Water element – 3: Bladder meridian

(Five elements – 8)

In the previous post I’ve discussed about the Kidney meridian which is the Yin meridian of the Water element. Today I will continue with the Bladder meridian which is its Yang meridian partner.

Bladder meridian

Bladder meridian is the longest of 12 primary meridians. It is the meridian that connects our spinal cord and our nerve plexuses with the organs, their functions and the energy system of meridians through the Shu points. Its true nature is in supporting the whole energy system with its yang energy and being the helper of Du Mai extraordinary meridian (Governing vessel).

These Shu points are one of the most frequently used points in many healing and massage techniques. They are very powerful in the way that the immediate or really quick results can be obtained by stimulating or opening them. In the combination with the use of other suitable points in different cases, we can get really good even unexpected results in good sense. 🙂

Bladder and Water element

Besides the excretion of urine and the functions mentioned above, Bladder meridian is also responsible for the uterus and its functions. Deficiency can result in infertility or painful menstruation. Bladder deficiency is affected also by Spleen deficiency, not only Kidney deficiency. If the Spleen does not process the fluids correctly they either pass through the body or they form dampness. Bladder is also influenced by Small intestine, which receives the heat from the Heart. often caused by emotions.

Bladder together with Kidneys influences the bones. Since the meridian path runs along the spine, long lasting imbalance will have effect on back. If the bladder deficiency occurs early enough in life it can cause all sorts of curvature deformations in spine beside scoliosis. Later it can cause the back pain, lower back pain or sciatica with pain radiating down the leg.

When the Water Yang is deficient the pain is often associated with cold sensation.

Bladder also supports our posture providing our back the strength and support it needs.

Bladder and nervous system

Bladder meridian through the autonomic nervous system provides the body’s response to stimulus. If the Bladder meridian is drained, a person is unable to respond to stimuli even when it is appropriate to do so, has no stamina to do so. If the Bladder is overactive, nervous system can become too sensitive and overactive, which can drain body’s nerves. A person can be easily startled, anxious or restless, but in severe cases this can reach the level of anxiety or even paranoia.

Bladder, will and stress

Since the Water element is a seat of Will power (Zhi), the draining of Bladder meridian by overwork and stress is something we should all be aware of it! This can be seen as constant stressful feelings and continuous tensions on working place that will be also felt around a person as a negative aura, and reflecting on the people surrounding him. It is oftentimes seen in the situations when people just freeze in front of the colleague or superior and can function and communicate only if they are under a certain amount of stress, fear… It is still believed that a certain amount of negative stress such as fear can be beneficial for productivity and creativity. In my opinion this is complete nonsense. In this way you can be a cause of draining your Bladder meridian energy, as well as cause for someone else’s draining. Ihope you realize that.


The pathway of Bladder meridian

Bladder meridian is a Yang meridian of lower limbs. It starts in the inner corner of the eye. It runs over the head along the midline of the head accompanying Du Mai extraordinary vessel. Then it runs down the back of the head, in the line between the occiput and C-1 vertebra in the Bl-10 point it divides into two branches which then run down the line of spinal column. One branch runs 1,5 cun from spine, the other 3 cuns from spine. These two branches reunite in the level of knee, in the point Bl-40. Meridian runs down to the feet, ending on the little finger.

One of the collaterals runs in the level of second lumbar vertebra inside where it unites with kidney and bladder organ.

This is the main meridian of autonomic nervous system. With stimulation of its points (especially Shu) we can easily address and relieve the pain almost anywhere in the body.

Indications for treating this meridian

Chronic issues of internal organs and psychosomatic disturbances, functional disorders of urination and genital sphere, local and regional disturbances in the path of the meridian including vascular, muscular and neural and others.

Point Bl-62 or Shenmai

One point that I need to mention is Bl-62 as it is the opening point of Yang Qiao Mai extraordinary vessel.

Indications for the use of this point are: distortion of ankle, headache, vertigo, overactive symphatetic  nervous system, insomnia and others…


Beauty of this meridian

The beauty of the path of this meridian reminds me of the day I first saw a pictures of meridians on the posters in my teacher’s cabinet. I was so impressed by the mathematical precision of those drawings that I just stood there in the amazement and admiration. I believe that Bladder was the one that took me away forever. I am never coming back and I am still amazed by the ancient wisdom and the knowledge passed to us. I feel grateful and humble to be able to read, learn, write, study and teach about this knowledge.

Hope I can pass this enthusiasm on anyone of you, or just get you interested in it by saying: it’s all about the energy work, it’s all about the deeper and wider perception. 🙂

May the Qi be with you!


Photo: Pixabay

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  1. I am beginning study of 5 elemental energies, and wu xing qigong, and am so happy to find this series of articles to help me in my studies. I hope you will continue articles in all the phases. Thanks for a wonderful website also. Vic in Illinois

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