How do I balance Yin and Yang?

Energy flow

First is good to know how does these two poles of energy Yin and Yang flow through our bodies. Yin flows in the body through meridians or energy channels up towards head and Yang in opposite direction towards earth.

Connection with earth, heaven and your own nature

Very simple way and how I balance Yin and Yang is that on a sunny day, even though it’s windy outside (I simply find a shelter position), I go out on a meadow, take my shoes off and turn myself with face towards sun. Feet should be on the ground and the best way is to be barefoot, in contact with grass or soil, not standing on the rocks or concrete. I put my hands on lower Dan Tien or lower abdomen below the navel and breath with belly. I breathe embrionically. Relaxed, as much as possible, I breathe through nose. I have a tip of my tongue on the palate in my mouth. Excessive Yang starts to flow downward and that’s how stagnation in the head, in form of thoughts, is balanced, and in chest area or diaphragm area, in the form of emotions, whether they are »good or bad«. At the same time earthly Yin starts flowing into these areas, organs and tissues and cool them down, feed them and reconnect them with matrix.

Better than a good shower

I stand like this for ten minutes or so and my feeling tells me when it’s enough. If I would be without energy or I would have feeling of inner cold, sun would warm me up, but usually we are to hot within (we are to fiery in our thoughts and emotions). Everything that I thought or felt since the last change is still with me, only if I didn’t already neutralized it or balanced it. For me whole process works better than good shower, because it washes you on the inside. It is as some sort of inner hygiene.

Everything balances

Energy flows through arms, legs, spine, pain stops, nerve system relaxes. Thoughts lose their intensity. Brain becomes more relaxed and wavelenght starts to slow down. Left and right hemisphere are being balanced.

Every step is precious

Because I know that earthly qi is more Yin and sunny qi is more Yang and human is made out of these two, I also know that in this way magnetic and electric balance is established. To help this process, I use my mindset, knowledge and experience that I got from practicing Qigong.  By practicing Qigong daily I’m actually working on this inner harmony and it doesn’t matter what I do, a meditation or martial arts training, at the end all leads to the same: balancing Yin and Yang.

In »field«

I’m meditating and doing Qigong practice with Smiljana every morning. Together. Once that  was because of stimulation, today’s reason differ: it’s because of natural balancing of Yin and Yang, because we are man and woman and we are contrary, polarized, the exchange of energy between us runs spontaneously and naturally. Not only while doing qigong or meditation , but also while love making, talking, touching, massaging, actually all the time. Our teacher of Qigong Milan Vidmar would say that we are in the »field«. He has in mind the energy field.

Expanding your self awareness

But why would, with all of this stuff, be needed Qigong? I mean, all people are having sex, go to vacations and walk barefooted, are sunbathing, are conversating, eating, live in communities… With Qigong you can start to acknowledge to yourself and become aware of things that are not visible, and you can start to feel them and allow transmutation and moment, to change you. Only after energy starts flowing, Yin and Yang symbol can turn, or the wheel of life can circle and than you feel, than you live and that is life. Continuous interchange and ceaseless balancing and searching of complete expression which is actually creation. And that’s how evolution manifests.


Answer that is not final

We lost our connection with earth mostly because of our way of life (office work, closed spaces, plastic flooring…) and because of our footwear which became rubbery. We also moved away from our inner side. From our thoughts and emotions. When you reconnect yourself with earth, energy starts streaming. Balanced state of electrical and magnetic polarity… gives you a new sense of balanced thoughts and emotions, which you can then extend on one day, two, three… until the next change.

Watch also my video Balancing Yin and Yang.


May the Qi be with you!



Photo: Pixabay, PetarSmiljana Qigong

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