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How it all started

My story with Tong Ren healing begins when I was invited with my dear Smiljana to teach private Qigong lessons to a couple whose name I won’t mention here. We were invited to a beautiful home in the suburbia of Trieste in Italy, which is the biggest city in the area. We live, me and Smiljana,  just across the border in Slovenia, in a little Karst village.

tea-webWe were invited to discuss how would we begin our classes, how many times per week should be just enough for a busy couple. One of them was a doctor of  medicine, physiatrist, but also an acupuncturist. He wasn’t there at the time. He was busy as always, his spouse that invited us, told us quickly. We kept on talking and talking and we had some tea. She mentioned how stressed he really is and she was worried about him. And now even she is being stressed all the time because of so many worries and occupations. You see they were not going only to work and come home, but also had many hobbies, working for community, children and seminars because of never ending and continuous development and education…

After a while He came home and we started talking about Qigong. He said that he first time heard about  Qigong on the seminar which is a sort of acupuncture only you do not use needles (well you can, but I will explain it later). You use only a doll and a hammer and you tap gently on this doll that has energy meridians drawn on it. While he was explaining he was watching me and Smiljana, what reaction will we make. We just sat there and listened. It was so important for him to be accepted, not judged or anything.

Tong Ren Therapy

It is named Tong Ren and one Chinese guy living now in Boston found it. We  just nodded. We were not surprised or shocked. He was expecting that we would be unpleasantly surprised by this, but no, not really.  I was actually glad that I met a person who was so open  minded as he was, especially since he was working in the mainstream medical institution. He is so brave, I thought, even though he only does this therapy on people he can trust or who really lost every hope and would try anything.

Anyway me and Smiljana have started to teach  and are still teaching them Qigong. We have learnt a lot from each other about acupuncture, Qigong, alternatives in Traditional Chinese medicine. We also went together to Florence where Italian Tong Ren society organises seminars, under a supervison of famous acupuncturist Dr. Giovanni  Cellerini. Seminars are for acupuncturists and other health practitioners such as tuinologists, masseurs…

I think we were first Slovenians who went there to learn this art. Our student, now more of a friend invited us.


Tong Ren seminar

Me and Smiljana were quite surprised that at this seminar there were approximately 40 people and around 25 were medical doctors. This was something really exceptional. All speaking the same vibrational language, smiling, talking cheerfully, openly about even odder things such as esoteric acupuncture, but this is not the blog about that. You come on a meeting with medical doctors andwhat you would expect is a great seriousness, but not here, nope. Here it was all about good feeling thoughts, and good feeling energy and vibrations, and sensing and being open. I would not expect that from medical doctors. We even hugged at the end of the seminar, you know how warm and friendly can Italians be ;).

Distance healing

sparks-webJust for curiosity, we even discussed openly about doing a healing session on distance. If you don’t know what that is: this is when you heal, while your client is somewhere else and is not physically present. Some of us had this experience. I needed to share with my new fellows that I did try it a couple of times with Tong Ren and it did work. My clients felt better. Distant healing wasn’t something new for me. I knew it from my early days of working with energy when I was introduced to Reiki healing.

How to become a “lazy bum”

Dr. Giovanni Cellerini is an Italian medical doctor specialised in acupuncture who was so talented and interested in new methods and alternatives in acupuncture that his curiosity once brought him to Tom Tam. Tom Tam is a Chinese poet, writer, Qigong and martial arts master and innovator. He developed his healing method named »Tong Ren healing therapy by Tom Tam«. Tom and Giovanni have met and have tried to converse with each other in their broken English. Giovanni was so rational and academic with his knowledge and Tom was simple in his wisdom and humbleness. Tom suggested to Giovanni to stop doing all this extra work with all these methods and try this simple one. Just tap, do some Dao Yin exercises (Qigong) and you’ll have much greater results. What is Giovanni doing now? Well, he is doing only Tong Ren. He is far from serious, he is happy and he has helped far more people then before, with far more serious  issues. I am not undermining  any of traditional methods, I am just presenting what I have witnessed and what I was told.


Big success with cancer patients and other serious diseases

Tom Tam had a big success with cancer patients, lyme disease patients, multiple sclerosis cases and other difficult and rare cases of diseases. Even though he is not taking any money compensation for his work, except voluntary contribution, legal authorities in USA filed a case against him because he was illegally healing Cancer patients. He had to explain publicly what he is doing, and he had to change name from Qigong therapy and Energy therapy to Voodoo doll therapy. I suppose that now he can formaly do his work as Chinese Qigong master with an interest in African and Carribean culture ;). If he didn’t have so many successful cases even in high society and politics, he would probably be stopped from doing what he is doing.

