The role of Collective unconscious in Tong Ren therapy


This post is the continuation of previous two posts about Tong Ren energy healing method.


Tong Ren therapy and Collective unconscious

The theory of the collective unconscious is the basis for Tong Ren Therapy. Tong Ren has not been proven by any expert research and probably never will be. As science denies existence of such things as collective unconscious, self-aware energy fields etc. But these are the things that thoughtful Qigong practitioners think, adress or talk about and work with all the time. Even the philosophical concepts of Daoism, non religious, are actually only about that. But describing it in human terms and words is to leave the true meaning behind. You lose the Dao.


Mind will always lead a Qi

Tong Ren healing is not a mystery. And there is one strong principle of Qigong used in Tong Ren and that is using a mind to lead the Qi. When a group comes together to form a collective unconscious field, as in healing meditation, this collective mind can become a healing power. A leader is required for this type of healing power. But, if you find yourself alone, you can also use your imagination and imagine whole room full of your colleagues that are tapping the same protocol as you are, and you are leading them ;). It will do miracles.


No side effect

If anyone ever tries to use this technique to harm someone, it will not work, though. To harm someone is not a part of the philosophy of Tong Ren Therapy. It is neither a part of our collective unconscious intent. A healer is one who tries to help someone to heal. Hurting people is against the healer’s consciousness. When someone wants to learn Tong Ren healing, they must purify the mind towards helping the sick and hopeless to heal.

Do you need to believe in it?

We could say that if patients believe in the efficacy of Tong Ren, they are collectively creating an energetic field or mental (mind) imprint for this approach to manifest healing. The more people who believe in and are open to Tong Ren, the more powerful Tong Ren becomes.

When we form a collective unconscious intent and force, and translate it towards a healing power, this power has the highest quality. When we put people into the Qigong state or Alpha brainwave state, the Qi automatically knows how to balance the Qi in the body. Our mind then cannot block the healing path of the Qi.

Scientific studies have shown that one brainwave can affect others. This is called brainwave entrainment or brain frequency entrainment. In nature, birds, fishes and all animals have the capacity for brainwave entrainment. When a group of birds are flying, all the birds follow the leader.

According to scientific studies, a mother’s brainwave entrainment can alter a baby’s heartbeat and brainwave. When two women live together, it may change their menstrual cycle, manifesting the effect on the hormone levels.

In Tong Ren healing, it is believed that the mind of the therapist can change patient’s brainwave and that way influence the patient’s physical condition.

Do you doubt it? Yes? Then you are indeed sane like I was once. 😉 You don’t need to believe in it, only allow it.

Just be crazy, happy and joyful and let the energy flow!


May the Qi be with you!

Watch also the video “Helpful to boosting your immune system”on our YouTube Channel. In this video you will see how the tapping of Tong Ren doll looks like. I tap a protocol for immune system. It’s for real and it’s working. If you are open-minded, try it. 😉 Leave a comment.

BEFORE YOU START WATCHING: Make sure that no one will disturb you for about 10 minutes. Sit or lie down, so that you feel comfortable and warm, and relax. You can also use headphones if you want. You can watch this video or only listen to it. Relax your body and breathing. After the session is finished, stretch slowly and gently your body.

DISCLAIMER: This video is not supposed to be a substitute for any medical care or treatment! Watching or listening it is your own responsibility.


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