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The Yiquan set that I will present in next posts is composed of 8 static postures. Stand in a normal stance which is modified and light version of horse stance, which is lower and wider. You are standing in the normal stance. Which means you are

Read previous posts: Yiquan #1, Yiquan #2 and Yiquan #3

What would Qigong be like without the energy, Qi? It would be only a Gong. So, only a time and an effort which is the literal meaning of the word »Gong« in Chinese. In our context, it would mean only physical exercises, done without the purpose of cultivation of  the whole being including the energy aspect.

We are dealing with

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In the previous post we have touched the Yang aspect of the energy flow in Yiquan practice, today we will discuss the Yin aspect of this training.

Yin and Yang and Qi

In the previous post  I was describing the path of Qi going downwards, or how you, practitioner, are leading the Qi in downfall current. I also said that this current

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It’s been a while since I have started with standing meditation practice Zhan Zhuang and I was eager to go deeper with it. The expansion of time practicing didn’t bring the results I was anticipating, so I searched a bit further and I found Yiquan. Here in these few posts about Yiquan I present the practice that was developed and simplified from the original practice by very

Yiquan (or Yichuan, I Chuan, I Quan) is a martial art, which derives from Xingyiquan and therefore its roots are seen in postures, mindset and purpose of training. It is internal martial art as well as internal meditative practice. Xingyiquan is translated as »Form-intention-fist« and when Xing is removed and only »intention fist« remains, you get Yiquan.

Static practice

This practice is very static, since the majority of practice is composed of static postures in

In this blog I’m going to discuss why I think that a short daily meditation can serve to any person who would like to find and sustain harmony in his life. Through meditation you learn to calm your mind and achieve greater clarity. It also helps you to reduce stress and integrate into your being the experiences that life brings you day after day. Once your mind can be still for some time, it is

When you get ahead of yourself you always make a mistake. Sometimes it can be corrected and sometimes it is just done, period. When you think of dramatic things that might have happened in your life but they didn’t and you think of coincidences that influenced you and lead you towards the person with whom you are spending most of the time, you might ask yourself was there something behind the curtains of the perceptual

Shaking of body is the simplest Qigong exercise I know and it’s holistic. It will bring many benefits to your body and it will help release energy blockages. Among major benefits of this exercise is relaxation.

 Simplicity of exercise

What is most important about it is that it is so simple and natural that you don’t need to know anything! No theory, no technique, no nothing. In fact if you were an average healthy kid

What is obvious to some…

We all know, at least those who read my posts :), that Qigong is beneficial for many things and among them is a physical health. But for that reason it can be mistaken with some other forms of physical exercise like stretching, yoga, warm ups in the gym, aerobics etc. However it is unique from the perspective and philosophy or mindset which is behind the movements and forms. What

This is the last (third) post about  Qigong and increased sensitivity. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2.

Thoughts and information

By opening and refining your energy system you become also more conscious about how your physical  body reacts to different thoughts and information that you let into your life. By choice or unconsciously. Body actually reacts  to these vibrational impulses all the time but people are not aware of them if

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