Sixth element?! – Part 1

Has now come a Time to introduce a Sixth element?

In Chinese tradition there is a theory of Five Elements. In short these elements are: Metal, Fire, Water, Wood and Earth. To each of these elements belongs a certain light vibration, which I will list in the same order I listed elements – so: White – Metal, Red – Fire, deep Blue – Water, Green – Wood and Yellow – Earth. To every element belongs a certain movement or with other words, a way how the energy moves under the influence of element or through it. I list them as above: Metal Contracts, Fire Expands, Water Sinks, Wood Grows and Earth Crushes (or Separates).

Those among you who are familiar with the theory of Five elements know that above listed sequence isn’t written correctly. It is not describing the energy circulation in the nature as well as it doesn’t represent the energy circulation in human body and not as the elements change with annual cycles.

The example that I presented is just for better illustration of contrast movement of energy and the opposite pairs that are formed by elements in connection with their movement. In the classical description the order is not the same. Because on the opposite side of Wood lies Metal, on the opposite side of Fire lies Water. But in this post I wanted to touch something more hidden and maybe even covered to those of us who think that know something. Bellow are some pictures that will show the correct (classic) path and direction of the energy flow.

This text is just a draft of a possibly new theory

Some information in this text don’t coincide to those official, those out of the textbooks, and are not in accordance with the main stream. In this text I try to express clearly some of my views, doubts and ascertainments, which I think should be understood and maybe could develop in a new theory. This should not be received as proof, as it is not its intention. As well this text isn’t intended to offend or disrupt basic principles of Chinese thought. I respect tradition and accept it, but at the same time I also allow broadening of horizon of thoughts and experiences, which naturally have to exceed the thought and experiences of ancestors. Therefore dear reader, from my humbleness and from my place of ignorance I only present and suggest thoughts and maybe some idea for further exploration and development of a new theory about the elements.

Why doesn’t Earth Element have its opposite? 

It is interesting that Wood and Water, and Metal and Fire appear as pairs, which have the opposite movement. Water as Yin (sinking) and Wood as Yang (growing). Metal as Yin (contracting) and Fire as Yang (expanding). Earth however doesn’t have its contrary activity or movement, therefore it doesn’t have its Yang or Yin. Is this so because it represents the middle? Is it balanced, because it only crushes, grinds and separates – which would be according to theory of YinYang – Yin quality?

Earth Element in Chinese tradition represents the middle of the year cycle, or the end of each period which is governed by single element. I am thinking of seasons, not hours and minutes. After every year season comes a period of transformation of energy or gathering in the middle, where energy can »regenerate« and then pass into the next element. For example in fall into Metal. In winter into Water. In Spring into Wood. In summer into Fire.

First theory

This is how it is according to one theory, but there is another one that says that the element Earth is actually Indian summer or Late summer…

Second theory

Missing part

Both diagrams are missing one thing. In the second picture, a missing part can be partially seen in the form of a circle which connects all five elements. In the first one this can not be seen. Maybe it is hidden? Maybe. If I would connect all four elements in the first picture, I would get four annual seasons, which follow each other. In that case Earth would be a middle. This circle or circulation appears every time. Interesting thing is, that this circle is linking and is placed on the edge of the diagram, separated from direction of the arrows, which are inside in the following example:

Even though everything in the nature, according to the theory of YinYang has its pair, element Earth does not have it. Here it does not exist. It exists inside the element as Yin and Yang organ (Spleen and Stomach), but it doesn’t exist on the inter-elemental level like this is the case with Water and Wood, or Fire and Metal. Something always bothered me and that is: this position of the Earth in the center of the first diagram.

Second Fire

All of you who are familiar with the theory of Five Elements already know that in a human body there are two Fires. First one is composed of Heart and Small Intestine, second is represented by Pericardium and Triple Heater. These two »organs« are really unusual. The second one doesn’t even exist in the physical form. Its function is well described, though. First one, pericardium, is only a protecting wrap (a sort of sack) where an organ of heart resides. If I make one step back and look at the picture from a broader perspective I can see that their function is creating a space and partially a transfer of the Yang heavenly energy in the case of Triple Heater.

Triple Heater separates the torso into three parts. It warms up and is responsible for the transformation of energy Qi on the way down. In the first part it warms up the air, in the middle part it helps digest the food and in the last part it helps eliminate.

Pericardium makes a space as well. It defines limits between the Heart and the rest of the space in the body.

Fire  is connected with Heaven

Fire is the Element (according to the theory of Five elements) that is connected with Heaven. You already know that in diagram of five elements, Fire appears in the upper corner of star and is inverted upwards. Upwards towards the sky. But one of two Fires is oriented more towards earthly living and this one is represented by Heart and Small Intestine. The other one is already in its nature more unclearly expressed physically. It is more like space. In this case these are Pericardium and Triple Heater. This second Fire holds in itself an essence of so called Vacuum, Ether, Space…, element which is unearthy and cannot be palpated.