If you want, you can further  explore his work, he is always doing something new. Innovating new gadgets and things in the field of energy medicine, Qi field or as he likes to name it, dark matter medicine.

statue-webWhat I think about it

What really attracted me in Tong Ren therapy is its simplicity. Everyone can do it. You don’t need to be a doctor, a medicine man or even a healer. The patients and their relatives are even encouraged to practice it, to help each other and to build this net of energy workers or the field of consciousness, that you mentally connect with while you are doing Tong Ren or tapping a doll.

What is really healing

People are encouraged to mentally connect with, as is explained, collective subconscioussnes – or collective field of energy workers and use it to boost the effectiveness of therapy sessions. If you are alone, you can connect with this field, or do it in a group with more than one therapist or even more than one client. That’s why Tong Ren centers have this group meetings called Guinea pig classes, where patients and their relatives are given a treatment of »tapping«.

What? You just tap!

Yes, you just tap on a doll. There are certain protocols that Tom Tam has prescribed for certain ailments. So, for some acute or chronic ailment you have a selection of some points in the energy system.


A rubber doll and a magnetic hammer

doll-and-hammer-webTools that you use in this particular therapy is your mindset, a rubber doll and a hammer that has two magnets on each side. When you tap on a doll, these two magnets are emanating small magnetic charge into a field and by using your mind and connecting to Jungian Collective Subconsciousness you emanate a vibration, amplify it and treat another person with it. Though at first this is your main tool for your work it is only a medium, and should be noted that at the end your mind is the one that leads a Qi, or even better, do not worry just let the Collective subconsciouss take care of it. Just let the energy flow take care of itself, trust it.

It’s too irrational

I can somehow agree. It is irrational, to use some plastic doll for healing. For transmitting energy? What? I agree. I could also use some other doll like children’s Barbie doll or Ken, and just use a Chinese bamboo stick used for eating food instead of proper doll and a hammer.


How? Well, let me remind you, that the energy and everything around us is just a vibration in space-time. Everything, even the atoms that are basic elements for material world are composed of smaller particles. These are subatomic particles and can be described as a matter or as a vibration. And now you know, this is how! Vibration. Intention. No magic. Just inner wisdom. Just a leading edge science, not yet proven by labs and atomic colliders. But soon it will be. This is a sort of leading edge healing arts and who knows maybe even a medicine of the future? Vibrational medicine.

This method is nothing new though


This method of healing with doll that is used as a medium is nothing new though. In the old days in China doctors that were the most respected did not use any manual techniques, any needles, any herbs and no diferentiation in food. They prescribed only moving exercises and they led the Qi of a patient with their mind and attention. This was a highest form of healing. In todays terms this would mean Qigong practitioners who have gained a higher level of energy and have enough energy to emanate it to someone who needs it, these are also today’s healers, today’s energy workers.

A method and approach are the same as in the ancient times. What I really miss is more of you medicine men and women, here among us simple minded!

Tong Ren origin

Tong Ren is a name for famous brass man of acupuncture developed by Dr. Wang, Wei Yi in 1026 A.D. His introduction of a doll was followed by a book called Illustration of the Brass Man Acupuncture and Moxibustion. In his book and with the doll he explained relationships between twelve primary meridians, clarified many of the delusions and systematically organized acupuncture theory and principles. He got support from the emperor Ren Zhong after treating him in 1034 A.D., and after that under his patronate acupuncture flourished and advanced.

Brass man and a peace treaty


This Brass Man or a doll was so important in one period of Chinese history that northern tribes didn’t want to sign a peace treaty if there wasn’t a brass doll involved and a man who was educated in the acupuncture contained in the agreement. That’s how important this knowledge was once.

My assumptions

What I assume is that a man made of brass had some other purpose, not just holding an information about meridians and points. This doll could be made out of any metal that they knew at that time. Why make it out of brass then? I assume because all bells are made of brass. They sound so nice, don’t they? I guess they were thinking in terms of sound and vibration. Vibration in space-time? I just assume. And if this was truth, then someone would only need to use a wooden stick to tap on a certain point on a doll and it would vibrate and sound would emite through air and this would then be felt by a patient. And here you go, the highest level of healing arts. Or is it?


We know that the highest healing artists were and are priests who are unattached, do not think about reasons of disease, just treat it and leave it to cease to sound without any tools just by changing vibration of person or a space. They do it by singing, dancing (moving, Qigong) and emanating Qi (energy).


Final stage

When you release yourself and your natural mind from rational mind and start to do only the energy work, you realise that using a doll is only for a show or something to amuse people’s minds with. »When you tap on a doll it sounds like light shamanic tapping on a drum«, once a friend of mine commented my tapping, while his pain was tapped away. If you do it in a rhythm it really sounds so harmonious. But that is all. You actually lead a Qi with your mind, inner wisdom and your intention.


As for a client the more he is opened for perceiving the better. It can be felt in the energy field if someone is blocking with his rational mind and negation. But it is not yours to bear it, just let it pass.

To be continued…


May the Qi be with You!

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