Qigong and increased Mental and Vibrational Sensitivity -3

This is the last (third) post about  Qigong and increased sensitivity. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2.

Thoughts and information

By opening and refining your energy system you become also more conscious about how your physical  body reacts to different thoughts and information that you let into your life. By choice or unconsciously. Body actually reacts  to these vibrational impulses all the time but people are not aware of them if they are not connected with their body.

When you are once aware of the sensations in your body, you will become also conscious how different information influence on you. Notice how good you feel when you hear, watch or think something which is good, nice, funny, interesting or inspiring. On the contrary, when the information is about violence, incidents, illnesses, hate and lack you start feeling bad. You can feel that within your whole body, especially in your guts. This happens to all people but many are already so used to their low vibration and level of energy that they are not conscious about these changes anymore.

You are responsible for your mental health and clarity

Majority of mass media are specialized in gathering the most sensational catastrophic news which are presented with great drama. I wonder how our world would look if they would use their energy and money in search for beautiful, interesting, creative and inspiring things, events, people and phenomena. All those you can easily find all around us.

I will not point to mass media as being the only responsible subject for our mental health. People are those who choose to spend a lot of their time in front of TV, listening to the radio and reading or watching all sorts of negative news instead of living their lives. Remember, the truth that mass media offer is only one of many existent truths.

When you start to »sense« these information with your body you will probably decide that you really don’t need information which lower your vibrational frequency every time you »consume them«. You will feel great without them and besides you will gain a lot of additional time for your Qigong or Neigong training.  🙂

Addiction to the negative information

You have to understand that addiction to negative information is very strong. People are often astonished when they realize that they and all their family, friends, co-workers are deeply interested in negative information. They speak about these topics most of time. I was also once in this company. 😉 If it is not a political and economical situation, there are stories about bad things that had happened, are happening, might happen to someone among fellowship. Or just some gossip which is so juicy for mind.

And please don’t forget to check your  thoughts, your constant silent monologue. What are you thinking about most of the time? Try to be more aware during the day and observe what are you thinking. Many people find out that they mostly think about unwanted things. They think about fears, limitations,  they are doubting, complaining, telling old unpleasant stories…  They are worrying about themselves, their future, their children… Where is joy of life, love, trust, inspiration, creation and imagination… ? If you would spend more time on pleasant subjects there would be more of them in your life.

It took me many years to turn around the playing disc on more positive side and I’m still working on it. Some think that changing a diet is a heavy duty. I can assure you, that changing your focus from the negative to positive information is much more  demanding. It needs a lot of self-awareness  and time. But through this change you re-discover the real joy of life and you gain a lot of energy which is otherwise locked in fears and insecurity. This is a great turning point in your self-cultivation. This is your Way or Tao.

Remember, every information has its energy, its vibrational frequency, and influences, in a positive or negative way, on our whole body and mind. Be very picky when you are choosing the »food« for your mind.


Sensing the Energy fields

In our society we are used to communicate between us mostly by using the language. But in fact we communicate all the time also on other levels, through the vibrational information of our energy fields. When you become more connected with your energy system you might sense other’s people energy fields more consciously. This is very useful for those who practice or intend to practice any kind of healing arts, martial arts and for those on a spiritual path.

If you are a healing art practitioner you will often come in contact with client’s energetic make up which might not be the same as his/her pretty social mask. You can feel this »heavy« side as dense low vibrational frequencies, intense emotional feelings, dark thoughts hidden behind the nice smiling face. However,  if you don’t know what is going on, you could get confused or even afraid. You might think that all these things you are sensing are yours. After the therapy you might feel tired and energetically drained.

A daily Qigong routine is for healers an excellent tool for maintaining their energy system opened and clean. For your own good it is necessary that you develop your center and roots. They will help you to stay present, focused and aware. You should also learn how to achieve neutrality that will allow the eventual transformation and release in the healing process to happen without drama.


Trough these three blogs about increased sensitivity I’ve tried to emphasize that the process of change that we have initiated with the practice of Qigong and Neigong has influence on all others levels of our existence.

The process of working with our energy system deeply impacts upon our physical body, making it more healthy and vital, and upon our state of mind which is getting clarity and stability. Opened and clear energy channels are allowing our consciousness to descend in amplified way into our physical body through our energy system. When this happens we start to feel increased life force and we become more clear minded and intuitive.

However, these changes make also impossible for you to continue with your old patterns of life which are not useful to you anymore. If you insist on the old path you might expect some unpleasant signs, reactions or feelings about which I was discussing in these blogs. Your awakened body is trying to tell you that something is throwing you out of balance and therefore is not in harmony with you.

There are always transitional periods in which your different bodies are adapting to new circumstances. These periods might be at times tiresome but after each one you feel better and you gain more clarity.

By practicing Qigong and Neigong you become conscious about more subtle realms of our existence and you learn how to work with them. And you start moulding your life in accordance with your true self.

May the Qi be with You!


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