How does a raw food influence our Qigong practice


This is not a blog about why we eat a raw food and about our eating habits. Our purpose is only to share with you some experiences connected with a qigong practice that we had in the last year and half after we have transitioned on a raw food.

fruit-962279_1280-copyFood Qi

Qi that we get from the food presents considerable amount of energy which is necessary for effective function of our body and mind. Qi that our body gets from the essence of the food that we eat is in the qigong theory considered as Fire Qi (Post-natal Qi or Post-heaven Qi) and usually lead body in a too Yang state. But by choosing the right sort and quality of food you can affect the degree of this “fire” and balance it.


Alive or Dead Food

If we are practicing qigong seriously we become sooner or later aware about the importance of the food that we eat. Every food is a kind of energy, as we are. By eating we bring into our body and our energy system also vibrations which are characteristic for certain food. Do we bring into our body-mind life or death? In the ancient texts it is very common to find a quote: “We are what we eat.” It is true that for example Taoists didn’t eat exclusively raw food (but it is mentioned in some documents) but they were inclined to a very simple food and in a moderate amounts. We have to consider also the fact that in the ancient past the food was something completely different as it is today’s so called conventional food – (bags, tin cans, frozen, dehydrated, processed….).


The choice is always yours

But we believe that each one has his/her own path and that there is not a single recipe that works for all. Each one has to make decisions in harmony with his/her life goals. On our path of discovering ourselves we tried different diets and their effects on our health and a level of energy. Last year and half we enjoy in a raw food to which we have transitioned form very simple and basic vegan food (practically we eliminated form our food only whole grains (whole rice, kamut khorasan, spelt), buckwheat, amaranth… and cooked vegetables and fruit.) At the moment our food is predominantly raw fresh fruit, leafy greens, sprouts, seeds, nuts and in winter time some vegetables (roots and tubers) and fermented vegetables.

Healthy on a raw food

We both have transitioned on a raw food in a healthy condition. Somebody who already has issues with his/her health or somebody whose diet contains meat, dairy products, processed food, white sugar, white flour, table salt, refined fats, fried food… can’t expect the results that we’ve got in a such a short period. His/her body will need quite a long period of time to eliminate all toxins that have accumulated through years and to nourish itself properly.


I will start with changes on a physical level.

No more delayed onset muscle soreness

Majority of people know very well a phenomenon of delayed onset muscle soreness. A day or two after some hard training or work appears soreness in your muscles. Sometimes only certain areas of the body can be affected and sometimes you feel sore all the body. A duration of this condition can differ from one person to another but usually lasts at least few days. We both have experienced this kind of soreness mostly after some long and difficult mountain hike or sometimes after a hard work (dragging firewood from a forest…) and occasionally after some more strenuous training.



After our hardworking “feats” in the last few months (it means after a year and half of raw food) we both have noticed that a phenomenon of delayed onset muscle soreness doesn’t appear anymore. We were quite tired after a work and I had feeling that in a day or two all my body would be painful. But this time I was wrong. The next day I was completely fine and in a normal form.

This is one of reasons that recently some professional sportsman have transitioned to a raw food diet. Obviously the regeneration when eating alive raw food is much faster as “normally”.


Stronger joints

Qigong practice makes your joints more flexible and stronger and helps your body to align properly – what is the key for good functioning of your joints. A long time ago I had some small issues with my knee and hip joint. With a help of qigong practice and a craniosacral therapy I’ve succeed to overcome these issues completely. But in the last few months we both started to notice that something is happening with our joints. Although we didn’t change our qigong training routine, our joints become stronger. In my case also joints cracking sounds of my wrists reduced a lot.


Feeling of lightness with more energy

In general when you eat a raw food you feel lighter and you feel lightness. The most evident difference you notice after meals. Our meals before the transition to raw food were vegan and very simple.  They were much lighter than a “normal” food that majority of people eat. Nevertheless, after the meal we have felt a kind of heaviness in the stomach and you would like to rest or even lay down for few minutes. This energy decrease and feeling of tiredness after meals people usually “eliminate” by taking coffee or other stimulants which enable them to continue with work.


No need to rest after meals

After a meal of raw food you feel light. You can continue with physical work, training or mental work. Now this lightness seems to me so natural that only in a company of people who eat cooked food I become again aware of this difference. After a meal they often would like just to sit and maybe talk but they don’t feel like doing anything particular.

I really adore this feeling of lightness and freedom!


Vividness of food is your liveliness

In order to get the necessary energy from the food our body has to process and transform the food and also remove waste products. The equation is simple. The more food is alive less energy is required from the body to transform it. This is one of the reasons why by eating a raw food you have more energy.


Better flow of Qi

Qigong is energy work. It helps to improve qi circulation throughout the body and it develops a feeling for energy. Me and Petar have been working with energy for more than fifteen years. A transition on a raw food has added improvements to an even stronger and smoother flow of energy.

candle-759143_1920-copyGreater calmness, clarity, focus and faster thinking

It is interesting that physical manifestations of this new way of eating  have appeared after rather long period of time (a year and a half). The first thing that we’ve noticed soon after starting to eat a raw food was that we have become much calmer. This feeling has been followed by moments of wonderful clarity. Things that we were thinking about for a long time but we couldn’t grasp them would clear up to us in a moment. And there was a clarity about what your real thoughts and beliefs are and what are those taken from your parents, school, society, from collective consciousness… We have also started to think faster and connect things and facts easier. Now we are able to be focused for a longer periods of time than ever before.

In a qigong language –  a lot has changed on a level of our emotional mind (Xin) and Wisdom mind (Yi) and consciousness. Fast.


Improvements in meditation

Big improvements. More clarity, focus, inner silence, connectedness. Vividly felt a simplicity of life.



Fears have gone away

There were fears that I was aware of but I couldn’t let them go. In this new period of my life fears have gone away quietly , one by one, without drama. The same has happened to Petar. Maybe it seems funny to you if I say that if we want to carry around backpacks full of fears, anger, hate, frustrations, worries, self-pity etc. ..we need a certain sort of food which supports this kind of vibration. When you eat raw, fresh, juicy, simple food, full of life, you can’t carry all these around. This is a food that brings a vibration of freedom, love, harmony, joy…


Greater sensitivity for energy

On a raw food our sensibility for energy which we develop by doing qigong has become greater. We are also more sensitive for the vibration in a certain space and for vibrations of the people around us. We are more aware and conscious about a vibrational nature of universe. You start to be aware what your priorities are and what are not. A lot of things fall off. You are more and more often out of the matrix. You feel free.

If you are excited about any of our experiences, you can try yourself this living food and maybe you can start connecting the reasons for your bad or good body and mind conditions also with a food that you eat.


May the Qi be with you!


Photo: Pixabay


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  1. With all due respect for your practice and expierence. The use of raw foods and the knowledge of foods in general thought by acient Chinese texts is not to be confused with lifestyle habits.
    The guidelines are far more specific and applied after thourow examination and diagnosis of each particular person. The use of raw foods are therefore not necceruly good for the majority of peoples. Lots depends on climate wheter time of the year and personal constitution and condition
    Rarely is there a recommendation for raw foods in the traditional Chinese medicine practice of which Qigong sprouted or visa versa. Raw foods have a tendency to be to cold aswell as taking to much energy to digest. Spleendeficiency is easily obtained by eating to much raw food. Followed by dampness in the body or blooddeficiency. Beware of what you follow or preach and please inform yourself from proper sources found in the traditional leanage. Isn’t this is what the alchemy of Qigong is all about?

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