Point Shen Men for Boosting Energy

Point on the earlobe, which is sometimes mentioned and sometimes not in literature about auriculopuncture or acupuncture applied on the ear, is Shen Men and is meant especially for stimulating and lifting energy in the body.

Applicability of Shen Men point

Usually acupuncturist uses it with the protocol which he selected for his client with defined problem. With use of this point effect of other points in therapy is strengthened. Application of this point can be also combined with some other therapy and has beneficial effect. For example acupuncturist selects points for lungs, trachea, inner brain (client has problem with asthma) and appends Shen Men to strengthen effect of protocol.  It could be used also with classic acupuncture, acupressure, with moxibustion, in massage therapy…

Universality of reflex points

In short, application of Shen Men point is universal. Why is that? Because it works as reflex point. It’s a principle that was unknown to broader public in the west until just a few decades ago, but was very well known in the East, especially in India and China. Reflex points are located on soles, ears and face. In this fashion there are many massages and therapies, which are concentrated only on these parts of the body, or just one of them, but at the same time treat the whole body. And not just body, but also mind, spirit and energy.

How does it work

Massage or any other stimulation (heating, acupuncture) of reflex points influence function of particular organ, part of body, limb or function. How? Above all with stimulation of nervous ends. How do you enter an energetic level through these points is almost obvious, with consciousness. Consciousness about energy and about energy matrix accelerates activity on energy level, and at the same time connects physical and energetic levels.

Consciousness improves process

Everyone who is stimulating should be present with his broadened consciousness, whether he is a doctor, masseur or just everyone who is stimulating these points to himself, as self-help.

Influence on Essence and element of Water

Ears are according to Chinese traditional medicine connected with element of Water and the Kidneys. In this way when you stimulate any point on your ear you also stimulate your essence, which resides in Kidney Qi, stimulate kidneys and uplift energy potential of body.

How and when do we massage Shen Men

Applicability of this point is in the moments when you would need a cup of coffee, but it is not possible to get one, or when you are in the middle of work and you need more concentration, you are on a hike and your path got longer than you planned… If you massage this point a minute or two it will be just enough. Massage both of your ears with circular movements. I usually use just one finger.

shenmen-1How to find Shen Men point

How do you find it? Look at the picture. Place yourself in front of the mirror and find the most sensitive point in the same area as is shown in the picture. Let your sense guide you. When you find aching point lower your pressure and massage in the way that is still pleasant.

What to expect

Ears will get warm. Your Qi potential will rise. Maybe even something else. As you know behind everything is energy.


May the Qi be with you!



Photo: Pixabay

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