When you get ahead of yourself you always make a mistake. Sometimes it can be corrected and sometimes it is just done, period. When you think of dramatic things that might have happened in your life but they didn’t and you think of coincidences that influenced you and lead you towards the person with whom you are spending most of the time, you might ask yourself was there something behind the curtains of the perceptual
Shaking of body is the simplest Qigong exercise I know and it’s holistic. It will bring many benefits to your body and it will help release energy blockages. Among major benefits of this exercise is relaxation.  Simplicity of exercise What is most important about it is that it is so simple and natural that you don’t need to know anything! No theory, no technique, no nothing. In fact if you were an average healthy kid
What is obvious to some… We all know, at least those who read my posts :), that Qigong is beneficial for many things and among them is a physical health. But for that reason it can be mistaken with some other forms of physical exercise like stretching, yoga, warm ups in the gym, aerobics etc. However it is unique from the perspective and philosophy or mindset which is behind the movements and forms. What is
This is the last (third) post about  Qigong and increased sensitivity. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2. Thoughts and information By opening and refining your energy system you become also more conscious about how your physical  body reacts to different thoughts and information that you let into your life. By choice or unconsciously. Body actually reacts  to these vibrational impulses all the time but people are not aware of them if they are
In the previous post Qigong and increased Sensitivity – 1 I was writing about the increased sensitivity related to a serious practice of Qigong and  Neigong. This increased sensitivity is an integral part of the process of changes toward greater health and consciousness. I have mentioned some most common areas of our life where increased sensitivity might appear. In this post I will discuss some aspects of sensitivity that our body and mind might manifest
One of the things that people expect from a Qigong and Neigong practice, is to sense their Qi. But at the starting point they are often not aware that this capability might bring also a lot of other changes in their lives. These changes can be also the ones they didn’t expect and are sometimes somewhat unpleasant. However you should understand that these changes are necessary steps on the path toward greater awareness and health.
A moment for deeper understanding A majority of people start to practice Qigong simply because they want to improve their health or they want to find a way to relax. What beginners often don’t know is that after some time of practicing Qigong regularly every day you can experience the process of detoxification, in short detox. When they start to feel bad they are thinking that they are doing something wrong  or they start to
  It’s been a while since I’ve started to do exercises for the lower Dantien. Beside only breathing with it, and moving my abdomen in and out as a part of advanced breathing technique. Doing normal abdominal breathing or reverse abdominal breathing was enough for some time or better said for years of extensive training. But every now and then comes a time when you need to implement new things in your daily practice to
  Just when you think you are ready to move to the next level, this new level shows, but not in a way you have anticipated, but in a completely different fashion. Does that mean you are not ready? You are not wise enough to continue on your Path, your life journey towards Tao? I don’t think so. Universe is full of paradoxes. Only because we expect it to be like something it doesn’t have
In Qigong is usually difficult to give a short answer to unknown Qigong practitioner about whose practice you practically don’t know anything.  This is usually the case when communicating in social media. Therefore, in this blog, »How to practice Qigong, with eyes open or closed?« I apply the answer to various forms of Qigong practice, considering also the difference between the practice of beginners or more experienced practitioners… Purpose and experience If you practice under
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  1. Very nice writing Petar. I appreciate your sensitivity to these things and your willingness to think and write about them. May the Qi be with you!

    1. Oh Nemo, sometimes I get these glimpses which make want to write them down and say something about the inner problems that occur while building yourself on the inside. I guess I am just an explorer, still learning. When there won’t be anything left to write I guess I will continue with silence. But untill then, 🙂 May the Qi be with you! P

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