In Qigong is usually difficult to give a short answer to unknown Qigong practitioner about whose practice you practically don’t know anything.  This is usually the case when communicating in social media. Therefore, in this blog, »How to practice Qigong, with eyes open or closed?« I apply the answer to various forms of Qigong practice, considering also the difference between the practice of beginners or more experienced practitioners…

Purpose and experience

If you practice under

A Hint from above

I’ve recently heard a very interesting thought or maybe it was just a hint, I don’t know how should I name it, but definitely it was an interesting thing to try and to keep in mind: »Around the noon time we humans align with the center of galaxy because our mother Earth aligns with it.« In my previous blog you could have read about our connection with the Earth and how

Earthing or grounding is not a new theme nowadays, at least not for Qigong practitioners, since the connection with the Earth for us is something obvious. Every practitioner of Qigong knows, even if only a beginner, that we are all made out of two energies. YinYang. They are inseparable, a couple. One represents heavenly Qi and the other earthly Qi. In human thus run both of these energies, earthly Yin and heavenly Yang. Every serious

»How long do you practice your Gong?« That was a question that was echoing in my mind for quite some time. In my first years of teaching Qigong I have been  really surprised by some of my students and their capability of absorbing the information and knowledge for which in their shoes I needed much more time than they did. Their reactions about and understanding of the knowledge surprised me. I literally felt very good

FOLDING FORWARD is one of often practiced Qigong exercises for releasing the spine and for maintaining it flexible. A smooth and abundant Qi flow through our spine and torso is according to the Qigong theory essential for the health of our body, mind and spirit. Tensions arise in our body every day and we have to know how to release them efficiently, especially in the area of our spine and torso, if we want to

This text is the continuation of the previous blog Emotions and Five elements – Part 1. Emotion as an energetic movement In Daoist thought emotions are regarded as energetic movements which originate from the center of our consciousness.  Emotions propagate through the entire energy system and they are changing its vibration. You can feel how different emotions have different vibrational qualities. If you are sensitive, you don’t feel only your emotional vibrations, but

In previous blogs about Five elements Petar was already writing about the connection between Five elements and emotions.  In this and in the next blog I will discuss some general aspects regarding emotions from a Daoist (and partly TCM) point of view. I have added some of my thoughts and experiences that I hope you can use in your own exploration and practice. 🙂

I think that emotions in our society are generally

  This text is continuation of the blog Sixth element ?!Part 1.

Lack of consciousness

When a human eats a living food, he intakes a consciousness that follows this way of life.  Simply, fears start to vanish. If you live in fear, which causes a lack of consciousness – you don’t love and you are not connected with Divine, One, Source, Tao… How do I know that, because I have experienced it.

Has now come a Time to introduce a Sixth element?

In Chinese tradition there is a theory of Five Elements. In short these elements are: Metal, Fire, Water, Wood and Earth. To each of these elements belongs a certain light vibration, which I will list in the same order I listed elements – so: White – Metal, Red – Fire, deep Blue – Water, Green – Wood and Yellow – Earth. To every element belongs

(Five elements – 16) Read also previous blogs about the Five elements.

A pair of Pericardium and Triple Heater are meridians that represent second Fire. What is really interesting to me is that this is the Fire that is more of non physical or »ethereal« nature :). First of all it is very unusual to our western mind, that there is “something” named a Concept of Five Elements and then
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