“Scientifically Proven” could be the New Religion


If something is not scientifically proven it does not exist (?!)

Expression I heard so many times during past few years is so strongly used in our western society and it is one of the major factors for something to be relevant, true, existing –  “scientifically proven”. These two words mark something that is supposed to be truth, something existing. Something that really is. If something isn’t scientifically proven it can not exist. Then if it isn’t proven, it’s something for the superstitious circles, for some commons from the past who used to believe that Earth is flat.

Science is neither a life or a nature

And if something is scientifically proven, it is definitively verified and proven with scientific methods and measured with measuring instruments. Science is proving its rightness with instruments that were made by machine, which was developed by computer, which was planned by another computer, that was made with tools and all of them were made once before by a human being, who’s not at all perfect. And that human is often mistaken in order to learn something more. With measuring instruments and unnatural measuring sizes which are much more limiting than actual life, that a human being in essence is. Human is life and is a part of bigger life. As is human perception.

Life is anything but scientific. Scientifically means to exclude in order to prove that you are right. Excluding is therefore competing, and life is really not a competition but rather collaboration and connecting. Life is not struggle for existence.

Survival of the fittest is nonsense

Survival of the fittest, so called Darwin’s idea, is scientifically “proven” and scientifically pushed and forced idea in all segments of society. And yes, as is »scientifically proven« a new religion or part of »new world« religion that forces people to be uncreative, as it whispers to majority, even to those who are wining, that they will be losers at the end of the day. You’ll get old, won’t be so pretty, healthy, have so much stamina… Why even try if you’ll lose at the end? Because you’ll be just another scientific proof, that this is how things are.


Best joke ever

Scientifically proven is that we and all that exists in this universe in material sense is 99,99999 percent vacuum or empty space and only 0,00001 percent is matter. But listen to this, this is not all, these 99,99999 percent isn’t really empty space but is filled with Ether. Ether is a matter which is unprovable for science. It’s denied. It does not exist. Now, this means that something that forms 99,99999 percent of everything doesn’t exist. And these 99,99999 percent is vibration or less, as these subatomic particles can be described only as fluctuation or something less than that as is too small to measure it. And only 0,00001 percent of matter exist and only much smaller part of that is provable, as you know science is still young and is mistaking and don’t know everything, and after all didn’t prove everything.

Nothing is absolute, as Einstein said it

But what science has proved, definitively stands?!  Well it doesn’t! NO, it DOESN’T! Until recently acupuncture points were unproven and now they are scientifically proven. Qi energy was proven. Scientifically. Does that mean that before that it did not exist? Energy meridians are not proven, so they don’t exist. Don’t they? So meridians doesn’t exist but points on these meridians exist, how come? I don’ doubt. But I do think. I think and don’t take every hint and appendage as »Scientifically proven« as it comes. For me that is not an argument. Not any more.

I did not just opened my eyes, I only realized

Until recently I also believed in provability of everything. Mislead and convinced that we are here only to evolve and improve I believed in this religion of new era. If something isn’t scientifically proven it doesn’t yet mean that it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t mean that it’s not right time for that yet, or that it’s useless or poisonous, or it’s evolutionarily irrelevant… It means just that someone didn’t have interest to scientifically prove it. Someone might say, but it was useless, that’s why they didn’t prove it. But that’s not the case. Many times would proving of something completely disprove some other dogma, that exists from way back and that would oppose to some other thing, and another and so on.  And this may not happen, as it would start a domino effect.

Prohibitions are not humane and are not natural

Or for example something that is poisonous and therefore illegal to use. But many things that are really useful and healthy, that would prevent or heal many of today’s malignant diseases is forbidden to use (even for personal use), because someone else, who has interest in this matter didn’t let it, or prevented usage with demonizing and prohibition of that plant, fruit, root, doing, behaving, literature, person…  To prove something I need to oppose something, but if your sane mind tells you, that both are right and it’s just a matter of perception, from which angle do you look. Wouldn’t it be right to ask yourself: “Is there any sane mind in this world?“ Yes, there is. And you and me have it. Not collectively. Not as community. Just us, present here. Me who’s writing and You who is reading and only mine and yours intellect, consciousness and thought, sense and intuition (which is much more important than any scientism, and for me is topmost) can tell me what’s right for me.

And this is a right thing to follow: only yourself and your inner bliss.

May the Qi be with you!




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