Tissue in the body that forms space

To every element belongs a certain tissue. Tendons belong to Wood, Fluids and Bones to Water, Blood and Blood vessels to Fire, Muscles to Earth… If I would, after I have concluded that the function of second Fire in the body is forming a space, connect it with some tissue it would have been fascia! Why is that?

Fascia forms a space in the body, a matrix for building everything. It connects everything with everything. It wraps everything. And if I would take a look at Pericardium this would have appear as some sort of wrap around the heart organ (and that is exactly what fascia is). Triple Heater (a space divided into three parts) is forming a matrix of the thorax in which all vital organs are situated.


Someone might argue that all Yang organs (superficially looked) and at the same time deeply looked even Yin organs form empty spaces or one space. Yang organs are especially known for their hollowness. Therefore this theory about the space and forming a matrix might not be so strong. But before all of this stands a flow of energy and this flows from the element to the element and oftentimes it is necessary to stop and think before you finally decide. Everyone that has practiced even a bit of Traditional Chinese Medicine knows that it is simple on the first sight, but with practice and deepening of knowledge it proves to be not so simple and self-evident as it was at the beginning.

Caution before you decide

So where is the problem? Elements take over characteristics of other elements. And behind every element stands precedent as its mother, and before that the one as its grandparent. Therefore we need to think it thoroughly before we decide what and how…


Triple Heater brings the Yang energy of Heaven and represents the connection with Heaven and it also brings vibrations of the finer levels of our being* about the building of the body and growth, but this what is beyond TCM concern. Fascia in the body doesn’t represent only a space in physical sense but also a ground over which runs an energetic net of highways or meridians. Also, fascia acts as a battery, when it alternates in layers with muscles. Example of this would be abdominal diaphragm, which represents the boundary between upper and middle Triple Heater. Beside its main function which is helping lungs with the intake of the air it has also the energetic function and that is the storing of Qi. Diaphragm or the main part of the middle Dantien is the seat of Qi in our body. Lower Dantien is the seat of Jing or Strength or Essence and upper Dantien of Spirit or Shen.

* those which are more of metaphysical, esoteric or Taoist nature

Maybe we are not aware of everything

Did in the past happen certain changes in thinking and concepts of understanding reality, or were there changes made deliberately? Maybe inherited knowledge just simply wasn’t understood anymore and therefore simplified. Maybe certain things were kept secret and gradually hidden and forgotten? Or maybe this was a period when certain things needed to be denied in order for us to survive. Maybe this was a female part looking at the reality?

Or do we keep our eyes closed

Was everything made purposely just for humanity to survive? Maybe. I don’t now that. I only know that in China in the time of Communism and Mao Zedong everything about the energy Qi, except Acupuncture was forbidden. At the same time major political notabilities and most important Chinese politics healed themselves with a help of Qigong masters and filled their meridians and »batteries«. This become a practice which was hidden from the eyes of common people and it was reserved for the elites only. At the same time scepticism and mockery about everything that is untouchable or non-material was stimulated, as today still is!

If I compare above described situation with other countries around the world I have to admit that it wasn’t different. Elites and governments tried to prevent from spreading any information, technique… everything that was esoteric and would uncover the real truth about humanity and could free and unplug individual from the existing system. They systematically persecuted it, even with the most violent and bizarre means.

If you think that USA were free you are wrong! The case in which books of Wilhelm Reich were burned, pettifoggery of him and his arrest which lead to his death in the 50’s is just one example of that. This is a typical example of modern persecution of »witches« and the knowledge beyond the »science«, which is nothing but a new religion at least it acts so. And by the way nobody said »I am sorry« for what happened.

Witches that were burned in the middle ages in Europe were not evil as this is shown by the Hollywood movies. Those were women and men, bearers of wisdom about humanity’s freedom and of course its source and roots.

Eliminate Wise from community and rule

If you cut the roots to people or you deny them Wise elders (philosophers, shamans, druids, magicians, healers, poets (bards not actors)…if you kill them, lock them,mock out of them… If you take people’s soul and purpose then you get people into your hands, you can govern them. As to the puppets. You can offer them new explanations for the origin of this world, why it is necessary to be slave and all reasons and explanations are accepted without any rebellion. Nobody dares to go through the same torment that did those who we mock today, and have them for poor fools, who thought differently than it was officially permitted!

Hidden element

There exists an element. This element belongs in the area connected with thought and system which was surely modified or corrected in the past many times, as the whole truth would free people from the rule of elites or the system. Intrusion of the systematically forced habituation of settlements and cities would stop. Slaughter of the nomadic and free people  wouldn’t happen. We would be connected with the nature.

Continue reading in part 2…

May the Qi be with You!


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  1. This is great, I too can’t wait to read the next part!

    The header photo makes me think of freedom and why my partner and I am studying and practicing qigong … we are looking for the ultimate freedom. (It also reminds me of your lovely “Magic Moments” video from a year ago) 🙂

    What you write here resonates with me. I too have felt that there was something odd about the Spleen energy/element being regulated off to itself and seemingly apart.

    Thank you for your courage to write about these things. The “rulers’ have always tried to keep the esoteric art from us!

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