Does absolute Yin and Yang even exist?

Yin does not exist without Yang

Yin and Yang are usually described in our western culture as something individual, something separated, so what I mean is individually positive, shining, illuminating, male, heavenly, good Yang and black, dark, wet, watery, shadowy, evil Yin. And, yes these are also not him and him, but HER and HIM.

Taijitu or infinite connectedness

That means her-Yin and him-Yang. None of them is absolutely positive or absolutely negative. This non-absoluteness we can see represented in the Taijitu symbol (so called Yin-Yang symbol) where each half has it’s one dot. Black has white dot, and white has black dot. These two mutual interconnected opposites are actually two halves of one bigger whole. One can’t exist without the other and alone by its self has no meaning.



In magnet there are plus and minus, south and north pole and magnetic field can function and exist only by mutual existence of them both, which are in some relationship. If the relationship would be interrupted, balance would cease to exist and change would occur, which is striving towards new state of balance. Magnet would cease to exist.

Reality of entropy

Next theme within our culture is entropy. To say, that the main motive in universe and nature is another yet false statement, as is statement, that there can be Yang without Yin. Let me explain. For those who are not familiar with word entropy: it’s a presumption that all in nature strives towards decay, destruction and bigger chaos… Hm, hm. Very positive and harmonic, don’t you think? Maybe that’s why we are where we are. This is one of the fundamental presumptions in today’s science. But things are starting to move and some scientists are starting to change their views… With observing the nature we can conclude about something completely opposite, that nature and whole universe are striving towards harmony and restoration of it and that process is negative entropy or syntropy. All of this process is done by exchange of Yin and Yang, with the stream of energy, with continuous dance of this cosmic couple.

Am I Yin or Yang ?

Now let’s see compared to what am I Yang. For example I’m Yang for this table, behind which I’m sitting and typing right now. I’m Yang for neighbour’s dog, which is really more like a puppy run by a battery, I’m Yang for the tree which is in front of the house (because I can move) and I’m Yang for Smiljana because I’m a man, less emotional and less intuitive. I’m Yin for the sun, I’m Yang for a moon, I’m Yin for elephant and Yang for a fish.

What is more important Yin or Yang?

If I would now put my father in his 70-s in front of me, I would say that I am Yang (because of my energy level, condition, physiognomy, health) and he’s Yin if I look at his intelligence, wisdom, experiences time that each of us spent on earth. These, his are more Yin qualities, of more inner or more spiritual nature. So this means that something is not always good or bad, it’s important to know what are we observing, what is that what is being mutually compared and from what angle we are observing.

Can Yin become Yang?

Water is not always Yin. Fire is not always Yang. There’s stronger source of flame… there’s water, which started boiling… And it’s yet another characteristic of nonstop dance and exchange of this cosmological couple. When something becomes extremely Yin  it must turn to Yang and vice versa, extremely Yang will become Yin.  Fire burns down the wood and remnant is ash, heat and burning which is characteristic for Yang brought to state of Yin and dust, ash, essence, heart…

Yin is the key to hidden

Yin always presents compressing, gathering but also calming and feeding. To heal ourselves, after we got sick, we need to be patient, we need to calm down. To become »patient« derives from Latin word for stand still, so we become more Yin.

Balance is most important

In body there are Yin and Yang organs. Yin organs are full and are much more important than Yang organs, which are hollow. They exist in pairs. Example of such pair are liver (Yin) and gall bladder (Yang). If we remove gall, we will survive and if we remove liver probably not. Now we can also remove our false point of view that something is more important than other, actually we could say that almost all tissues in human body that are vitally important are in fact more Yin and not as someone who is not familiar with »philosophy« – as Yang. Female or Yin principle is in this case more important. But only if we are very superficial, if I would go deeper in energy system and analyse it, I would soon discover that both are important, in connected and harmonious relation between them and not just one of the poles.

There is a Chinese saying that derives from Taoist says: »Become friend with your demon.« It means: find harmony within yourself. How? With understanding. Philosophy and concept of Yin and Yang lays on mutual interconnectedness of things, life, everything in universe and of course society. Emperor is not more important than peasant and they both serve each other. In that way cosmic Yang and earthly Yin are being exchanged. This happens  in non interrupted stream, which creates from two 4, from four 8, from eight 64 and so on thousands.  That’s how mutation of energy into matter is described in I Ching or Book of Change.

Field is oscillation in space

If I step back just one more step to describe how the polarity which we call Yin and Yang is born, it would go like this: First we have emptiness, which we can describe as empty circle in 2D and a sphere or ball in 3D. In the emptiness motion appears, which is actually vibration, which can be described as spiral in the center of circle in 2D and torus or doughnut in 3D. From that Yin and Yang is formed, which is described as Yin and Yang symbol or Taijitu symbol in 2D or double torus (double doughnut, DNA, double tetrahedron or merkaba in 3D). Double torus is seen everywhere around us, galaxies are double toruses, swarm of galaxies called quasars are double toruses. (If somebody is more interested in this subject there is very good movie on the internet called Thrive, and I also recommend lectures of Nassim Haramein).

Now, one spiral movement is moving up and the other is moving down and both are simultaneously interconnected and one without the other can’t exist. If I would stop considering movement downwards, I would get only half of truth and simultaneously the society in which there is emphasis on only some characteristics, virtues and the other would be shut, oppressed, being demonized or destroyed. This is what happened with Yin qualities.

Why should this even concern us?

Some of this reality we are becoming aware of today, while we are realizing that we are living only a »man« side of reality. That we, as grown ups are using mostly left side of the brain. Where we are today or where we are as civilization is example, that in most of European countries women got their voting rights after year 1945. That means that in these countries the process of harmonization began only then.

How much time will pass, to become more harmonious nobody knows, but more there are, us who know that this process is necessary and will work toward finding a harmony within and work on maintaining this state sooner will things start to show in the society. More will Yin and Yang be in balance, more we will be free, happy, pleased. In bigger abundance we will live. When human balances Yin and Yang within, he/she is happy. Now, how can you balance Yin and Yang you can read in my next blog.

Watch also my video Yin Yang on a YouTube Channel.


May the Qi be with you!



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