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My name is Petar Prikratki and I am enthusiastic explorer of life, all that is connected with human energy system and roots of human kind. I believe in existence of many realities in this time space and I also believe that every human lives his own unique reality. Some things we share and those unify us in oneness. By observing these samenesses I can sense oneness of all, not just humanity. We are all energy fields and through these energy fields Consciousness lives it s self. At the end only Consciousness remains. But for the Consciousness to live there must be energy, and more energy I have more I am creative. And more I am creative, more I live my incarnated mission as healthy vibrant vehicle for Consciousness. I invite you to join me on my journey of exploring Qigong, which is a science and art of working with energy.


Smiljana Golja

 My wish is to live life above all in the present moment which I think is unique.  The subject that inspires me is the existence and functioning of the universe and human beings inside it. This is one of my reasons for practicing, exploring and teaching Qigong, Chinese skill of working with energy. Through Qigong, Nei Gong and Daoist philosophy I try to understand and work with the subtle elements of existence, which stay inside different but interconnected realms.

I’m interested in holistic approaches to the well-being and health of people. I like to follow new theories of Western physics that try to explain the universe from the unification point of view. I love nature, movement, raw food and people who appreciate and enjoy life.

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