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Everybody has a face. On the outside it represents that which I am really and mostly. At the same time very few of us dedicate more of our time to our face than is necessary for washing, caressing and maybe smoothing facial skin with our hands. And yes of course obligatory depilation and shave. Your main identity

Now, if I remember and say how does this person look like? Petar, for example. I remember his face, not his hands, not his big toes which he shows openly only during summer and when he comes from under the shower. So, first thing that comes to my mind is motive of face. Then there are some details like hair and ears. But first here’s face with eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, brows. Then here are wrinkles and fine wrinkles that give this face its character and beauty. And this face serves and makes you. This face is Me.

Social mask

However all of this is obvious to majority of us. This is our social mask, which we carry for years and years and we don’t even know how much energy and emotions is gathered under its surface in tissues hidden under the surface of our smile, look, temperance…

Facial Qigong

This massage, that I dedicated today’s blog isn’t classic massage, when with pressures, rubbing and kneading you try to release the facial muscles. It’s a massage which is more like facial training. It’s facial Qigong.


Demands and particularities

With this you do not need any special talents, only to be relaxed, few minutes of your time, and a wish to do something beneficial for yourself. In the beginning you can do this qigong in front of a mirror but after you get used to it you can do it anywhere. You can begin by extremely grimacing with your face, opening your mouth widely and closing them, circulating with your eyes, opening widely and closing your eyes, smiling and releasing again and again, this is how you are searching for the most unusual or exaggerated expression that you are capable of doing. Remember Jim Carrey and his Mask. At the same time you release voices which contribute to relaxation. You pull out your tongue and turn it as you like. You can also turn on your muscles of scalp and muscles around ears, so this exercise becomes even more beneficial.


What happens during process? You relax tissues under the surface, such as muscles and fascia or connective tissue. Energy starts flowing. This can be felt as light numbness of muscles or prickling. Your face will relax. Emotions and thoughts will relax. You will more easily express what you had on your mind.

Who knows this and practicing it, but didn’t tell you

This is an exercise that is done by professional actors and singers every time before they practice. Especially before they appear on the stage. Because they know that face is their main attribute and tool for attaining two goals: topmost expression and connecting with audience.

Also see my video Facial Qigong on YouTube

May the Qi be with you!



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