Water element – 2: Kidneys meridian

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In this second post about Water element I will be discussing Kidneys meridian. Kidneys are organs that are so kind and gentle in their nature as a Deer, animal which traditionally symbolizes Water element. They are first to be affected by the survival emotion of Fear, because of their subtlety.

Black and blue colour harmonizes the water element and helps us connects with it. Silence will benefit this element the most when a person suffers from unbalanced water element or lack of energy in the organ meridians. Beside the silence you can also use healing sound of nature, natural sounds of rain, wind, sea, creek… or just simply the sound Cuei/Tsuei that is pronounced silently or whispering. This last will stimulate this element, others mentioned before will help regenerate it.

Kidney meridian

Kidney meridian is Yin meridian of lower limbs. It begins at the end of little/fifth toe and drops down to sole where it comes out on surface in point Yongquan (Ki-1). Then it runs up until the Du-1 point across the inner side of legs. In Du-1 point it enters the body where it runs towards the Kidneys and connects with them. From there it runs towards the Ren-4 point where it appears again on the surface it runs down towards the Ren-3 point and then goes up over the thorax. One secondary branch goes from kidneys through the liver, diaphragm, lungs, windpipe and ends up on the root of a tongue. From lungs collateral runs towards heart where it connects with the meridian of pericardium in point Pc-1.

Responsibilities of Kidneys meridian

This meridian is responsible not only for kidneys but also for adrenal glands. Function of this meridian is connected with all other functions and organs, thus the lack of kidneys essence causes the dysfunction of many other functions in the organism. Kidneys store and govern the energy of reproduction, growth, and development, but they also regulate life energy, govern the motion of water, growth of bones and have a big influence on bone marrow. They nourish our brain.

Sicknesses and symptoms of Kidneys meridian

Affected energy of this meridian can be seen as: sterility and impotence, vertigo, deafness; pain in the back, joints and bones;problems with breathing and asthma; constipation, diarrhea, edemas; feelings of soles being too hot; bad memory, fear, sleeplessness.

How do I use it

Because of its properties I find this meridian to be one of the core meridians that I will address very often, when I am dealing with overwhelment in my clients. These were under a lot of stress, had a hard time with some traumatic experience or just happened to be drained by the way of life or sometimes just a way of thinking and feeling. Being negative can harm your element of water which is highly receptive in its nature… our love concept is much similar, I am regarding to unconditional love J.

I usually use Yongquan points as big energy gates of the body for grounding and discharging the stuck Fire of the mind. Then I approach to opening the Chong Mai extraordinary meridian which is deeper, but is intimately connected with Kidneys meridians. Chong Mai is much more neutral, than kdneys, much more centered and harmonious. It can recharge, heal and balance the Kidneys meridian. Even though traditionally Chong Mai is described only as going from pubis to upper thorax in the line where Kidneys meridian goes only deeper it actually has many branches, one of them ends in Yongquan points on the soles of the feet. This branch grounds us and connects us with Earth, the other branch goes up to our brain and to the top of our heads ending in Du-20 point and connecting us with Heaven.

My understanding of Kidneys meridian is that Kidneys are a simpler and smaller part of Chong Mai, if I may add that. One helps relieve locally and the other threats globally.

Useful meridian points

I will mention only two points on the meridian that I use often, one actually all the time – Yongquan (Ki-1), and the other just when there’s a need – Zhaohai (Ki-6).

Yongquan (Ki-1), major gate of the energy system

Kidney 1

This is a point of dispersion. For the localization see the picture. 🙂

Indications: kidney pain, muscle spasms of lower and upper limbs, pain in throat, vertigo, coma, shock, mania, epilepsy, children’s convulsions, difficulties with memory, fear…

Contraindication: during pregnancy.


Zhaohai or Ki-6, an opening point of Yinqiao Mai extraordinary meridian

Kidney 6

Indications: This point can be used in the cases of sprains, loss of menstrual cycles, insomnia, melancholia…

Contraindication: during pregnancy.





Kidneys are gentle as Deer, proud as Deer and mysterious as Deer.

My the Qi be with you!


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  1. Hello Petar and Smiljana:

    we are two people in Maine, US who are very happy to be able to follow your work. I hope we can continue to do so for years to come. It means a lot to us that you take the time to document some of your journey. (We also live in a dry place where floods can’t happen and water plants don’t like to grow. 🙂 We would like to garden but the deer are just too hungry. )

    B & G

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