Benefits of Breathing with Lower Dan Tian


Release of Diaphragm

Breathing with lower part of abdomen, where Lower Dan Tian resides gradually and softly releases abdominal diaphragm. There in its tissues, within years, a lot of emotional and mental patterns may gather, which then reflect in your appearance, attitude, voice and especially in your breathing.

Clean space between organs and diaphragm

Between diaphragm (which  belongs to Middle Dan Tian) and lungs is space where – as Chinese describe in their traditional medicine – »demons« can breed, or 100 illnesses appear. When you start to release diaphragm also a reason for these illnesses is released. Energy can flow freely again, or finally.

Consciousness can descend

dihanje-spodnji-dt-400By breathing with Lower Dan Tian your consciousness is gradually descending. Consciousness that you are not only head or sense organs in your head. You  start to be aware that actually the residence of your consciousness is right here in Lower Dan Tian. And this is the energy center which you were missing all this time.  This is the center through which you are rooted in this world and this reality and it is the key for transformation of this reality and the door of  allowing for this change to happen.

Lower Dan Tian is connected with energy of Water element

Lower Dan Tian is connected with energy of Water element in you, your intuition, your essence* and with a capability of regeneration. Newest research show that lower brain resides here, in our gut, which stores long term memory and communicates with upper brain.

* Dan Tian means also Field of Elixir or Essence

Can wake stem cells

Breathing with Lower Dan Tian might, at least theoretically, stimulate activity and wake stem cells. If stem cells are still somewhere in the body, then they are in the region of umbilicus or Lower Dan Tian. And as you might know, stem cells have this characteristic to differentiate countless of times and can grow into every healthy tissue in your body.

Lead energy inside

By conscious breathing with this part of abdomen you lead the energy inside and wake up tissues from sleep. That’s how you can stimulate activity of gut, bladder, genitals, kidneys, glands, urethra and energy center Lower Dan Tian, which is according to Chinese, the biggest reservoir of energy in human energy system. Because potential stem cells would reside in near surrounding they would automatically receive immense quantity of energy and in that way you would trigger production of new cells, which would rejuvenate and keep you healthy. So Field of Elixir might be the right term for this region.

You start leading your Qi

Before you can start leading Qi through your body it’s right, that you collect it at least some in Lower Dan Tian, so you you’ll have a feeling that you are moving something with your conscioussnes. The energy is always circulating through your body, but when you breathe with Lower Dan Tian this flow is accelerated or increased as by breathing with Lower Dan Tian you also generate energy. This energy then circulate through microcosmic orbit or through Du Mai and Ren Mai, extraordinary meridians, which then nourish rest of 12 primary meridians. Later on you will introduce in your training of Qigong conscious leading of energy through meridians, into organs, tissues… For every one of these you need to have stored energy from Lower Dan Tian.

You relax

Breathing with Lower Dan Tian stimulate activity of Water Qi in you. Water can cool down fire of heart and thoughts. Practitioners of Qigong are usually more peaceful people. They tend to have clearer and brighter thoughts. They tend to be more aware of surrounding and their role in environment in which they live. They know how to listen. They know what is silence.


Concentration is increased

 »When you are in the Lower Dan Tian and you decide that you’ll do something or go somewhere, you will…«, once said to me my teacher of Qigong. A concentration is increased by a degree of time spent in breathing with Lower Dan Tian, with depth of inner cultivation (or consciousness about energy) and by increasing of energy potential (that happens to everyone who is breathing with Lower Dan Tian) to unimaginable extension.

Lower Dan Tian offers a lot more of interesting topics to talk about, but this is it for today.

May the Qi be with you!


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