Is sensing Qi only a Placebo?


What causes these feelings?

Did you ever ask yourself what’s the reason for tingling? That itching in your hands, when you were laying a minute too long on your side and reading some incredibly interesting book and forgot about present time. And when you were again aware of verity your hand was all tingling.

And your arm needs black cup of coffee

Your mom and grandma and others who were taking care of you probably have said to you, while you were still a kid, that your arm fell asleep since you were pressing too long with whole of your weight on a nerve, and that blood flow was stagnate and now it will take some time to get it loose again, but just a while. I remember, that as a little kid I liked to play with these feelings and sensations and was intentionally leaning on some edge, deliberately softly hitting myself on some particularly sensitive area (like an elbow joint) and that way producing similar sensations as if I was leaning on my arm or leg. Don’t  get me wrong, today I’m not enjoying this feeling of tingling, but back then for me this sensation was something incredible, funny and stimulating.



Today you can read about energy everywhere

Of course I was interested in what that was? Did anyone else have similar experiences? I asked my friend and he confirmed having the same experiences and sensations. I asked my older brother and he confirmed that all that I was experiencing was true and explained it to me like I said earlier. But with explanation that this is mere a blood or a nerve blocked I was never satisfied. And I can thank to the clearence of this galaxy in which we live, that I wasn’t  satisfied because the question kept me moving further to find the answer. Qi. Qi is the reason. Qi gets stagnate if I lean too long on some spot on my arm. If I softly or somewhat harder hit on some spot (for example in ankle joint area) I actually hit acupuncture point and stimulate energy flow and that really suits me, whether I acknowledge it or not. When I hit the spot it opens up and Qi starts to flow which then triggers a whole bunch of other processes in my organism.

 Body knows

The consequence of energy flow is then seen on hormonal level and general well-being. For a reward I get hormonal shower composed of hormones of good feelings, and this is the way life goes on. Above all hormones of well-being start to unleash, hormones of joy, hormones that diminish pain and hormones of love. All of these I somehow sensed when I was kid. I don’t know if I knew all of this but I definitely felt it and experienced it. All that I need to remember now again is this inner wisdom, which is based upon experience.  Experience of feeling and sensing.

When you become rational

Later on I realized something else, that I can feel something that somebody else can feel. Somebody who is near, or just enough far away, but not too far. I can sense feeling of somebody  like my friend, girlfriend, animal, brother, parent… Then I let myself be convinced by my intellect, which was leaning on »proofs« , which were denying senses and energy and discarded all to a basket with label signed PLACEBO. Something that doesn’t exist, something that is illusion and fairy figment. Mere childish nonsense.

I grew up and that was a theme for children. I took everything that was served to me but just for a short time. Question that I asked in my childhood came out once again from within and started to pull me towards the things as energy healing and qigong…

Path of exploring and learning

Once again I came across with the energy. I have deepen my understanding and comprehension of energy activity of the universe. During this time new terms were introduced, words that until recently didn’t exist. For some things, 20 years ago, when I was getting interested for energy there was no words to describe. We didn’t know how to express it and many of the things and events were swept under the rug as illusion because »nobody« described it yet. Only if… In literature about qigong  I found something, and with exercising qigong and experiencing the flow of meditative flow, I came to deeper understanding of this experiences. I remembered my childhood experiences, and later experiences of searching and self-questioning. I clearly understand the way and this moment in which I am now. I am.


Placebo is the most beautiful thing you can ever experience. Placebo is cure, that deceives intellect and saddle your mind. So you can ride it and so it can serve you as your vehicle, which actually is its purpose. Mind represents a tool and a wisdom. Placebo is a cure that doesn’t poison you. Placebo are all emotions, even those most beautiful ones like love. Placebo are dreams, healing trans, all meditative states, all outer body experiences, all things not proven. All these are placebo. My thought is placebo, as it is my wish. Every feeling is placebo. In this way there could be more than 90 percent  of our existence a placebo, if I consider that we are thinking and sensing beings. And yes of course Qi is also a placebo. Is it?

May the Qi be with you!



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  1. All this just shows us how underdeveloped science still is at the moment. Oherwise it would be much better able to measure ad explain these fenomens, also emotions etc…. and how they are linked with our holistic system.

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