Qigong for Professional Healer’s Self-care

As a professional healer you should be aware that if you want to heal and assist others in their health, you have to be healthy. If you forget this, in time you might start to feel drained by your work.

Qigong, an ancient Chinese art of working with energy, is an excellent tool for professional healers of all kinds as a daily self-care. By practicing Qigong you cultivate your body, mind and spirit and you can achieve or maintain a high level of health and general well-being.

Price: EUR 35,00

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In this downloadable video course you will learn a simple but effective ancient Qigong set, Eight Pieces of Brocade, which opens and strengthen physical body and works with all of the twelve primary energy channels. You will be guided step-by-step through the process of learning basic foundations of Qigong practice (posture, normal abdominal breathing…) and single exercises. You will find also tips how to incorporate a Qigong practice in your daily routine.

Besides that you will get additional Bonuses to learn other exercises which are useful for professional healers.

This video course is suitable for beginners and also for Qigong practitioners who would like to establish a daily Qigong routine or to build strong physical foundations for later work with energy.

During the study of Craniosacral therapy our teacher has often emphasized the necessity that as a professional healer you have to regularly take care of yourself physically, mentally and energetically. It was then that we have started to practice Qigong as self-care.

When making this Qigong video course we had in mind all wonderful people whose vocation is to help and assist people on their way to heal. This includes fields of alternative, complementary, integrative and conventional medicine.  The course is dedicated to acupuncturists, craniosacral therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, reiki and bioenergetic healers, reflexology therapist, physiotherapist, masseurs, nutritionists, Bach flowers therapist, psychotherapists… and of course to physicians and medical personnel. The list could go on and on… In this video course we will address people in all these specific vocations as “professional healers”.

Professional healers are usually very dedicated to their work, so much that they often forget themselves. After years, exhaustion, less energy or physical issues start to appear and they affect also your healing practice.

This Qigong video course is designed for all those who would like to improve their condition and consequently their practice. And to young professional healers at the beginning of their careers who wish to maintain their good health and enthusiasm and maybe continue their personal transformation on energetic and spiritual level. It is always better to prevent than to cure. 

What this video course is offering you?

In this video course you will learn some important foundations of Qigong practice (posture, normal abdominal breathing, warming-up exercises) and a Qigong set Eight Pieces of Brocade.

Qigong set Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin) presented in this course is composed of eight exercises which are very effective and simple to learn. By regular and correct practice you can see some results already in few months.

It is easy to adapt the length of the practice to the time at your disposition by choosing appropriate number of repetitions. 

In this video course is emphasized the importance of daily practice which is for the majority the most challenging part. You will find various suggestions how to achieve this goal.

The video course includes video instructions and explanations for each exercise and tips how to practice. There is a whole and shortened (20 minutes) sequence of the set Eight Pieces of Brocade, so that after you have learned single exercises you can practice in my company.

Video course includes also several bonuses with material useful for professional healers: some exercises to start feeling Qi, exercises for strengthen your arms, how to start meditate, two exercises to release energy tensions. 

All together almost 4 hours of material.

Price: EUR 35,00

After your payment you will be re-directed to page where you can download the Video course.
If you have any trouble with downloading please don’t hesitate to contact us on petarsmi@gmail.com.  Thank you for your understanding.​

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