Shaking of Body – a simple Qigong exercise

Shaking of body is the simplest Qigong exercise I know and it’s holistic. It will bring many benefits to your body and it will help release energy blockages. Among major benefits of this exercise is relaxation.

 Simplicity of exercise

What is most important about it is that it is so simple and natural that you don’t need to know anything! No theory, no technique, no nothing. In fact if you were an average healthy kid growing and playing outside, during your childhood you might have done it purposely and without even knowing anything about it. Except that, it is pleasant and sometimes when it is needed soothes your mood. When we were children, I am talking about pre-puberty, sometimes even before we reached 7th year, we used to do many »Qigong« exercises, that seemed like a natural movements at that time. Nothing fancy. Completely from the gut. One of them is shaking, but not the only one.

Children’s game

For example chanting OM is something that little children also do, while they sing to themselves, doing the HN sound, which is sang through nose in snuffling sound. And if an adult would ask that child: »What are you doing, kid?« The answer would probably be: »Playing.«

Do you play a game of life? Enough that the daily and usual stuff that you are doing are like a child’s play?  Do you need things to be complicated, sophisticated and artificial enough to even start doing them, because those things matter? Oh, you will be scored at the end! Well, guess what, there are no scoring in life, at least not the real one. In real life you get what you wish for and if your life becomes complicated it is time to simplify it.

Known and unknown

This exercise like I said, many of us already know. It is a whole body shaking. It is natural like a children’s play.

In this exercise you are standing in a normal stance, which is described in many of our posts, so go and search for it. To start you lift on the toes and then sink down on your heels. Now, maintaining your feet in a full contact with the floor, you start shaking your body lightly and gently. You might increase the strength of shaking during the exercise, but don’t start too forcefully or it won’t be so beneficial.

To start you lift on the toes and then sink down on your heels.

When you start shaking you will first start feeling the vibrations in muscles and your skin. You might get into a deeper connection with parts of your body like legs and arms. But after a minute or maybe some more, this feeling will increase and deepen into deeper tissues like bones, nerves and organs. Later, after a couple of minutes more, you might start feeling your body as a whole. Parts of the body mentioned before might start to connect into one deeper wholeness. This might be a fascia beginning to resonate with your shaking. Be gentle with your shaking, or  you might lose this feeling of wholeness! Fascia is very delicate and gentle tissue.

(See the video below)

For advanced practitioners

From here, you can go to the energy body or matrix, or to the marrow brain inside the bone.

When you have relaxed into your body in such a deep way that you can feel your fascia and your body as a whole, you are physically relaxed and now you can start leading the Qi. You can lead it into your organs, bones, meridians or marrow brain.

Importance of relaxation

In order to really lead the Qi you need to be relaxed, as much as possible. One of the simplest ways to relax into your body is doing some form of Qigong. The simpler it is, the better it serves to the purpose of relaxation.

Relaxation of the body is the fundamental thing in cultivating anything inside yourself. Body is the vessel into which the consciousness will pour itself, wisdom will be attained, feelings experienced, thoughts thought, life lived etc. But if your body is not relaxed you will be obstructing the flow and experience. We tend to do so, today.

Shake it, baby!

Therefore if you are in anyway interested in experiencing more of flow of life and energy Qi, start shaking. Not wildly, but gently like you don’t care about anything. Do it slowly until you start feeling happy. And you will. As this gentle shaking will massage the glands in your brain and those glands will start producing the good feeling hormones and suddenly you will feel even more relaxed than before

Become a mumbly

You might also add some of that MMMM sound or HNNN, it doesn’t matter, as long as you know why you are doing this. It will help you find the center in your brain, where is the Shen’s residence. It will also additionally massage glands and tissues inside your head. Be gentle and soft. Remember how children are doing this. Well, don’t exceed that amount of sound volume or movement. Don’t do it proportionaly, do it as a small child.

Trust your intuition

When you are shaking, trust yourself and close your eyes. After some time, when you will have your eyes closed, you might start feeling like your body will want to tip over forward, however it is a false feeling of your sacrum being released inside the sacroiliac joint and now it started moving freely. I should mention that this is the point from where you cannot return :). Qigong will have you for the rest of your life!

This freedom of Sacrum is a major indicator of health and life force within a body, and when this bone is released in that way, all things in the body have the potential to return to its equilibrium. It means that you can get healthy, if you were sick. Your conditions will be changed in beneficial way.

If you experience discomfort or even cramps

It is really important that you try to be soft and relaxed during the exercise. I’m repeating these because I’m aware that terms soft and relaxed are often understood by different people very differently. It depends from their familiarity with Qigong practice and from the connection with their body.

However, if while you are doing shaking exercise you experience any discomfort or even cramps, for example in your legs, you are probably doing this exercise too intensely and you are causing tensions. Beginners often unconsciously start to tense certain parts of the body after they have been doing shaking for few minutes. It is very common that they tend to tighten their knees and prevent the Qi to flow smoothly down to the ground. Their body and mind start to tense instead of relaxing and eventual cramps are the result.

If this happens stop shaking and calm down your breath. Then start the movement from the beginning more softly and gently. Try to relax knees, pelvis, joints… and let the gentle and small range shaking lead you deeper into your body relaxation.  If you are not in rush, physically and mentally, and you start to do the movement effortlessly like I suggest, it won’t cause any cramps, since the cause for cramps in your body will be diminished to minimum.

What wasn’t mentioned here, but can also cause cramps is diet and individuals mindset, but this isn’t the topic of this blog.

Be moderate, however shake yourself daily

You can go on and shake yourself for as long as you choose to, but I recommend you to start with moderate timing. Few minutes for a start will be just enough. Increase it gradually until you reach 10 or 15 minutes. It should be enough. You will enjoy it, I am sure! And if you would ask me, »is there anything I should do today for a start of my Qigong practice at home?« I would say: »Do the shaking.«

Beginning of wondrous journey

Now you know how to do it. So do it. And relax and smile and enjoy. It is just a beginning of a wonderful journey.

May the Qi be with you!


Photo: PIxabay, PetarSmiljana Qigong

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