To Change or Not (or Save a Drama for your Grandmamma)


Gladness is only a feeling

Gladness that me and Smiljana experience while observing people with who we get in contact professionally is indescribable, when we notice even smallest changes in moving, posture, body expression and tone of voice that a person use to express emotions and thoughts. Unbelievable things start to happen already in first minutes of Qigong in group and then they continue to happen next hours, months… Qigong is designed in a way that a person can develop her psychomotor abilities, change her patterns of movement, gain on psychophysical condition and progress in concentration.

You change your matrix

In brains new connections are developed. Person starts to be more aware of body and therefore progresses. While transforming her body, she transforms her attitude, starts to realize her emotional and mental patterns. She changes.

How we rebel

Change is a path. And what we usually resist is just that. Usually, though. Habitually in the moment when a change might happen on the inside, we feel a crisis that we start to express in the form of emotions, which we do not accept, as they are not a part of ourselves, and they get on our nerves coming from others and so on. Well, these emotions are then guilty again that we are as we are, and others appear to be that way towards us, and that the world is as it is and we are victims! Of this World!

The choice is yours

No. None of that is true. Or it is? As we wish. We are the creators of our own reality. Qigong is middle path. During exercise a silence and concentration is needed. When you reach some level of concentration, you increase depth and concentrate on other subjects of study and so on straight through the path. To get to there where change can happen, allowing is needed. But will I still be me, if I change?

After a change I am more me

I’ll be even more of ME, more in myself. I’ll have more of consciousness inside of me and less of that drama that we witness daily as being in children’s playground. Who is guilty, who is cheating, who’s first, who’s the best, who are rascals, who’s right, who’s the leader, what’s my mother, who was by the way father… ? Where ever you look, drama. Playig role of friends and villains, better read enemies, who as they were in the children’s playground play their games which are actually games for adults. Never-ending games.

Programmed for Drama

Are we programmed for this drama? I think we are. In her book »Mutant Message Down« authoress Marlo Morgan nicely describes the way Australian Aborigines see our competitive world and the way their world is more of collaboration, even in games. I warmly recommend it, it’s very inspiring. In a game that they play, they don’t compete who’ll win or who’ll be the first, but collaborate with each other on how they can make something better, more creative, better for all of them. Nobody is eliminated, and everyone can join the game. Did I just give you a hint why we live in such society, as it is right now? Since kindergarten we are programmed on polarity, which can not be in harmony, but in constant rivalry and elimination. That is how we eliminate everything what we shouldn’t be and what we should be we value so accordingly more. That way we are split on the inside and that is how we live for the rest of our life, until we come to the moment of change.


And that change can be life experience such as puberty, loss of someone dear, animal, loss of friend, lover, job, country, community… or the beginning of Qigong journey. And this change will change you in direction of uniting the polarities and shadowy part of your personality is afraid that it will disappear, that it will vanish but that’s last thing that would happen. It will become part of whole again. Remember that, behind every fear there’s a lack of love hiding. What is love? If it’s not an unconditional acceptance. Protecting. Defending.


Do you feel imprisoned? Free yourself.

We are programmed from kindergarten. Maybe even before, by our parents, who just wanted the best for us and it’s still that way. But, wait, aren’t they also programmed? And the thing that you denied once upon a time, in kindergarten, as part of yourself now reappeared again as horrific fact that you carry inside yourself. And drama is needed. Drama for something to unwind and play out and through that play neutralize. But did a harmony came through drama? I doubt it.


Accept yourself and walk the path

Only if you know how to stay at peace and wait for people who act a drama on the outside and you just observe it, not interrupt, not interfere, not expressing your opinion because »you are supposed to«. Then, when you only do your Qigong, every day, from one day to another, from month to the other, from one year to the next you reach continuous change which is both embracing and accepting all that was torn out of our little personalities. Who couldn’t defend back then, and were not loud enough to shout out that we have enough of this labeling and punishing. Something that is really not punishable. As it is a part of us, part of me, all of us.

Back to grandmas

And when you feel that life is really heavy on you, go and cry a tear.  Save a drama for your grandmamma. I’m sure she’ll understand, accept, as she knows how the things are…


May the Qi be with you.




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