Why “of Brocade”?

People who come across for the first time with a set of Qigong exercises known as Eight Pieces of Brocade, in Chinese Ba Duan Jin, often ask why these exercises are “of brocade”. Brocade is a class of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics, often made in colored silk and with or without gold and silver threads. Therefore brocade shines beautifully.

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming in his book


This blog is a short introduction to the Qigong exercises Eight Pieces of Brocade or in Chinese Ba Duan Jin. We will talk about the origin, structure and the purpose of this Qigong set. The exercises were created in the period of South Song Dynasty (1127-1279 a.d.) by Marshal Yue Fei. He was quite an extraordinary man. He was an excellent general and highly-skilled martial artist. However, in time of peace he was studying

Energy flow

First is good to know how does these two poles of energy Yin and Yang flow through our bodies. Yin flows in the body through meridians or energy channels up towards head and Yang in opposite direction towards earth.

Connection with earth, heaven and your own nature

Very simple way and how I balance Yin and Yang is that on a sunny day, even though it’s windy outside

Yin does not exist without Yang

Yin and Yang are usually described in our western culture as something individual, something separated, so what I mean is individually positive, shining, illuminating, male, heavenly, good Yang and black, dark, wet, watery, shadowy, evil Yin. And, yes these are also not him and him, but HER and HIM.

Taijitu or infinite connectedness

That means her-Yin and him-Yang. None of them is absolutely positive or


Firstly I would like to clarify what actually is Qi? Word Qi, that we read as Chi, is the energy, that is all present in the universe, that means that is also present on the Earth and is composed of two polarities: of one Yin and one Yang. The easiest way to describe these would be through interaction, connection and balance between female Yin and male Yang.

Energy, but neutral

Qigong is Chinese ancient knowledge which was developing through thousands of years and embraces all universal truths. The wisdom contained in Qigong offers us the path to sense, to comprehend and  become aware of our essence, teaches us about a unification with this wonderful world in which we live.

The theory and practice of Qigong were developing and travelling to nowadays through generations of masters who were transmitting their knowledge to

Last Friday while I was happily getting finished with editing my first YouTube video, which can be seen on our channel, my computer collapsed. Oh, ahhh. I was lucky as I was able to us another computer, Smiljana’s. This way I spent whole day searching for solution »Do It Your Self« on the internet for my operational system, or what ever. Well Friday was ending and I realized that I won’t be able

When You meet energy Qi for first time

Firstly, I would like to describe how I’ve heard about Qigong for the first time. I was in the high school and at some point I was interested in ReiKi, mystical method of healing that came from Japan. It was channeled by Zen master Usui before 2nd World War. I was drawn to ReiKi by the consciousness of mystical energy called Ki (Qi) and simplicity

If you are new to Qigong you will find in this text the basic information about what is Qigong, and why would someone like to dedicate his time to Qigong.


The term Qigong is composed from two words. Qi in Chinese means universal energy which permeates all the universe and also human beings. The term Gong is an abbreviation for Gong Fu or Kung Fu, and means focused

Everything has begun a long time ago with a simple desire to live a life different from the life that I was living. I had a desire to feel alive and joyful and do things that I would enjoy doing. It’s been a long time since then. Everything on my way has contributed to my personal transformation. But for me was essential the encounter with Qigong. I’ve begun to see the world through the eyes

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