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One of these days I have been having a tea with my fellow partner and my life mate Smiljana. It’s not that this happens just once in a while. We have this »tea ceremony« every single day and it’s nothing special about it. For the outside observer, though. What is special is that we do it every day at aproximately same time. After our Qigong routine, which is another daily thing that we do together.

Special thing

What is special about this ceremony is that once, a few years ago, we have decided to talk only good and inspiring things during our tea time. We won’t be complaining and we won’t be judging anyone, or anything, anymore. We will talk about a beauty and a life. These conversations and sometimes just monologues are the inspiration for many of our blogs, videos and future things that will be manifested. What we do is, we make ideas more clear. We share with each other new things that anyone of us saw, heard or observed in the nature. These are the moments when we connect intelectually and emotionally. A time when both of us feel secure to express the things that only Jedis in Star Wars would talk about ;).

What I’ve put my mind on this time

During past few years I’ve been observing annual cycles. This is really not something special, these cycles are as you know seasons. But seasons were, at least for me, something rational, something connected with things that have to be done in your life. Seasons would mean holidays or no holidays, eating something or lack of something else… Starting school, going to vacation or seeing somebody. Oh, yes, and the weather. Especially weather. Hot, cold, wet, snowy and other would mean something to me, and would represent seasons.

How I track seasons today

This year, since the early spring time I have been really enthusiastic about picking wild vegetables in forest and on meadow. And I still do it. I started with wild asparagus and continued with dandelion which are both delicious.  If you stew them only shortly, very few spices are needed. Dandelion is also very good in a salad. I have also pulverized dandelion roots, after I dried them. We are still taking this powder daily. It’ really good for liver and since I am pretty temperamental, this one is good for me.

What would Popeye actually eat

Then stinging nettle came. They can be added to smoothie or prepared as spinach. This is the herb I really love. This is the real Popeye’s food. I can feel having more energy after a meal or the next day. Then in middle of May cherries came. From the middle of May until the middle of June we were eating cherries every day. Then we had some strawberries in both of our gardens. One is mine, the other is Smiljana’s, just in case someone decides to do things differently. Then mulberries came, black and white. Just after cherries.

Stinging nettle

Early summer

Then white goosefoot came, and wild amaranth and purslane. And all these are eatable and grow as »weeds« and all of these are so beneficial and full of everything so essential for us.


Then there were blueberries, now we have goji berries (fresh!!!) that our friend lets us pick. And then for the last ten days we were eating figs. So many figs you would not usually eat, but we manage to skip breakfast and lunch just by eating these. They are so nutritious and full of vitamines. We just blend them or eat them from a tree. Our neighbours let us pick them up. They taste delicious.

Fresh goji berries
Fresh goji berries


All these came to us for free. By the abundance of the environment where we live, even though it’s a bit harsh environment, but still there’s plenty for all. Now we are expecting plums, early pears. In the mean time there will be a lot of cucumbers and zucchini and later tomatoes. Then there will be early apples.

Figs again

Then figs again. The figs which come in the late August are different. They are much sweeter than those in the late June and early July. They are even more nutritious and people usually like to dry them and store for later seasons.

Are figs inspirational?!

And while I was eating early summer figs I somehow got this insight.

Every season has its plants for the man to eat. And if the man is in accordance with season, one will eat those herbs, fruits and vegetables because those will provide the right minerals, vitamins and vibration that will help him along the journey through annual and life cycles.

When you think you’ve tasted all

What is the most common food in the spring time? First very cleansing vegetables and then later good regenerators. Then lighter fruits, very good cleansers such as strawberries and cherries.

What I eat and what I do during annual seasons is also very important. Do I cleanse my body and mind in the spring time when there is so much of good things to be ingested? Or do I live like I used to, by exaggerating with all kind of “delights” as if it is always the time around a New year?

Ah, summertime

When the summertime comes it is a good time to regenerate and rebuild our physical body. Fruits and vegetables are so designed to help us in this time. To regenerate our fluid matrix we eat a lot of watery vegetables and fruits.

This water will regenerate our fluid matrix, inside our bodies. The matrix that I talk about is connected with fascia and contains the purest water that we know of. It is found only in our bodies. And in between these layers of fascia are energy meridians. This water is the living matrix.

 If you eat locally grown and healthy, you will spontaneously succeed. It’s the time to get a warmth and the energy of Sun inside your body, into the deepest tissues, like bone marrow.


What is the most characteristic for food in the late summer and fall. It is sweeter, denser and more fatty for both, vegetables and fruits.

In the end of summer and in the beginning of fall there will be a lot of red peppers, pumpkins, all sorts of sweet roots… These are the foods for storing the energy inside our bodies. These will help you naturally gather all the nutrients and prepare you for the winter.


Winter is a time to take a break. A time for silence and peace. A time when we need to rest. We can eat something heavier, sauer, spicy, but we rest. We sleep more, and it’s all right. It is not laziness, it is just that season. You can write something or see some old friends, play a chess or do some qigong set that you haven’t done for quite a long time. Making plans. Visualize.


All these seasons are not marked by anything else but the nature. These cycles are seen by the Sun cycle and we used to celebrate these moments. The major holidays in the pagan times were solstices and equinoxes. Summer and winter solstice, 21 of June and 21 of December. Spring and autumn equinox, 21 of March and 21 of September. And they had time for everything. And they had fun.

It is easy to follow

Are you conscious about these cycles? Do you know you are part of them? Do you know that nothing in your life can disconnect you from them? The only thing that might happen is that you forget. Hey, but you can remember it again :). Try to follow your instincts, try to listen to your body and how it responds to the natural environment. How do you respond, emotionally and mentally? Are you happier or more satisfied when you follow these cycles? Are your thoughts more clear and inspiring, creative maybe?

What will help

Qigong helped me to forget artificial things that I was thought by my parents, by my school, by media… It helped me connect with the spirit of the Ancients and those who came before us. Wisdom whispers into the ears of those who are able to listen. Are you a listener? Qi is a medium for consciousness. And Qigong is a tool to work with it.


May the Qi be with You. 🙂




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  1. This was very lovely Petar. I just ran across this today as I am going back and reading some of your earlier writings. While I very much enjoy and find useful your recent post that detail the elements, meridians, etc., I hope you return to writing about your and Smilj.’s life and simple philosophies.

    They are very touching.

    1. Hi Nemo, thank you very much for your comment. We were recently thinking to give to our blogs and videos again more of personal touch. We think that this is sometimes the best that you can share will people on the similar path. So, yes, you can expect some more “living Qigong” blogs soon. Smiljana and Petar 🙂 🙂

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