The knowledge of Qigong is today available to all

Qigong is Chinese ancient knowledge which was developing through thousands of years and embraces all universal truths. The wisdom contained in Qigong offers us the path to sense, to comprehend and  become aware of our essence, teaches us about a unification with this wonderful world in which we live.

The theory and practice of Qigong were developing and travelling to nowadays through generations of masters who were transmitting their knowledge to the closest students through practice and in form of oral and written tradition. In the ancient times, masters of eastern traditions selected their students very carefully. The knowledge was kept inside small closed groups and the great part of the deepest knowledge was remaining secret and was transferred only to a student or few of them, who through long years of practice showed their persistence, capability, high personal development and master trusted them. For some casual student of Qigong it was quite impossible to learn the theory and practices of Qigong without finding true master and of course convincing him to teach him.

xuankong-si-intextUnfortunately through different periods of history, which was more or less favorable to Qigong, a great part of this precious knowledge was lost. Ancient texts are invaluable source of information about Qigong as they discuss theoretical foundations of Qigong, the methods of practice, breathing and meditation. Today we know many different styles of Qigong, but all of them have the same foundations – the theory of Yin and Yang, the theory of Five elements, the system of human energetic body etc. These foundations present the roots of Qigong and without knowing them the practice of Qigong remains shallow.

Qigong was through almost all the history unknown to the West and also to the greatest part of the Chinese. Thanks to people who dedicated their lives to searching of Qigong texts, and those who studied and translated them, this knowledge become more and more accessible to the wider public. In today’s modern world we are often not conscious about the great privilege that we have, when without leaving our computer we can access to all kind of information. In some seconds, hours, days we can get information that in the past were inaccessible to us or would have required years of life searching for them in some remote places.

Qigong in Western world

The information about Qigong was beginning to come in the Western world about forty years ago. At the same time also more and more masters of Qigong were coming in America and Europe and they have begun to teach people, who were keen of this knowledge. Today, people all around the world can learn this wonderful skill which was once limited to the remote places of China and they can experience numerous beneficial effects that Qigong has on human beings and its surrounding.

Therefore, today there are available numerous sources of Qigong knowledge, for example excellent books and videos, which in depth discuss theoretical foundations, history, methods of practices etc. It is also quite simple to find a teacher or even a master of Qigong and start with practice or attend Qigong seminars. Nevertheless, the greatest part of learning is in our hands, in our everyday practice and especially in our desire to deepen our knowledge and understanding.

For a serious student of Qigong is along with the regular practice indispensable to read and study Qigong books, but this can wait until the right time.

In the following blogs we will try to shortly introduce all essential themes, so that also the complete beginners could grasp the basic terms and concepts. What you can’t find in the Qigong books very often and we would like to share with you, are various thinly reflections, experiences, feelings, processes, which can help you to the faster comprehension and to the greater clarity. But the most important thing to us is to share with you our passion for Qigong. Because where is passion, is also joy and vitality.

May the Qi be with You!



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