How to feel Qi?


Firstly I would like to clarify what actually is Qi? Word Qi, that we read as Chi, is the energy, that is all present in the universe, that means that is also present on the Earth and is composed of two polarities: of one Yin and one Yang. The easiest way to describe these would be through interaction, connection and balance between female Yin and male Yang.

Energy, but neutral

Nature of this energy is neutral. It manifests itself as electricity, light, magnetic power, heat… All of this is seen on macro level as our galaxy, our solar system, Earth, our environment… On micro level Qi, in our bodies, also appears as mentioned above, with only difference, that it shows itself in our energy system and our body.

In Qigong we feel Qi

We can feel Qi as tingling through our muscles, when we were lying too long on hip or our elbow and pressing upon a nerve.  We can feel Qi as heat in our hands, on our ears, as sunheat or sunlight. If you are doing Qigong, in time you might start feeling mixing cold and warm energy, some are experiencing it more picturesque as mixing of water and fire, or light and darkness… We can feel Qi as gooseflesh. We can sense Qi as inner light.

How I started to feel it

My first experience with conscious sensing of Qi was when I was being attuned to ReiKi 1. Even before I was trying to see Auric field around plants inspired by the book Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. I was searching for the vortexes, named chakras, in my energy field and tried to feel theirs vibrations. My sensing was gradually enhancing and every now and than I experienced something less than pleasant and through some time came to conclude that all these experiences take root in my working against me, my self and my nature. I was acting against life and consequently experiencing some unpleasant things. This is how I get used, after a while, that Energy is actually neutral and it’s only me who is using it in positive or in negative way.

When there’s a lack of experience, it’s time to learn

 At that point in my life I wasn’t yet doing Qigong and my »understanding« was without experiential foundation.  I was missing experiences, which are deep and profound, and come with work and persistence, searching of harmony, and acting in direction of building and connecting. Not destruction and combustion. Today for example, our civilization rests upon usage of energy in destructive way where the matter is disintegrated, atoms destroyed… There is another way. A way of creation, a way of infinite abundance, only mind should be translated in other consciousness. So, there is no devil, no enemy,  there is no US and THEM, all of these are only choices  and a way, that YOU chose to walk and it’s upon you to choose once again.



Faith or wisdom

But firstly you have to believe that Qi exists and that this is a fact. Qi exists and energy field exists and there are certain things which can’t be explained by science and it’s ridiculously expensive apparatus, even though they were described many times in some past cultures, with other words or pictures suitable for other perceptual space-time.

 Vibrational reality

When you stop doubting, that there is a Qi and you open your mind for new cognition, nature and your inner SELF start teaching you how to feel life as vibrational reality, which is the actual reality. We live in vibrational universe. Reality is vibrational universe.

Don’t split, unite

Today science tries to explain pieces of something that past cultures already said, but they said it in a way that embraces, connects, unites and allows. Our science only splits, crush into smaller pieces, and because of that can’t see a bigger picture.

Why is teacher important

In Qigong you can find exercises, training and guidance of teacher, who can help you feel Qi.  There is an energy system with which you can manage and heal yourself, if you want to. Teacher can help you feel Qi with his own experiences and consciousness about Qi and energy field. Can help you cultivate energy field and help you progress to consciously start leading energy through energy system.


Because with Smiljana we are couple, the experience of feeling the energy field is much more intensified vs. if there was only one of us. There is another beautiful and interesting thing about it, that we are a man and woman, we are equal, we are partners and even according to nature we are as Yin and Yang working towards harmony.


May the Qi be with you!



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